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Tête à Tête with Shehla Khan



Skincare is now seen as self-care. What is your opinion about that?

In my opinion, taking care of your skin should be your utmost priority as it’s the largest organ of the body and needs your time and effort. Personally, I consider my skin my most important organ. I make sure it looks and feels healthy as it is a representation of how I am taking care of it.

In simpler words, what you see on the outside is what you are giving inside and self-care for me begins with skin for sure.

How has your relationship with your skin changed since the start of your professional career?

Since childhood, I have always had good skin and I believed that it had more to do with genes. However, as the years passed by, I started learning more about skin and realized that we start to age the day we are born. It was mind-boggling for me at first. However, slowly and steadily I started to understand how important it was to take care of one’s skin.

Not just by applying different products but strongly taking care of one’s wellness from the inside as well.

For me, the secret to good skin now is a healthy diet, ample water intake, physical activity, knowledge of your skin type,and correct skincare routines meant for your skin.

Do you see skincare as health?

Your skin is a representation of your good health. For me, both go hand-in-hand.

What motivates you to have a skin-care routine, personally? Is it because it’s a part of your job?

For sure, this profession has changed my perspective on life. However, with or without this profession, I am and will always be a skincare junkie.

My motivation for skincare is the confidence it radiates. It is a whole different and empowering feeling when you feel super confident in your own bare skin.

What do you suggest for busy people who don’t have a lot of time in their schedules but want to have good skin?

Investing in a good face wash and a sunblock that is meant for your skin and staying hydrated.

Do you believe anyone can have great skin, or do you think genetics plays a big part in determining skin quality?

I believe anyone can have great skin, it only needs commitment and consistency.

Some people are blessed to have genetically good skin but trust me if they don’t take care of it the right way, their skin will visibly age too.

It’s just as simple as when you buy a brand new car, you ensure its regular servicing. That’s what your skin needs too.

What is your skincare mantra?

Clean Skin leads to Healthy & Glowing Skin.

How has the pandemic affected the way you’ve thought about skincare and beauty?

Pandemic did not affect my thoughts about skincare and beauty. The importance of it in one’s life and well-being is undeniable.

Industry and business-wise, the pandemic has been one of the worst phases ever experienced by skincare professionals. The industry was shut for straight 8 months, clients shifted to homecare they barely knew of, post-pandemic client dropout was massive and what not.


How far do you think has the beauty industry has come in Pakistan? Are you happy with where we stand now?

The beauty industry of Pakistan has definitely come a long way. We now have high-end product ranges. Reputable international brands are investing here and we are definitely growing.

As to where we are standing on the ground, I believe we still have a long way to go. The beauty industry is not meant to be money-making only. It’s high time it should become the owner of the responsibility we have on our shoulders as beauty experts. One needs to understand the client needs not the business needs alone.

A few things that I am implementing in order to bring a change are through providing constant education to clients about their skin and the treatments I perform on them. I make sure I set their expectations according to the deliverables I can actually provide instead of over-promising. Another aspect that I make them understand of is how both I and the client will have to work hand-in-hand throughout the process of attaining healthy skin.

Teaching our clients and staff is really necessary which I believe 90% of the industry is not doing.

What does beauty mean to you?

The confidence and empowerment to flaunt your bare skin.

I never promise my clients of crystal clear, white skin. I make them believe in healthy and glowing skin.

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