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Why Dil-e-Gumshuda has Become The Talk of The Town?



Dil-e-Gumshuda is the latest drama by 7th Sky Entertainment that follows an interesting storyline with a star-studded cast. Written by Saira Arif and directed by Shaqielle Khan, it has taken over our TV screens, garnering critical appreciation and praise from the viewers.

There are reasons that we simply cannot deny as to why it has been the talk of the town lately!

The plot is very unique and entertaining.

Dil-e-Gumshuda revolves around the lives of 2 cousins – Zara and Alizey, and the troubles they face in their respective relationships because of petty issues and misunderstandings, created by Alizey. The script is a one-of-its-kind story which is unlike the generic storylines that we mostly watch in mainstream dramas.

The ensemble cast is pulling off their roles brilliantly.

The cast of the drama has Hina Altaf as Zara, Amar Khan as Alizey, Agha Ali as Daniyal and Mirza Zain Baig as Nadeem in the lead roles. The drama also has Shamim Hilaly, Zainab Qayyum, and Khalid Anam in pivotal roles. The cast brilliantly takes on the roles making the drama an exciting watch.


The chemistry between the lead couples is to die for.

Apart from their brilliant on-screen presence, the chemistry between the lead characters doubles the charm of their performances. With the complex dynamics between Zara, Daniyal, Alizey, and Nadeem, the scenes between the couples add a charm to the episodes that you don’t want to miss out on!

Amar Khan is a compelling villain and her character is refreshing to watch.

Dil-e-Gumshuda introduces us to the evil and sarcastic version of “Amar Khan”; as she stars as Alizey; a strong-headed, and opinionated girl who would go to any extremes to get what she wants.

It’s the perfect dose of reality cocooned in fiction.

The story of the drama is very close to reality as these things happen in real life all the time, so you can relate to the drama on most of the aspects being shown. The drama doesn’t over exaggerate the situations and paints a very realistic picture of the dynamics between new couples.

Amazing OST and even greater soundtrack placement throughout the drama.

The OST by Nabeel Shaukat Ali, will give you all the right feels. The beautiful lyrics and the soothing music create a sweet ambiance resulting in a great OST, that is placed perfectly on all the right moments in the background, throughout the drama.

Dil-e-Gumshuda has managed to tick all the boxes required to make a drama extraordinarily amazing and this is why it is the most talked about drama these days. Managing to take over the 9 pm slot, the drama leaves the audience at an interesting point at the end of every episode!


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With the Covid-19 lockdown slowly easing but not enough to host audience-packed live shows, Catwalk Cares’ Virtual Fashion Show Season 2 was recorded with a proper ramp format at Net Set Studio Karachi.

The three-day Fashion Show will be aired on ARY Zindagi TV and ARY digital (YouTube) starting from this Independence Day i.e. August 14, 15, &16 at 9:00Pm (PST).

Organized by ‘Catwalk Event Management & Productions’, the show, keeping its spirit alive, promises to be filled with a cadre of pioneering and popular designers, leading fashion brands, and four graduates from AIFD (Iqra University).

The 17 finalized showcases inclides; Faiza Samee, Umar Sayeed, Nilofeer Shahid, YBQ, Sadaf Malaterre, Zainab Chottan, Maheen Karim, Zara Shahjahan, Shamsha Hashwan, Rozina Munib, Nauman Afreen, Arsalan Iqbal, Lal Karam, Lawrencepur, Kayseria, Diners and AIFD Graduates.

The theme set for Virtual fashion Show Season 2 is, “Sustainability of the Pakistani Fashion Industry with the incentive and inspiration of;: ideals of hope, resilience and positivity”

This Virtual Fashion claims to showcase so many diverse designers, multiple brands and fashion graduates together under one platform and representing the universality, inclusivity and communal spirit of the Pakistani fashion industry after a long while.

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Hussain Rehar’s New Collection: An Amalgamation of Tradition and the Contemporary



Dipped in sophistication and grandeur, Hussain Rehar has tried to recapture the essence of Eighteenth-century with his new clothing line; “Nizam Begum” showcasing the out-of-the-world aesthetics and design philosophy, that takes you on a ride back in time to that same era; with royalty oozing out of each ensemble. The whole collection is a testament to the finest craftsmanship, careful designing and hard work that’s reflected in the exceptional attention to the details. Apart from the astounding intricacy, Hussain Rehar has used the finest fabric available, to provide an amalgamation of both royalty and comfort in his outfits.

History: The Nizam Begums were the wives of the Nizams; rulers of the princely Hyderabad state. Nizam begums; queens of the Nizam dynasty, led extraordinarily lavish, posh and royal lifestyle, which was reflected in their unique, timeless attires, adorned with intricate embellishments and designs, openly expressing their royal stature, style and taste in dressing.


The ‘Nizam wives’ can be seen here, photographed in Hussain Rehar’s new Eid collection, reminiscent of that same glorious era, where he has tried to recreate the same great style and timeless fashion, by introducing and infusing a contemporary touch and creating a masterpiece that’s both sophisticated and outstanding; a stellar addition to one’s wardrobe, a piece of clothing that’s a must-have, timeless and making the one wearing it stand out as if draped in finesse.

What’s more interesting, is the fact that this intriguing piece of clothing, although affordable, is a limited edition range. Hussain Rehar has attained his inspiration from the Nizam Begum, so the collection is named after them, as a tribute to their timeless, sophisticated style and breathtaking dressing sense. The elegant pieces create a balance between the traditional and contemporary, and the final result is an outfit that is too tempting to resist.

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Catwalk Cares Season 2 Recorded Amid Strict SOPS



Catwalk Cares Virtual Fashion Show Season 2 was recorded amid the setting, perfectly similar to any other fashion week outside of the Covid-19 pandemic except there was no engaging audience present and instead the side rows were eerily filled with empty wooden benches. The show was recorded at a grand and modern set comprising a sizable runway for ramp and desired lighting at Net Set Studio Karachi.

The show that was successfully recorded in the first week of August, for later virtual transmission, will be aired on ARY Zindagi TV worldwide into three-day format and on ARY Digital for its YouTube transmission under the aegis of ARY as the Official Media Partner on this Independence Day.

Frieha Altaf, CEO of Catwalk Event Management & Productions on the occasion thanked and gave credit to his friend Asad-ul-Haq (ace advertising filmmaker) for suggesting to present Catwalk Cares Season 2 on a ramp.

“Those who were in attendance though were a selected number of Media, came to the recordings at different time slots in order to follow the strict SOPs. Likewise, designers and brands along with their models were also assigned separate intervals so as to avoid crowding,” explained Frieha.

She added that participants were instructed to wear masks, keep a social distance and using hand sanitizers when off camera and continuously urged to remain safe.

At the show, singer Ali Tariq of ‘Bekha Na’ from ‘Parey Hut Love’ did the world premiere of new song “Chaho Na” while popular Folk- Rock singer Natasha Baig performed the song ‘Kaseria’ for one of the participating brands Kayseria.

SABS Salon is the official Makeup and Hairstylist of Catwalk Cares Virtual Fashion Show Season 2 while Samiya Ansari of SABS, a trained wardrobe stylist and fashion editor helped in guiding and oversee looks.

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