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The Keto Life



This week we get up close and personal with Keto expert and health food extraordinaire, Syeda Rubab Rizvi. It all started a few months ago when I had tried my hand at Keto and came across Keto Fix. I spent hours in the kitchen making my own meals and then decided to take some load off my shoulders. I started a one meal a day plan with Keto Fix and not only has it made my life easier, but revolutionized the way I see food.

So to understand The Keto Life a little better, I asked Rubab to explain to us in a nutshell was Ketosis really is.

What is the state of Ketosis and how is it achieved? 

Ketosis is a state when your body produces ketones in the liver. It’s the state in which the body shifts its metabolism away from glucose and towards fat utilization! In simple words, ketosis is when your body uses its own fat to fuel itself rather than using the glucose in the body. Ketosis can be achieved by minimizing the carb intake, keeping protein intake in check and consuming high fat.

What inspired you to get on the Keto diet and how much difference has it made?

The no-sugar-no-wheat diet really appeals to me as excess wheat gives me bloating. Initially, I started Keto to discipline myself mainly and it did help along with the glowing skin and weight loss! In any diet, limiting your carb intake really does make a positive difference. For me personally I’ve been very energetic than before, my allergies have gotten better, and of course the weight loss.

We’ve heard some mixed reviews about negative effects of Keto, could you shed some light on them?

Everything has its pros and cons. What might work for one may not be as effective for the other. I always recommend my clients to take on a minimum of two weeks package to understand if this diet would be suitable for them. Where it might not be the ideal lifestyle for heart patients, it is perfect for individuals with diabetes (stables blood pressure and ensuring a drop in triglycerides and an increase in healthy HDL cholesterol). However, with all other lifestyle choices, one must do their research before they make any change in their lifestyle!

What advice would you give to someone starting out on their own?

There’s nothing that you can’t do yourself. With the right research, understanding and dedication Keto is definitely a practice for all! However, I’d advice everyone to count your daily macros and follow your body, listen to it & love it! 

How did you get the idea to start Keto Fix? Has cooking always been a passion of yours?

I’ve always loved cooking! From my earliest memories of childhood cookouts with family to taming my teenage angst in the kitchen! I’ve always come back to it. 

Keto Fix was actually a very small idea initially. I got on Keto myself and started researching on it. It was actually quite an interesting experience for me, understanding the biological aspect of it & the technicalities. 

As the understanding developed I started cooking for myself and for a very dear cousin who was kind enough to be my guinea pig. Then through word of mouth as more people started reaching out, it expanded exponentially.

Since Keto requires one to be completely sugar free, how do you aid to people’s sweet cravings?

Being completely sugar free is one of the main prerequisite of getting into the fat loss state i.e. being in Ketosis. After the initial few days of starting Keto the sugar cravings do hit in, however for those days we have a wide range of Keto desserts- luckily 90% dark cocoa is allowed, cream and much more!  Once you get on the Keto lifestyle there’s a Keto option to most of our desserts! I feel that’s one of the reasons why it’s a sustainable lifestyle for many. 

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Paperazzi EATS




The brains behind it all – Hassan Ahmedani & Aboo Baker Mohammedi

“I personally was never a pasta person, but after trying Vanelli’s in dubai, i loved the concept.” – Aboo Baker Mohammedi

“I rolled up my sleeves, I went to the kitchen, and then we started cooking. It was a long process.” – Aboo Baker Mohammedi

Amichi’s live cooking station!

This week, Team Paperazzi headed over to Amichi Pizzeria and Kitchen.
A brainchild of three friends who share love for good food. Amichi’s
‘Create Your Own’ concept is the trademark of the eatery as one can
customize just about everything on their pizza or pasta dish.
By allowing their customers to customize their dishes, their aim
is to turn the consumer into a contemporary pro-sumer

A relaxed, cozy ambiance

Coconut Prawns
Jalapeno Cheese Poppers
Zesty Italian Wings

Make Your Own Pizza – with Bell Peppers, Cream Sauce, Broccoli and Cherry Tomatoes Margarita Pizza with Buffalo Mozzarella
Creamy Marinara Pasta
Classic Basil Pesto Pasta

Zesty Wings
That Cheesy Goodness!
Mint Lemonade
Margarita Pizza with Buffalo Mozzarella
Create your own pizza
Creamy Marinara Pasta
Coconut Prawns
Classic Basil Pesto Pasta

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Breakfast done right at Chaaye-o-holics



This was my first time at Chaayeaholics and I must say as I drove upto the café, I appreciated its convenient location. There was ample parking space and exteriors of the building were clean, shining and specially the overall glass facade created an open, inviting ambience. I live in DHA, Lahore and even though new eateries are fast opening in this vicinity of the city but Id say the more the merrier. There is a dearth of eateries that are open at breakfast time (yes please keep the working folks that would love to grab-n-go or those of us who have dropped the lil folks to school and are looking for good breakfast options post morning walk or exercise regimen), family friendly and easy on the wallet.

Once inside the person who greeted us was friendly and efficient. She guided us to the first floor and provided multiple seating optiond- we choose the seating in the centre as that allowed us a view of the floor beneath as well as outside view. The walls have been made with varying textures of bricks and logs and give a rustic yet warm living room kind of feel. The wall ornaments demand attention with the one with the vintage car on it specially memorable. The lanterns, Elizabethan-times wall clock and and The chairs were upholstered in opulent lilac, fuscia and copper tapestry is the perfect matrimony of casual, contemporary with classic.Im sure it will liven up the mood of all the diners.

The menu was quite large and had a little bit of everything for a choosy group. We were served with an assortment of breads, butter and homemade jam as we studied the menu. My besty and I decided on egg-centric breakfast and whilst I opted for the Omlette Spagnola, she went with the house-suggestion Poached Florentino. My sister (sweet-tooth of the family) ordered the stacked pancakes namely Pancake Cream Tower. The omelet was fresh and quite tasty (though I would have liked it more spicy) . It was served with succulent chicken sausages and a cutlet which looked grilled rather than fried and made me feel less guilty about downing these calories.

The Poached Florentino was cooked to perfection and the presentation made it too beautiful to eat. It had a variation on the classic eggs benedict with pureed spinach and slow cooked hollandaise sauce melting in the mouth. Again served with 2 sausages ensured a happy tummy.The pancakes were fluffy and just the right amount of sweet (and I am quite fussy about my dessert). Even though it was layered in whipped cream, pineapple chunks (kill me…) and Nutella still the flavours came together to create a delightful gastronomic experience.

As I am a Chaaye addict, a good cuppa as opposed to an average one is the deal breaker for me. I enjoyed the Karak chaaye that I was served. It seemed it had cooked on low heat with the right amount of tea and milk for some while. It was not hazardously hot, yet not cold or lukewarm as mostly is the case when it reaches customers. It was perfect! I had 2 cups and then was sad that I had no more space. However, the Cardamom tea needed more taste of cardamom. I am hoping to try the Green Tea Chaaye next time but had no space this time. The manager greeted us and checked in to see if we were happy with everything two times which made me appreciate the training of the staff. The staff were all busy with customers and the energy in the restaurant was very positive. They even said goodbye and thank you as we left. We will definitely try this establishment again with the fam jam.

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TDP Eats at Dock 27



Dock 27 , located in DHA Phase 5, is the hottest new eatery in town! The restaurant is spread over four floors and offers you an authentic experience of flavors from around the world!

What we enjoyed was the vibe and the ambiance, with every floor accommodating different occasions. The restaurants interior is inspired by the owners adventures to different port cities around the world, and the essence of the menu is encapsulated by recreating the flavor from their memory of the global cuisines they had experienced.

We chose to dine in the basement which was nicely lit with dim lighting and modern interiors (and permits smoking for all those concerned). What we absolutely loved – The Artwork keeping in mind the theme.

We were hosted graciously by Madii Umair, the Creative Director, and spoilt rotten with entrees from all over the world, carefully crafted by their head Chef Afsheen Khan.

We started off with the Signature Pumpkin Chowder Soup (totally caught us by surprise) and the Piquant Beef Melange

We moved on to a bite sized entree that was definitely an unusual but mouthwatering delight! – The Smokey Chicago Beef. Smoked Beef slices wrapped around a slice of French bread ( baked in house) with black olives, cherry tomatoes and a topping of mustard cream on salsa. Inspired by Cafe Bon Appetit, on Hudson Bay, Montreal.

The Tampa Chicken – A grilled and baked piece of chicken with crispy skin dripping in BBQ and Tamarind sauce served with creamy mash potatoes topped with Beef Bacon and a side of deliciously stuffed mushrooms.

For dessert we chose the Blueberry Bread Pudding, because WHY NOT?!?!

Bread Pudding slices layered with Blue Berries and topped with hot caramel sauced and served with Vanilla Ice Cream.

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