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The star of Suno Chanda – Farhan Saeed



We got the chance to sit one on one with esteemed actor and musician, Farhan Saeed, to get to know more about his journey through the silver screens to fame!

Given your character has been a huge hit in Suno Chanda previously , what are you expecting from it this year?
Honestly there aren’t any expectations like there weren’t any last season. We tried to give our best and that’s what we are aiming to do this year as well. I’m loving the response we’ve been getting. All I can do for that is thank God and thank the fans. As an actor when you’re on set it would be limiting yourself if you keep expectations. Just play each delivery on its merit, that’s what I’ve learned all my life. That’s what I’m applying here too. I’m very thankful for the appreciation Arsal has received. 

What are the things common between Arsal and Farhan Saeed? 

I think it’s only the sense of humor that we have in common. The challenge is that there are some values important to Arsal but not to Farhan Saeed at all, but when you go on set you leave your own personality at home and follow the script to the best of your ability.

How is Arsal different in season 2 as compared to last year?
Arsal is no different. The situation is different. The two young people who were not sure if they could be together are married now and they’re still learning to live with that. It’s the story of two people who are egoistic and headstrong. One is career oriented, one if family oriented. They’re hardliners in their own regards and that has made the overall dynamic different this season. Only time will tell if they are able to wrap their heads around the new challenges. 

What was the most challenging part of this season’s Suno Chanda? 
Going back into a character isn’t easy. Very early in my acting career I’ve had the chance to revisit a character in a second season, that’s not very common around here. The first few days you take to re-familiarize yourself with his vibe and thankfully I grew back into it after the first few days.

Since season 1 there must have been great expectations to live up to, how did you cope with the pressure?

There was a lot of pressure because last year we didn’t see this coming at all. Season 2 was not really a plan. But the sensational success made us do it and that brought some pressure with it. But the only way to cope is to remain focused at the script in front of you and make sure you give it your full, consistently.

Your character has become a fan favorite. What is the best and worst thing about Arsal?
What I like about him is that despite seeming manipulative and rude, he doesn’t have it in him to break anyone’s heart and deliberately bring pain to someone. He’s a family guy, his values on family bonds is my favorite thing about him. 

Who is your favourite costar to work with?
Iqra, DJ, Nadia Afghan. Action reaction game is very strong with these actors due to great chemistry and that makes it so much fun to work with them.

Could you tell us about your future projects?
Tich Button my first feature film is coming and a couple of drama serials and singles are on their way too. I love my fans and their appreciation too much, so I am going to keep taking everything forward together. 


Haute and Sassy; The phenomenal fashion coach behind your favorite celebrities



Have you ever wondered how a random model or an actor instantly gets such a swanky fashion uplift? It is all because of their stylists who put their whole heart to make a look razzle-dazzle and exactly on point.
One such name that all of us are very well aware of is Ania Fawad. From her exquisite dress sense to fashion knowledge, everything keeps us in complete awe with each look she creates.
We got a chance to talk to this bundle of style and class, and that’s what we got to know.

How did it all start? How did a blogger become a well known celebrity stylist?
When I had first started blogging, there were only a handful of Pakistani bloggers on the scene. But a couple years into it, everyone had decided to become a blogger. I became bored of it and wanted to grow. That’s when I stepped into celebrity styling… since there were hardly any stylists in Pakistan at the time. I didn’t do it to become well known, I still don’t think I’m that well known to be honest, I just knew I wanted to do more with my talent and not be another sheep in the crowd.

Everybody has low points at the start of their career, tell us yours? How many years did it take you to reach to this level?
I’ve been styling for 3 years now. I can not really say I’ve struggled a lot because I was lucky enough to get project after project. But the way I see it, the lowest point in your career is when you’re at your highest… because where do you go from there? Right now, I feel like I’ve worked with everyone I wanted to work with. I’ve done all I wanted to do with styling. And it’s time to grow again.

Who motivated you to be a stylist?
I’m a huge Bollywood fan, and I would follow the stylists in their film industry and wish we had better ones in ours.

Who was your first client?
Mawra Hocane

What was your biggest break in terms of styling a star celebrity?
Sadaf Kanwal for Hum Style Awards. That choker I created got a lot of attention. And Maya Ali for Teefa, that was a fantastic first project with her.

How is Ania in her real life?
Basic. Likes to stay home. Eats Taco Bell. Watches old Bollywood movies on Netflix.

Which one is your favorite celebrity to style?
I always enjoy styling all of them but right now it’s Maya Ali.

Your fashion inspiration?
I take a lot of my inspo from social media stars I follow. I also like the Hadid sisters and Camila Coelho’s style.

Which celebrity you think doesn’t need a stylist?
Everyone needs a little help from time to time.

How do you manage to do such an amazing job considering that such influential people come to you for styling? Does this intimidate you?
I was only intimidated while I was styling for the first time. But after that, not so much. I treat the stars like friends. It becomes easier.

What do you think is the most important trait needed to be a stylist?
Stay true to your vision, do your homework and have thick skin for criticism. The internet can be savage.

In your opinion, What do these new stylists lack?
Every other person thinks they are a stylist these days. I wish people understood there’s an art to this, you have to put in actual work and research.

We have seen you dressed up all the time, but what is your comfort dress?
I’m in tracks and tees when I’m not dressed up.

If you could choose one celebrity to style for the rest of your life, who would it be?
Maya. We work well together.

Tell us about your next big projects other than styling?
You know what they say… never share your love life, your income or your next move!

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In conversation with the leading cast of “Superstar”



Are you all ready to welcome this sizzling hot duo on the silver screen? We were just too excited to get a little sneak peek into Superstar so, we got Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf to spill some beans about their movie releasing this Eid-ul-Azha which has by now become the talk of the town.
Both the artist looked super excited and full of energy for the promotions.
According to Bilal, his role is extremely diverse and complex. “Sameer Khan is a journey; it covers film, theatre, personal relationship with his parents and the love of his life. It was extremely challenging yet so simple at the same time that anyone can connect to the character. It is a simple love story of two people”

We asked him; Why Superstar?
The most important thing is that I just have to feel it. It is all about the energy it gives. I felt superstar. The film that has Baig Sahab, Atif’s voice, Azaan’s music, Javed Sheikh, Ali kazmi, Marina khan and Mahira khan, who doesn’t want to be the part of such a movie?

How was your experience working with Mahira khan?
She is Mahira khan because she has unbelievable energy, she will spoil you as a co-actor, and she will always be on time. The time and energy both are very important to make a movie. I have learned a lot from her. Even when we are down, dead and tired, she is always super active and full of energy.

The best thing while shooting for Superstar?
That everyone was having fun. We started shooting in February and now we are releasing this movie. It was very easy and a lot of fun and time flew by so quickly.

Considering the chemistry between Mahira and Fawad initially, were you intimidated while building up a level of chemistry and romance with her?
No, I was not intimidated and that has to do with Mahira. If you look at Hamsafar, they were not this close. Superstar has a different romance and chemistry. What really helped was the fact that we did theatre together for good 25-30 days. It really helped and we became comfortable with each other. Romance is all about energy. For any girl to give that energy is very important and this is probably the backbone of the chemistry and I give Mahira the credit for this.

Can you relate to the character?
The trailer is quite different from the movie. It is actually a story of two people. I can relate a lot to this character. It has taught me how to love again not romantic love only but how to love the finer things in life. Superstar has helped me reconnect. Also, you will see my romantic side in Superstar.

Janaan or Superstar?
Janaan was my first love. But in all honesty, I tell everyone even if I don’t do any movie after Superstar, it is fine. I don’t care how it performs on Box Office. I have worked hard and I am fearless about the results. In real life, I am more like Sameer (Superstar) and not life Asfandyaar (Janaan).
While talking to Mahira, we got to know about her views.
Mahira said, “Well, this movie is a special project; a passion project. There are some things that you do and you don’t care about anything even if it works or it doesn’t. I like the character, the love stories and this movie was all in one. I enjoyed every minute.”

How is this movie different from other movies releasing at the same time?
It is not a RomCom, it is a romantic drama. It is much higher on emotions. I don’t think you will see a film with a climax like this. I don’t think there has been a movie where we have performed theater in the movie itself. For me, it was like something new to do.

How was the chemistry between you and Bilal?
With every person it is different. People keep talking about Khirad and Ashar but it has been so many years. With me and bilal, it has been very easy and comfortable. I have to give credit to him as well.

7 Din Mohabbat In (7DMI) did not do well because it could not relate to the audience, how do you think Superstar will relate to the viewers?
Even though in 7DMI, people could relate to those characters as well. I think it is not about the character, it is about the story. Does the movie keep you curious and interested? Only that is important.

Talking about the dialogue “Hum choty gharon k actor hain na is lie, sab k sath so kar hi to kaam milta he humey” – the trailer shows how getting into entertainment industry has a lot of hurdles including some dirty games, are we promoting this message to the young generation?
I would never do a film which puts my profession in a bad light. I will portray it in a truthful way. The whole story behind this particular dialogue in the trailer is that there are always black sheep in every industry. However, hard work and persistence can do wonders. It also shows the great side of this profession. I believe my industry will love this movie. Also, it is not about an industry, it is about the mindset of people. But yes, there is a struggle especially for people who are outsiders in the industry, lacking connections.

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In Conversation with Dr Tauqir Ahmad (Signature Skincare)



This week we had a chance to speak to Dr Tauqir Ahmad of Signature Skincare, who more than just a dermatologist.
He’s a licensed international trainer for the Happy Lift Non-Surgical Facelift, which offers results for 3-5 years. We got to know that he also trains doctors for Botox, fillers, threads, as well as work training doctors for Soft Surgery System.

Tell us a little about your field of work?
We Specialize in Aesthetics & Cosmetology and offer complete Surgical and Non-Surgical treatments for Skin, Hair, Body and Face.
Our aim is to take you from Conscious to Confident and be the one stop shop for all your needs.

Where did you get your certifications?
I obtained my certifications in the UK. I was born and brought up in the UK. I studied in the UK and did my post-graduate training in UK and all my aesthetic specialization is from the UK.

What made you want to open up Signature Skincare in Lahore?
I came to Pakistan just for two years with my kids, just to get some cultural exposure for them . It was so that they can learn the culture and the language. We loved being here and we decided to stay, and at that point I decided to open up a clinic in Lahore. The rest is history.

What treatments do you offer?
We offer a comprehensive range of Surgical and Non-Surgical Skin, Hair, Face and Body Treatments.

We’ve heard so much about “Fat freezing, can you tell us about the process?
This is a Non-Surgical painless process. We freeze fat cells from 25-35% at a temp. of -5C for 45 min. The frozen fat cells are dead cells eliminated from the body by a natural process of apoptosis. This elimination of fat takes about 3 months for the full effect.

Since Vampire facial is trending, can you tell us a little about it?
The vampire facial, is an old treatment which has been around for several years. I was one of the first doctors in UK to start this treatment. Now it has become more refined and as well as PRP we can add in additives depending upon your skin type Whether you are pigmented, whether you have acne, whether you want anti-ageing, whether you want lightening. I think it’s a fantastic treatment. It’s a great skin rejuvenation treatment. I recommend people should get it once in every 3 months to maintain the health of their skin and to reverse the signs of ageing.
Our vampire facials are a cut above the rest. We personalize it for every person’s skin and that delivers results that they are expecting. After performing a skin analysis scan we decide what they require for optimum results.

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