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What Experts Say:Banning Dramas And Films



Pakistani media has always been through many difficult times since the inception of country. Whether they are draconian laws by military regimes or the demands of ban and from the various religious and political faction of society

Pakistan news media, television and films often comes under the scissors of censors of which recent example is the orders to ban on-aired drama serial Jalan on ARY Digital by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) under section 27 of PEMRA ordinance, because of containing material which is against the social and religious norms of our society. They claim to take this decision after getting many complaints from public and several warning to the channel regarding changes in the script of drama according to Pakistani culture.

Earlier, the authority issued notice to ban re runs of drama serials Ishqiya (ARY Digital) and Pyar Ke Sadqay (HUM TV) on the same grounds. The latter got huge ratings and popularity from public.

Two of these dramas tell the story of girls having a fondness or affair with their brother in laws while one has a villain who openly desires for her daughter in law.

The producers of Jalan wrote petition in Sindh High Court, which gave them stay order against the PEMRA’s decision and the transmission of the drama continues.

The question arise her do the PEMRA or other censor bodies have the right to moral policing of the content on national media and or going beyond the jurisdiction law has designated it.

Media Analyst and the then Minister of Information And Broadcast Javed Jabbar, while talking to Pakistan Today exclusively on the role of PEMRA said “PEMRA has the right to warn and ban content on electronic media of country that is explicitly violent, vulgar and obscene in unusual way. But in the case of the recent ban on dramas, it has mishandled and misused its authority as none of these shows have any material which falls under the explanation of ‘against religious and social norms’ in the draft of PEMRA.”

He further said that what PEMRA could do was to abide the channels to mark it PG13 or PG18, if the program contain any sensational content so the parents and viewers should be cautious before consuming it. 

Jabbar was of the view that there was a certain segment of society (a few in numbers) which is also political in nature shows their concern about these things to demonstrate their nuisance value and these censor boards and authorities instead of answering to their complaints, gets nervous and starts issuing notice to channels and filmmakers.

“In general, Pakistani viewers are very liberal when it comes to the variety of content on media,” he added.

Renowned Historian and columnist Nadeem Farooq Paracha said these kind of bans on drmas and films show the general middle class morality Pakistan which is confused between modernity and religion.

About PEMRA, Paracha said according to law, the authority has no right to intrude in what should and what should not be run on national television channels and to point out someone’s creation as immoral and irreligious.

“It is an open insult to the writers and viewers who have written it and watched it.”

Farooq asked would bar dramas and films and other programs lessen the ratio of consuming adult and porn material, abundantly available online or are these dramas the reason of climbing rate of rape and divorces in society.

He said it reminds him of the draconian rule of General Zia-ul-Haq, which had serious restriction and censors on state television and films.

“It shows incompetency of the government that instead of concerning about the real issues of country like health, education, utilities and law & order, asking PEMRA to issue notices to channels.”

Sultana Siddiqui, President Hum Network Limited, thought that drama serial ‘Pyar Kay Sadqay’ was a piece of art and should be placed in academy.

Siddiqui admitted that there must be some complaints about the said drama and PEMRA might be playing its role but there should be some logical support to their decisions.

“PEMRA also issued a letter ordering ban, when channel’s drama serial on child sexual abuse Udaari was on aired but in the end, it was called a historical play that raised the issue diligently. So the subject itself is not bad or good but the way you execute it.”

Siddiqui explained that the serial Pyar Ke Sadqay brought up issues like the complications arise from a second marriage of a woman, indicating man entering the house with ill intentions, and to guide women to raise their voice when a man makes unwanted advances whether he is her father in law. 

Absar Aalam, Former Chairman PEMRA said, “PEMRA has the right to ban any program if it violates the interests for which the authority has been made the custodian to protect.”

He explained the function of Council of Complaint (appointed in Punjab and Sindh) under PEMRA which suggests that what action should be taken in the specific case.

The former Chairman said that in his time, PEMRA received a lot of complaints from public about Udaari, a drama serial on child sexual abuse for “the longer scenes of committing crimes’ so they issued only show cause notice to channel to cut those certain sequences short keeping the context of story intact.

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In Conversation with Dr. Shahzad of Dental Aesthetics



Doctor Shahzad of Dental Aesthetics is one of the best dentists in Lahore who aims to provide his patients’ solutions with minimum invasive dentistry for the best possible results. Doctor Shahzad Mirza did his master’s in Aesthetic Dentistry from Kings College London and his father who was also a dentist was the dean of Fatima Memorial Hospital, founded this business. Working in the field for more than four decades has made their dental clinic equipped with world-class trained specialists, leading-edge technology, and wonderful support staff, who are committed to providing the best professional services.

We visited his clinic in DHA Y block and to our surprise, they not only provide the latest dental treatments but also facial aesthetic and cosmetic services. So, don’t be fooled by “dental” as they provide a plethora of services and those too are vast and outclass.


How did you get into this field?

My father has been my inspiration, he is the most influential person in me being a dentist. He has been my teacher, mentor, and guide, not just for me but also for a lot of dentists in Pakistan and abroad. Ever since I started practicing, I enjoy helping my patients smile and eat with ease.


How do you provide instructions to patients on dental hygiene?

Instructions to patients are given mostly by demonstrating tooth brushing techniques and showing them how to floss in order to maintain good oral hygiene. We always make sure we are in good communication with the patient for the betterment of their oral health. We also advise them tips and habits they should adopt to improve the oral hygiene

Where did you get your certifications from?

I have my bachelor’s degree from de’Montmorency College of dentistry and post-grad from Kings College London in Advanced Aesthetic dentistry.

What treatments do you offer?

We are a team of specialist providing all dental treatments we offer dental implants for missing teeth, smile makeover to improve smiles, braces to improve crooked or crowded teeth, root canal treatment to save a tooth, scaling to clean the plaque, teeth whitening for a brighter smile, wisdom tooth extraction as well as gum disease treatment.

What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for practice right now?

The biggest challenge is to stay on top of your game. Keeping up to date with dental equipment and technology is the core of success for today’s dental practices. Patients today are highly informed. They demand quality services. So, it is important to have specialized equipment and technology more now than ever before.

As people are becoming aware of oral health and its importance. We are seeing more people attending dentists and more importantly, dentistry is now been recognized as a cosmetic and aesthetic treatment.

What do you do for fun?

Dentists are happy fun-loving people too. I enjoy traveling around the world for sightseeing and attending conferences. I also play cricket and golf. I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends.

Being a doctor treating patients, how have you been able to fairly balance work and friends/family?

Work-life balance is difficult in any profession but I am lucky to have a team of professionals who are working with me on the practice. I can have flexible hours too but my team helps me in finding time for my family and friends.

Balancing work and daily family life is an ongoing challenge but passion for work especially creating smiles for my patients makes it fun and helps in fulfilling my goals. Thinking innovatively and a focused vision has helped my dental practice to be successful.

How toothpaste tubes are being portrayed as magic wands? Can toothpastes really cure bleeding gums, sensitivity, and toothache?

I believe toothpaste is being portrayed as a magic wand that can fix dental issues, but the reality is that it’s not true. All the dental issues and treatment options are to be diagnosed and advised respectively by the dentist and the specialist.

If the problem is not looked at by the dentist and magic wands are used to get any relief, it would make the issues worse. Instead of trying home remedies, I would always advise getting help from a professional.

Dentistry is not expensive neglect is.

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The New Normal Sets The New Backdrop For E-Commerce



The Covid 19 pandemic that started in the beginning of this year has changed and introduced many ideas worldwide. Many new terminologies with their technical meaning are also becoming the components of our lives. The new normal has brought a lot that is going to change the course of our economic system. More relying on digital space this new phase of economy called e commerce never bloomed like it did in last six months.

Pakistan has also emerged as a country which is finding new ways for its shopping and discount lover citizens to get connected to their favourite brands. Loot Sale, a Pakistan based eCommerce startup  is a fashion marketplace listing original branded products aiming to bridge the gap between the consumers’ want of constant discounts and retailers’ need for fast inventory turn-over. Loot Sale has secured seed capital from Light Speed Ventures, a multi-strategy fund focused on the early-stage tech ventures. 

The brands’ motto, “Pay Less, Shop More,” is conveyed to the 220 million audience of the 5th largest nation of the world: everything on is at a discount, All Day, Every Day.

“Loot Sale goal is to build as a customer centric brand, providing original products, offering price-match guarantee and no-questions asked return policy. The website ( has launched with an inventory of over 400,000 units, and stock value of almost one billion rupees, said Malik Asad, the CEO Loot Sale.”

A brand awareness campaign across all mediums has already kicked off nationwide, he added.

With the official launch on 10.10.2020, Loot Sale has already partnered with over 75 fashion brands including BTW, Cross Stitch, Hop Scotch, Hush Puppies, LimeLight, Maria.B, Nishat, Orient, Stylo, The Linen Co, Zareen by Sapphire, just to name a few. The team forecasted to list over 20 lac products showcasing 150 brands by the end of December 2020.

The social platforms of the brands are:

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Bayaan Releases ‘Teri Tasveer’ Music Video



Following the release of their debut album “Suno”, Bayaan is ecstatic to release the music video of ‘Teri Tasveer’, a melancholic ballad from the album. ‘Teri Tasveer’ is the first song from Bayaan that has crossed the one million views mark on YouTube and has garnered the band global visibility to thousands of new listeners.

Bayaan teamed up with Director Hamza Bin Tahir and Cinematographer Awais Gohar for the third time to produce this music video. The band has luckily found individuals who understand their music and present concepts that keep everyone interested throughout. Like the band said, “we are lucky to have found this dream team combo.” Their previous work with Bayaan includes music videos for ‘Khel Tamasha’ and ‘Hum Nadaan’, two songs from their previous collection called ‘4 Saal’. The Art Direction and Production Design is done by Hashim Ali who did a brilliant job in pulling off the Victorian-era looks for the video.


Given the song’s wide acclaim, it is their most anticipated music video to date after Covid-19 put a hold on all music related activities, just like it did for hundreds of other musicians and artists globally.


While talking about ‘Teri Tasveer’, Asfar told The Daily Paperazzi, “There are some songs that we plan beforehand, whereas there are songs that just fall together piece by piece, this was the case with ‘Teri Tasveer’. From the initial humming to the first few lyrics, it all just happened during a jam session and it felt like a gift from God that all of us put together because we were sure that it would reach a lot of people.”

Similarly, while talking about the music video, the band said, “It is no doubt that the song is very special to each and every member as everybody interprets it differently, allowing the listeners to do the same. The idea with the video was to let the listener feel the purity of the message which was done by the acting, the set design, the production and the nostalgic melancholic analog vibe going on in the video. All of it had to be real for us. Although we were skeptical about how we would pull this off; how it will look visually as well. Since we wanted it to be very real, we are lucky that the final product looked exactly how we imagined it to be. We are glad how this turned out and we are hopeful that our listeners would love it too and experience this journey with us.”


The album – a collection of 9 tracks that is a labour of love for the quintet – is a familiar (and hopefully welcome) territory for fans of the band, featuring atmospheric build-ups, meaningful lyrics and melodies that are soulful and catchy. Through this album, they pay homage to the band’s collective inspirations and influences while staying distinctly Bayaan.




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