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UnART – Fashion with a twist



Unorthodox. Unusual. Unconventional. Unafraid. Untamed. UnART.

This brand is breaking all conventional norms and creating fashion are art with a meaning behind it. They are a premium street-wear label for those who defy cliches and believe in standing out . Their main agenda – adding character to the clothes they produce. Their designs are chic, trendy, avant-garde inspired by the true stories of real artists, to act as a counterpoint to the trite options you encounter in everyday life. 

Art evokes feeling and creates memories. It tells a story – So do their clothes. Each piece from their collection is inspired by a unique piece of art, designed in collaboration with artists from around Pakistan. Their staunch belief that art is sacred, and mass-producing ruins the novelty of owning an art-piece results in all the pieces being unique and limited edition. When you shop at UnArt, you’re not just buying a piece of clothing, you’re immersing yourself in a story, an experience. You’re buying an art-piece.  

Let’s take a look at some of their designs and the meaning behind them.

​Inzer’s Cognation is an amalgamation inspired by the works of the Spanish artist Gabriel Moreno. Cognation is an ode to connections, an acknowledgement that by being of this world, we are bound to it and it’s creatures by skeins so elaborate, so intricately entwined that they defy imagination. Rendered in thick, dark strokes, Inzer’s art captures these connections in their most primal and tangible form to their most abstract and esoteric articulation, from the vessels that carry blood and the roots of a tree to carry sustenance, to the more abstruse bonds between humans and ultimately the inscrutable connections between a man and his gods. Everything that breathes and everything that doesn’t, is fundamentally intertwined: the world is as one. 

Wassily Kandinsky, hailed as the father of abstract art believed that total abstraction allowed for profound, transcendental expression and that copying from nature only inhibited the process. Kandinsky felt that he could paint music through his brush strokes. In Song, Ajiya Asif borrows from Kandinsky to offer a calming sense of spirituality, conveyed through the universal visual language of shapes and colors. The power of Ajiya’s art lies not in the fact that it evokes emotion, but rather the delicate, mellifluous chords it conjures in the mind of it’s beholder. Song is not merely a painting but rather in the style of the master abstractionist, a true Composition.

In a play on surrealism, Inzer Mubashir captures the delicacy of an innocent mind in the soft, fragile petals of a flower. Yet, the purity that dwells within, seldom escapes the cruelty that resides without. The eye of the beholder twists this innocence and purity, painting it to be vulgar and profane, and the wicked forces of the world, captured in the invasive bees take an inevitable toll as they disrupt the fragile balance of the virgin mind. Thus, it comes to be that even the most beautiful and natural of things is seen as obscene. What once was pure, is now known to be Sullied.

The Weeping Woman – Picasso captured his mistress and muse, Dora Moore’s form in a number of guises, some realistic, some benign, others tortured or threatening. Following the Spanish Civil War, Picasso painted a series of portraits in the Cubist style, each an intricate study of Moore’s anguish.  For Picasso, Dora was a perpetually mourning woman and in this last depiction of her he paints her anguished, sobbing face with a handkerchief held to her face to wipe her copious tears. The painting shines bright with the intensity of the woman’s grief, a raw melancholy that invariably forces the beholder to imagine themselves in the excoriated face of the woman and reflect upon their own torments. 

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Afsaneh presents spring/summer 2019 collection “Nouroz”



Afsaneh presents its debut spring/summer 2019 collection “Nouroz”, a rhapsody of beauty and a celebration of the seasons’ joy. A vibrant collection rich in beautiful hues, artisanal prints and intricate embroideries.
Inspired from Persian miniatures, tribal patterns and Mughal motifs, our design philosophy is a romantic union of textures, patterns and colours.
Effortlessly breeze through this festive season in fresh pastels and rich jewel tones in a wide range of striking designs that are contemporary and rooted in tradition, an ethos we pride ourselves on. The collection hit stores in 8th March, 2019.

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On our radar: Everthine by Samar Abid



Samar Abid has reached strides in just a few months of establishing her couture house – Everthine. Her vision extends beyond just being a fashion designer, she foresees herself as an entrepreneur aiming to reach a global market with quality work. She has showcased her collection at the Bridal Couture Week 2018 and also is the receipt of the Pantene Rising Star Award. Check out our conversation with her:

What inspired you to enter the fashion world and run a couture brand?

Well, I come from a very academic background. My brother is the youngest PhD in Computer Sciences in the world and I went to visit him. There is did a few courses from the London School of Fashion and that is when things really began to turn, I realized this was a very creative field! My main focus was on entrepreneurship, basically i’d call myself and entrepreneur and Fashion is the field I chose for myself. It is all about establishing the brand and you bring it to the masses, you bring it to the jury and get the technical people to evaluate how capable you are. Khadija Shah is definitely somebody who has inspired i’d say. She is a very head over heels workaholic type of person and she is low key at the very same time. She isn’t decked up in Elan all the time and that is what I admire. I believe your work should reflect through the masses.

Tell me a little about your creative process? The inspiration behind individual pieces?

To start with the design philosophy, when we started Everthine, you see it’s a conference of culture nowadays globally. East and West is coming together so we are trying to bring you the best of both worlds together. We are sticking to the essence of the sub-continent artisans in our embellishments and we incorporate that into our modern techniques. We definitely take inspiration from international silhouettes and create heirloom pieces with a lot of detail and imagery. Using metallic threads and intricate embroidery on these cuts, we are creating elegant and breathable pieces.

Where do you see this brand in the next few years?

We are trying to touch each and every base without restricting ourselves. We did Bridal Couture Week and now we are rigorously moving forward towards our Spring/Summer collections. Then we plan to exhibit in Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan. We find that there is a lot of potential within the country as well as abroad after going to Dubai with Boulevard One. People come to use from all over for elegant pieces and meticulous detail and we take a lot of pride in that, so within a year InshAllah we will be going International.

What is the most raw and honest piece of advice would you give to the youngsters trying to make it in the Fashion field right now?

Be professional! Be honest to your work, not just clients, but we creative and genuine with your work without copying and replicating off others. Originality is key!

What do you think needs to change in the Pakistani Fashion Industry?

The rat race maybe. If somebody introduces a trend then all the thousands of “so called” design house will come up with a hundred copies. Instead of madly following it and releasing how ethically wrong it is they should have some humility. The more you cater to humility, the more you are professional.

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Spring Means Lawn



Spring is almost upon us; the season of flowers brings us not only pleasant weather to enjoy but clothes to adore and fill our wardrobes with. With all the new designs designers are putting out, there seems to be no end to our appetite, the spring collection this year is by far the most intriguing one we’ve had in a long time, all the more better to take out our wallets and buy everything we can get out hands on. Here is a list of Designers and Brands you should definitely keep an eye on.

1. Sapphire

Vibrant and colourful eye-catching designs by sapphire, encompassing the essence of Spring perfectly.

A must buy for all Spring Collection aficionados.

2. Rang Rasiya

Offering clothes of contrasting palettes and shades, Rang Rasiya have really out done themselves with their innovativeness.

Appealing to the eyes and granting one the ability to stand out in a crowd effortlessly.

3. Saira Rizwan

Laced with intricacies and gorgeous abstract designs, Saira Rizwan’s new collection is a pinnacle of creativity.

With an added traditional touch that reminds us of our homeland, and its rich culture.

4. Bareeze

Bareeze opts for a simple yet chic approach this spring. Intertwining dynamic colours with lively designs, Bareeze is a shoe in to win our hearts.

Dazzling and exuberant pieces that will bring life to any wardrobe.

5. Farida Hasan

Differing from their contemporaries, Farida Hasan’s new collection gives insight into a vigorously imaginative artistic style.

Full of diversity and elegance, you don’t want to miss out on this.

6. Rema & Shehrbano

Keeping in line with the newest trends of the fashion industry, Rema & Shehrbano put out their own little twist with the spring lawn collection.

Symmetrical composition and awe-inspiring handiwork, surely to captivate all those that lay eyes upon it.

7. Suffuse by Sana Yasir

Suffuse spins out their floral oriented spring collection with a vast number of exquisite designs to take your pick from.

Offering embroidered tunics inspired by pop art and retro fashion.

8. Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz unravels their new Spring designs laced with themes of nature, the details look and feel so surreal. Ingenuity at its best.

Catering to a wide variety of people, Sana Safinaz has something for everyone. They’re one of the most sought out designer brand for this very reason, and rightfully so.

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