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Still have to wait for a break: Hajra Khan



Recently released dubai-based Pakistan film Pinky Memsaab has got its critical acclaim because of its story and good work by actors. One of its characters was Kulsoom, which though remained onscreen for very short time but left a strong impact on audience. The talented actress who played Kulsoom is Hajra Khan, who has proved in her debut film that what the character adoption is. Hajra started her acting career in 2009 with Go TV paly Buri Aurat. Keen to carry on with her education, she took a break of two years to complete her studies in Business Management from Dublin Business School.  Born in Quetta to a Pashtun family, Hajra moved to Karachi at very early age. The family went back to Quetta, where she completed her secondary school before coming back to Karachi and since then the city is her base, from where she is giving full focus to her acting career.

How you were approached for the role of Kulsoom in Pinky Memesaab?

I was approached by Shazia Khan, the director and producer of the film. She had taken many auditions before but many perspective choices were very apprehensive as firstly, the character had very minimal screen time and secondly, they were concerned about how they would be portrayed as bar dancer when the film is directed by a first timer. Then Shazia called me in desperation and asked me to do the role of Kulsoom.

Why did you accept the role despite the reservations by their earlier options?

I also showed my reservation about the length of character but Shazia assured me that despite having a shorter screen time, it has a strong impact on the whole story. I also liked it, so even with my reservation, I accepted it. I even visited some bars in Bur Dubai and met with a few bar dancers there to get the feel of the character. I also insisted on adding a dance number as it was supporting the character and whole story of the film.

So, do you think that you did justice to your role?

I did, but at the premier, when I watched the film, my role was badly chopped off. It had lost its strength and soul at the editing table. I recorded the whole song, but in film it was less than a minute. I was really disappointed to see my role ruin like that.  

But it is also a truth that many of our new directors shoot almost double of the actual length and then edit it hastily. Don’t you think that was the case with this film too?

I agree. People find an only two-hour long film a drag because it had many unnecessary and irrelevant scenes but was short of many important ones. The camera work was not even satisfactory, as there were very long scenes in extreme close ups. Lighting was poor that it showed all the actors in bad shape. It was not fair with the actors. An art film doesn’t mean that you figure people badly.

So, you will be more careful in choosing your next project?

Of course! But despite all my reservations, I am grateful to people, who are praising my acting in Pinky Memsaab. I also loved the story and my character, I had a great experience of shooting in Dubai but what I have seen on screen has really shocked me.

Do you wish to do any particular role to play in a drama or film?

I think an action role is the most challenging role for a female actor. I wish to do one.  

Who is your inspiration?

I am a big fan of Sri Devi. She is my ideal. Her Chaalbaaz is my all-time favourite. I have watched this movie more than 100 times and still love it. Sri Devi gave two block buster films when she was over 50. The woman has made the history in changing the status of women in subcontinent cinema.

What else you want to pursue in this field besides acting?

I am also writing a story of a film and have been in touch with Sabiha Soomar to direct it. I will also act in it. It is a women centric film as I think we have to come out from the stereotype and regressive representation of women on screen. Even our female writers are compelled to write these types of roles for women. We have to change this perception and this change can only be initiated by writers. The film will be available on digital platforms like Netflix or Amazon.

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Zubab Rana- The fashionista with an unmatchable screen presence!



Enviable fashion sense is something not many actresses in our industry have been blessed with, but one actress who has impressed us with her fashion sense is Zubab Rana. A budding actress and a beautiful model, Zubab Rana manages to light up the frame every time she appears on our screens. From ramps to dramas, there isn’t anything the actress can’t do.

Born on 3 June 1998, the young actress started her career with Naseebo Jali in 2017 and received a nomination for the Best Soap Actress at Hum Awards right with her debut role. This doesn’t only speak of the actress’s mettle as a performer, but it also helped her make her mark on the small screen in a short period of time. She then appeared in Mere Khudaya and Bandish, and again received a nomination for the former as the Best Emerging Talent at the Lux Style Awards.

That isn’t all. We haven’t just seen the actress making her mark on the screens, but she has also stolen the show every time she has appeared on the ramp. She has established herself as a successful model and is renowned for her effervescent charm as an actress and a model, both. Having started her career as a ramp model, there is no denying her talent on the ramp, but what took everyone by surprise was her talent on the screens as well.

After her powerful performance in Rishtay Biktay Hain in 2019, we can currently watch the actress starring in Mehboob Apke Qadmon Mein, a drama that revolves around the power of black magic, Zubab Rana has been weaving magic with her performance in the play. She is featured as Sunaina, a sweet and innocent girl who is in love with someone and wants to stay happily with her love. Zubab Rana’s acting makes you feel for Sunaina and all the problems in her way. In every scene, she stands out with her phenomenal acting, making us root for her.

So far, Zubab Rana has done wonderfully in every drama she appears in. It looks like the actress is on the rise, and we can’t wait to see where she would be heading next!

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Ali Zafar foundation to distribute amongst Christian and Transgender communities



On a tweet posted by Ali Zafar, he showed the conditions on the ground as he went live on Instagram with his team who was seen distributing Rashan amongst a Christian community.

Many celebrities have raised their voice to raise awareness in the Corona battle, however, Shahid Afridi and Ali Zafar take the lead in going all out in their Rashan Distribution campaign.

Ali Zafar had also posted a video a few days ago of a transgender “Julie” highlighting the plight of their community. “We must make an inclusive society where everyone feels equally empowered and a part of the society, like a petal in a flower. Only then we can get rid of the thorns”. the Singer Actor quoted whose foundation has so far distributed Rashan amongst almost 3500 families so far.

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This Social Networking App is definitely the New Thing in Town



When boredom hits us hard, we all cuddle up to our social media accounts rooting around for something new and exciting. Right now, when the world has come to a standstill and people are ready to do anything to spice up their lives and when cooking, baking, watching, or reading looks so monotonous, we all are on the hunt for activities that put a little jazz to our dull days.

There are no real-life meetings, a cup of coffee, or a smoke break. All we have is our phone with the same contacts, plenty of work emails to respond, and some messages in the “other” section of our messenger. Some of us are so bored that we have gone through all those messages and some are on the verge of responding to those messages.

But, there is one thing that is keeping us occupied all of a sudden? As controversial as Tinder sounds, the long-lived thunder has been stolen by this new app called Bumble. You can either date or find BFF on the app depending on your preference. The dynamics of this app are slightly different from Tinder as it gives women the first right to make a move. Is this actually a conscious effort to change the patriarchy considering the fact women are entirely in control of choosing whoever they want to talk to and on the other hand, men do not have the option to initiate the conversation at all. This is probably one of the reasons for the app to flourish in a country like Pakistan where there is a pipping hot debate on feminism every now and then.

The main difference between Tinder and Bumble is the reliability of having a verified account. You cannot have an account on bumble without your picture and since the whole idea behind this app is about being kind, if there is slight misconduct from any party, the account gets suspended immediately for good and all. Unlike Tinder, Bumble gives you more details about the person in contact so, the swiping is not just about the looks here.

If we peek into the real world, there are very few opportunities to find friends or even a potential match once you are done with your school or college. Which means, a very little chance of getting your dupatta stuck in the button of his waistcoat. Such an app will put you closer to the network of a person who otherwise does not have the slightest chance of meeting you in real life. If not a match, you may end up finding some incredible friends that many people actually claimed to have found so. Hence, the dating pool is marginally better on this app.

The cons of having this app are “anything can happen”. Stay alert and know your moves. Don’t get caught into the traps of instant meetings or any kind of thugs disguised as a chum. Take time to know the person and learn about the similarities you have with them if any. These are the very basic tips that we need for any online encounter.
Although a lot of success stories have been witnessed through the app from outside Pakistan, the app is still less productive and less popular among the masses. It is either the pressure of being on a dating app or stigma attached to being associated with these apps. However, this pandemic does seem to change the whole narrative of online amity.

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