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Rising Stars to watch out for in 2020!



We love our Entertainment industry for producing gems that keep us hooked to our T.V and phone screens. With so many talents that keep coming out every year, these are the rising stars that you are absolutely going to love in 2020 for their aesthetic quality and phenomenal performance.

The year 2019 gave us a bunch of new stars. The audiences fell in love with many while some faded away. With this article, we look forward to the year 2020 and list down the big names who will definitely have a real impact in 2020 in their respective fields.

Kashmir the Band

They came, they saw, and they conquered.

These boys came together in 2012, and it took a while for the band to make their mark. But Kashmir hasn’t looked back ever since winning the Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 2. This alternative progressive rock band has played at concerts across Pakistan and has now become a household name. Their latest single Pari struck a chord with the audiences as well as critics. As conditions in the country become more conducive for art events and concerts, we are sure that the brand will play a leading role in the revival of the old school music scene in Pakistan.


Hamza Akram Qawwal

Blending old school Qawwali with contemporary music, Hamza Akram Qawwal and Brothers Taimur Akram and Abdul Akram have a very loyal following. Their popularity is not just limited to Pakistan. Their multiple US tours have been an enormous success. Governor of Maryland also bestowed upon them a citation certificate for their outstanding and spellbinding performances in the State.

The award-winning ensemble is playing a pivotal role in enhancing the soft image of Pakistan. Plus, by keeping this art form alive, they are inspiring a new generation to take it up. 2020 will surely bring more accolades and international appreciation.

Amar Khan

Amar Khan’s portrayal of a witch in Belapur ki Dayan made a lot of people sit up and take notice of this outstanding performer. In an industry where young actresses usually stick to the tried and tested formulae, she was willing to take a risk. It earned her a Lux style award nomination for best-emerging talent. Her other roles in Dil e Ghumshuda, Choti Choti Batain, Dil e Bereham and others have followed in the same vein as she brings something new to each character.

Soon we will see her on the big screen, opposite Imran Ashraf, with Dam Mastam. 2019 was a dire year for Pakistani cinema as most films failed at presenting a solid enough script. Amar Khan has penned the script of Dam Mastam. Given the work she has done so far, it will be fascinating to see how she, as an actress, depicts her creation.

Yashma Gill

Having been around the periphery of the stardom, for a while, Yashma Gill really stole the spotlight in 2019. With her performances in Alif, Piya Naam Ka Diya, and Do Tola Pyar, she showcased her prowess as an actor. A brief but impactful appearance in Wrong Number 2 also had people talking.

However, fans got to meet the real Yashma on social media and her Youtube channel. Her candid mannerisms and admission about her spiritual struggles have resonated, especially with the younger generation.

The next twelve months are full of possibilities for this spirited and supremely talented performer.

Abdullah Qureshi

Abdullah Qureshi’s Laapata was one of the songs of the year for us. Starting from the underground scene in Islamabad, Abdullah Qureshi has come a long way. At times people who make their name doing covers, struggle to make their own music. Abdullah has successfully transitioned from being a cover artist to create his own niche. Having headlined Levis Live Round and being the singer for Islamabad United’s famous anthem, Kitna Rola Dalay ga, things are looking upwards for this young starlet.

Like we said before, 2020 seems like the year when Pakistani musician can start to flourish again as the number of concerts and other such opportunities grow exponentially. This might be Abdullah Qureshi’s year.


Hamza Tariq Jamil

What do we know? We know that Hamza can act and sing.

What do we want to know? We want to know if there any other talents of Hamza we haven’t seen yet.

As 2020 beckons, we would like to see a lot more of the ‘Neon’ lead singer. In the web series “Meray dost Meray yaar,” we saw an earnest actor. This simple yet engaging story of young friends has earned him a lot of praise. If he continues in a similar vein, it may be a prominent film director might come knocking soon.


What do you think of our list? Did we miss out on someone? Let us know.

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Ramsha Khan Brilliantly Tackles Hamna’s Situation as ‘Ishqiya’ Comes to a Standtill



Ishqiya has finally come to a standstill after a long silence on the part of the main lead Hamna, played by Ramsha Khan. Let’s take a quick look back on the story so far.

Hamna’s (Ramsha Khan) marriage to Azeem (Gohar Rasheed) was her father’s choice, but she accepted this new relationship with all her heart. She had left her past behind and moved forward with Azeem, which provoked Hamza (Feroze Khan) to think that Hamna has betrayed him, so to take revenge for this betrayal, he got married to Hamna’s sister, Roomi (Hania Amir). Hamza had been taking advantage of his relationship with Roomi to emotionally blackmail Hamna into meeting him at hotels and calling her at random hours at night, making sure to disrupt her peace at all costs.

Hamna’s has not been an easy character to deal with, though Ramsha Khan’s powerful dialogue delivery and the way she uses her facial expressions to convey her state of mind clearly showed her powerful acting skills. As Hamna finally broke her silence and confessed to her husband Azeem regarding her relationship with Hamza, everyone is on their toes to see what will happen next.

Ramsha’s facial expressions are simply spot on. Whether it’s the scene when she is confessing the truth in front of her husband regarding her past or hears about her father’s death, we can clearly feel the pain she is going through.

She has been the center of everyone’s comments lately and is receiving a lot of appreciation for her role as Hamna. There is a fan base that loves Ramsha Khan’s chemistry with Feroze Khan, and then there is another fan base that is shipping the romantic scenes between Ramsha Khan and Gohar Rasheed. To have such an impact with one single character is not easy, but Ramsha Khan is winning here with her splendid performance.

The drama shows Hamna with a different vibe when she is with Hamza and a different vibe when she is with Azeem. Hamna’s relationship with Feroze khan was fun and innocent while her relationship with Azeem is more serious, trustworthy, and mature. Ramsha Khan deserves a huge appreciation for producing such a remarkable difference in a character through her performance caliber.

In the last few episodes, Hamna has emerged as a very strong person who knows what she wants from life and how she plans to attain it. This comeback in her character was long due and was executed with perfection. Ishqiya fans have since then gone crazy for Hamna as her character has become more influential now.

The emotional mix up between Hamza, Hamna, Roomi, and Azeem is on an explosive stage. One mistake can destroy four lives, and Hamna is trying her best to save them all. Let’s see what will happen next.

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Lock-down is temporary but Father’s day is permanent



He is the person who started working hard even before your birth to give you a safe space full of warmth and comfort. It is rightfully said that no person in this world would be happy to see you more successful than him except for your father.
A father is the first superhero in a child’s life, the one he\she would always look up to, for love guidance, goals and unlimited demands.

Since most of the major events are being celebrated in a situation of complete lockdown in the country, we have got some sweet and doable ideas to surprise your dads on this Father’s Day.

Throw A Lunch Party

Isn’t it true that most of the dads are foodies and they can never say no to a dish made by their kids? On this special day, make his favorite dishes. Pamper him the whole day and do not forget to prepare something sweet for the evening tea.

Origami Nuts In Collaboration With OvenCraft

Yummy in his tummy!!! Origami Nuts has designed this cute basket of sweet banana crumble bread in collaboration with Oven craft. The appearance is cute and is definitely a perfect pick to show love and dedication on this special day to your fathers.

Kitchen Kahani’s Breakfast

Almost every dad is a nihari lover and especially in this lockdown when we cannot go and dine out, Kitchen Kahani is offering  “Nashta with Abbu”. We are already melting at the name. You can order home-cooked beef Nihari to surprise your Abbus with a scrumptious desi nashta.

Customized Basket By Happy String

If your abba loves to eat junk, this can be an economical and a fancy present for him. Get his favorite chocolates and other edibles packed in a beautifully wrapped basket and brighten up your father’s mood with something sweet and salty.
Father’s Day DIY Cookie Kit

For young fathers, to have an interactive activity with small kids, Delish is offering customized DIY Cookie kits where you can make your own cookies with your kids while sitting at your home. Isn’t it a great yet adorably creative idea?

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“Beyond Wonder Women”- A Facebook Initiative to Promote Body Positivity



Beyond Wonder Women is the brainchild of Minahil Kashif, a Law graduate from the University of London. She struggled with all the things that a normal Pakistani girl has to go through when it comes to the concept of a “perfect body”. Minahil used body-shaming as fuel and a reason to start Pakistan’s first fitness and motivational group that promotes the idea of women of all ages, race and ethnicity to come together and live a positive and healthy life.
The initiative “Beyond Wonder Women” aims to help our nation unlearn the concept of “perfect body” by promoting self-love, along with encouraging to be healthy and discouraging them to come down to society’s unnecessary expectations.
Beyond Wonder Women strives to provide women a safe space. Their Instagram promotes fitness and health while they work on the community’s mental health and well-being through their Facebook group in order to maintain privacy.
Amongst other wonder women is  Maryam Feroz (@25vectors) who has produced content that has helped them achieve many milestones in a short span of time which include crossing 1000+ members on their Facebook group and getting shoutouts from international trainers such as @chontelduncan and @stephaniesanzo.

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