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Your one-stop Sehri-Iftari guide featuring the hottest eateries in town



We rounded up our top picks for best eateries you need to try for Iftaar and Suhoor this Ramzan!

By Iman Hashmi

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Suhoor with Burning Giraffe



Sumrina Khan and Hassan Agha came together to host a splendid evening for us this past week. All the girls were dressed in gorgeous Cross Stitch outfits and fed till our tummies were full. The food, the ambiance and the wonderful company made this Sehri one to remember!

Tajwar Chaudhry, Sumrina Khan, Salina Khan and Daneese Ali
Team Burning Giraffe – Hassan Agha, Sahar Noon and Agha Najeeb
Publicist Shireen Rehman and Creative head, Cross Stitch – Mishal Asad

Sehri in full swing

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Sehri at Sashas



Ramzan is the month of festivities and brings about certain trends every year. This year, Lahoris are out and about checking out the best Sehri joints and enjoying outdoorsy places in this pleasant weather.

We had the opportunity to try out the latest eatery that has been the talk of town – Sashas! This restaurant is located in Mall 94 and offers a variety of desi fusion foods and most of them are served on traditional steel Thaals.

Thandi Namkeen Lassi ( Meethi Lassi also available)
Loaded Fries oozing with melted mozarella cheese and top with chilli powder and black olives. It was the perfect start to our sehri
The Mirch Masala Thaal included crispy parathas, Shami kababs, Omelette, Channay and some fruit to cleanse the palette
This Nihari was finger lickin’ good to say the least! With an assortment of spices, herbs, masala and lemons and served with tandoor fresh Garlic naans.

Strawberry and Blueberry Pancakes with whipped cream and maple syrup to end the night!

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An Insomniac’s delight



One Fourteen by Insomnia Kitchen is a sit down restaurant that focuses on being the hippest late night place, with a warm feel and yummy food. Having lived abroad, owner Shehryar Ali wanted to introduce a model similar to a diner. They plan being open 24/7 eventually but one step at a time. We got to spend an evening talking to Shehryar about this venture and what inspired him to launch this fantastic place!

114 by Insomnia Kitchen is an interesting name, what’s the concept behind this restaurant?

The first of its kind, One Fourteen by Insomnia Kitchen is a late night diner (open from 8 pm to 4 am) that caters to the city’s nocturnal crowd. Manhattan’s Greenwich Village inspired cozy ground floor seating, casual atmosphere, and unique artwork not only represent a diner concept but the interior also creates awareness about important issues that are brushed under the rug. As for One Fourteen – that just happens to be my lucky number.

What inspired you to set out on this journey?

While I studied in New York, I spent most of my summer/winter breaks in Lahore. Late nights and hunger pangs that followed at wee hours of the night always resulted in some fast food or paratha roll indulgence. So, I thought, why not offer something better, healthier and hygienic to the city that loves to eat, no matter what time it is. This resulted in Insomnia Kitchen starting off as a delivery only joint eight years ago.

How challenging was it to move from being a home based delivery place to opening up your own personal space?

Going back in time, I remember taking permission from my grandmother to use the ground floor of her house which was empty. Luckily, that worked out and I was able to keep my overheads low. Eight years down the road, going from a home run kitchen to a two story commercial setup has been a hell of a ride. I had never imagined how hard this journey would be; more so because i decided to do everything on my own. Though this wouldn’t have been possible without my family and friends’ support. 

What kind of foods have you kept on the menu? Any best sellers we should definitely try out?

The menu is short but diverse; it’s a little bit of everything. Five best sellers last month were;

  1. Wild Wild Wings
  2. Chicken Chilli Dry
  3. Burrito Bowl 
  4. Cajun Chicken Pasta
  5. Cookie Skillet

Do you think you’ll be introducing Insomnia Kitchen signature dishes?

We already have a twist of our own on the common dishes in the menu. Signature dishes are in the making and will be introduced pretty soon.  This Ramzan we will be serving two of our signature omelettes for Sehri. 

Do you see yourself as becoming an integral part of the kitchen? will you consider joining the chefs team yourself?

I think I already am because the menu has been engineered in house. Multiple tastings and manoeuvring of the ingredients have taught me a lot. Although not a pro but I can play around in the kitchen a bit. 

Do you plan to expand and open more branches? if so, which city would you go for next?

Currently, we are just focusing on Lahore. But when we do expand, Islamabad is the city we will most likely target next.

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