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Valentine’s Day with sons



Everyone becomes extremely cheesy on Valentine’s Day! Red roses, heart shaped chocolates, red clothes, rose petals and candles are a staple of every Valentine’s Day. But this time around, Pakistan’s most well known and renowned mommy blog Scaryammi organised Valentine’s Day with a twist. Instead of doing a regular husband-wife OR boyfriend-girlfriend date, we invited 13 mommies to take out their sons for a sit down, beautifully planned meal.

“This was the sweetest and cutest thing I have ever ever seen,” said Asma Waqar, CEO Sweet Affairs, who planned the yummilicious menu with separate food items for moms and separate for kids. “I have never been so awed and inspired by an activity as I was with this one.”

The menu included starters of buffalo bites with ranch dressing. tomato soup for the mommies and chicken nuggets and French fries for the boys. Then a steaming spicy dish of pasta tossed in a fragrant tomato sauce was served to mommies and pizettes were served to the kids. Mommies finished the meal with a yummy cappuccino while the sons got hot chocolate and both shared a yummy funnel cake desert. 

“This was my favorite ever event to take part in,” said famous lifestyle blogger Rubia Mughees who took her son out for a date. Her son looked adorable in a British prep-school inspired attire, complete with a checked cap to complete his look. “I had so much fun and it was really memorable.”

Each table was beautifully set with a framed photograph of the mother and son along with an exquisite flower arrangement and tea candles and lights. Each mother was gifted a stunning suit from Motifz while each son was gifted a personalised apron by Little People. Redolence gave each ‘couple’ the most yummilicious cupcakes.

“When I heard of this activity I immediately said yes,” said Ranya Faisal, CEO of Redolence and baker par extraordinaire. “It was such a cute concept and I am so glad I brought my son here for a sit down dinner.”

Ayesha Sheheryar was almost teary after the dinner and said it was the very first time she had brought her son Azaan for a dinner date. “I don’t think the two of us have ever sat across from each other like this,” she said. “It was the most memorable of all Valentine’s Day events.”

Another mom had especially dressed up her son in a button down shirt with a bow-tie. Seher Faisal was super excited to bring her older son Mustapha for a sit down meal at this mommy-son date. ‘I was able to have such an engaging conversation with him and I don’t remember the last time we talked like this,” she said.

The Original Scaryammi Ayesha Nasir brought her 8 years old son Aahil Saleem Nasir for the date while her mom Dr. Shehla brought Keyaan, 9 years old, on the date. “This was one of my all time favorite Valentine’s Day activities. I don’t remember the last time I did something so meaningful with Aahil. As a mom of four, the challenge of taking out one on one time with just one child is huge. I am glad I was able to do this for a change.” 

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In Conversation with SOCH the band



SOCH the band, comprises of two immensely talented musicians, Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed. The duo offers a unique, fresh and soulful approach to their earthy music.

Adnan Dhool at the helm, with his gritty vocals, complemented by Rabi Ahmed’s guitar rhythms. With their thought provoking lyrics, Soch takes us on a journey, hitting on to the harsh realities to the raw emotions of life. Within months of the songs release, Soch’s first ever single “Bandeya” – it received major mainstream radio airplay of which the World-wide release was done in collaboration with Indya Record and was first exclusively aired on 9x Network in INDIA and bagged #2 on ARY Musik and Oxygene and remained in the charts for over 8 weeks.

So we decided to dig deeper and ask the talent behind the band a few questions about how they got together, where they see themselves going in the future and also their experience singing for Bollywood.

1.Tell us a little about how this band was created? 

This band was created by me (Adnan Dhool) back in 2005 when I wasn’t even sure about it . A few years later in 2007, my partner Rabi Ahmed joined in and since then it’s been going wild and strong 

2. The song Avari in Ek Villain was sung by you guys, how was your experience singing for Bollywood?

 It was definitely a great experience working across the border with some of the well known names. Not only did it bring pride to us but an award too.
Being nominated for IIFA in itself is a huge privilege.

3. How did that make you feel? 

A privilege if course, see it’s the biggest award show in Asia and the world knows about it, fans all across wait for it so it was a major break and an honor for us as well.

4. How many times have you been featured in Nescafe basement? 

Twice, season 1 and season 5, and it has been a splendid experience. We feel so much pride to be part of the Pakistani Music scene especially when we are on the brink of a musical revolution.

5. What was the story behind your sensational hit Bol Hu? 

There’s isn’t any story but the thought is to connect with your Rab while going through the toughest phases of your life when you aren’t sure about things and experience a constant defeat, then you need to create your own world and see what that brings to you.

6.If you could jam with one musician, dead or alive, who would it be? 

The one and only Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab

7. Any advice for the rising stars of Pakistan?

Just stick with your own original sound instead of copying others. Originality and candid, raw emotions will be your road to success.

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IN THE FIELD WITH… Natalia Castillo Shahid



Who’s your best friend?
I’ve lived in so many different places and have a lot of close friends but I’m going to have to say my best friend is my brother.

What would I grab if my house was on fire?
My dog! 1000%.

What is my destination for a trip of my dreams?
Travelling is such a huge part of my life so there are really few places I want to go that I haven’t been to but top of my list right now is Japan.

When I was little what did I want to be when I grew up?
I was one of those little kids that just wanted to do everything. One month it was a vet the next it was a pilot and the next a chef. I think I just had a lot of interests and now as a I’ve grown up I think I still keep that same energy of always trying new things and taking up new hobbies. Why limit yourself to doing one thing for your entire life?

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An Ode to Women



It’s time for patriarchy to step aside, for long women have lived in the shadow of strong and powerful men that have denied them their fundamental rights, but no more, it’s finally time for the women of this world to get what they deserve; an equal footing with men and the equality of opportunity. Its optimistic to see so much support for a day that celebrates women by people all across the board. To all the mothers, sisters, daughters, girls and women in the world, we salute you for your resilience and strength.

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