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The Keto Life



This week we get up close and personal with Keto expert and health food extraordinaire, Syeda Rubab Rizvi. It all started a few months ago when I had tried my hand at Keto and came across Keto Fix. I spent hours in the kitchen making my own meals and then decided to take some load off my shoulders. I started a one meal a day plan with Keto Fix and not only has it made my life easier, but revolutionized the way I see food.

So to understand The Keto Life a little better, I asked Rubab to explain to us in a nutshell was Ketosis really is.

What is the state of Ketosis and how is it achieved? 

Ketosis is a state when your body produces ketones in the liver. It’s the state in which the body shifts its metabolism away from glucose and towards fat utilization! In simple words, ketosis is when your body uses its own fat to fuel itself rather than using the glucose in the body. Ketosis can be achieved by minimizing the carb intake, keeping protein intake in check and consuming high fat.

What inspired you to get on the Keto diet and how much difference has it made?

The no-sugar-no-wheat diet really appeals to me as excess wheat gives me bloating. Initially, I started Keto to discipline myself mainly and it did help along with the glowing skin and weight loss! In any diet, limiting your carb intake really does make a positive difference. For me personally I’ve been very energetic than before, my allergies have gotten better, and of course the weight loss.

We’ve heard some mixed reviews about negative effects of Keto, could you shed some light on them?

Everything has its pros and cons. What might work for one may not be as effective for the other. I always recommend my clients to take on a minimum of two weeks package to understand if this diet would be suitable for them. Where it might not be the ideal lifestyle for heart patients, it is perfect for individuals with diabetes (stables blood pressure and ensuring a drop in triglycerides and an increase in healthy HDL cholesterol). However, with all other lifestyle choices, one must do their research before they make any change in their lifestyle!

What advice would you give to someone starting out on their own?

There’s nothing that you can’t do yourself. With the right research, understanding and dedication Keto is definitely a practice for all! However, I’d advice everyone to count your daily macros and follow your body, listen to it & love it! 

How did you get the idea to start Keto Fix? Has cooking always been a passion of yours?

I’ve always loved cooking! From my earliest memories of childhood cookouts with family to taming my teenage angst in the kitchen! I’ve always come back to it. 

Keto Fix was actually a very small idea initially. I got on Keto myself and started researching on it. It was actually quite an interesting experience for me, understanding the biological aspect of it & the technicalities. 

As the understanding developed I started cooking for myself and for a very dear cousin who was kind enough to be my guinea pig. Then through word of mouth as more people started reaching out, it expanded exponentially.

Since Keto requires one to be completely sugar free, how do you aid to people’s sweet cravings?

Being completely sugar free is one of the main prerequisite of getting into the fat loss state i.e. being in Ketosis. After the initial few days of starting Keto the sugar cravings do hit in, however for those days we have a wide range of Keto desserts- luckily 90% dark cocoa is allowed, cream and much more!  Once you get on the Keto lifestyle there’s a Keto option to most of our desserts! I feel that’s one of the reasons why it’s a sustainable lifestyle for many. 

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