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Review: Wrong No. 2 Yasir misses the target again



Rating: 3/5

Director Yasir Nawaz third film Wrong No. 2 follow a set formula for comedy that we have witnessed in Mehrunisa V Lub U and first installment of Wrong Number.

It has lots of adult jokes and deceiving situations, which certainly takes away the title of family entertainer. However, better production quality makes it quite bearable for many entertainment starved cinemagoers who are craving for a good entertainer this Eid.

Thanks to voluntary absence of Bollywood, such films can attract cinema visitors, as Hollywood is certainly not a choice for many for many.

Gul Nawaz (Javed Sheikh) a millionaire wants to enter into politics to become a minister, he has a daughter Zoya (Neelam Muneer) who is madly in love with a middleclass boy Omar (Sami Khan) and wants to run away with him as her father hates anyone who is not rich. Gul Nawaz Secretary Ali Wazir (Mehmood Aslam) is father of Omar; however, he is unaware of his son’s involvement with Zoya.

On the other hand there is a common guy called Mehboob (Yasir Nawaz) who is a very honest government servant, struggles to get his daughter a proper medical treatment who is suffering from some heart disease. Mehboob’s wife Masooma (Sana Fakhar) works at a fitness centre.

Towards the end somehow they all end up in one house which does brings it closure to House Full formula.

The good thing about Wrong No. 2 that it has a though flawed but a storyline and every character had something wrong with it. The bad thing is that it leaves everything half cooked, and even towards the end, it leaves several confusions.

Talking about performances, Javed Sheikh and Mehmood Aslam chemistry works well and most of the situations, whereas rest of the story was about Yasir Nawaz’s character himself. Neelam Muneer and Sami Khan hardly gets their time on screen and except one song, there was no real romance going on. 

Neelam Muneer provides much needed glamour to the screen, she almost steals every frame she appeared in. Although you may not be able to see much of her dancing. Sami Khan was barely there. 

Sana Fakhar also has some time to romance with Yasir and they even have a song together. The main character of this film is none other than the director himself and to be honest this is the biggest issue with this film. When Yasir Nawaz was in front of camera as Mehboob, perhaps there was no one to direct him, which certainly makes his scenes weak.

The climax is perhaps the weakest point of this film, as the story unfolds the Sami Khan character appears to be toothless all along until it has a fighting scene. The entry of Chaudhary Saheb (Shafqat Cheema) with his son Happy (Ahmed Hassan) will take you to 90s era. Ahmed Happy was in a constant overacting mode, in every scene with dialogues like either marry me with Zoya or pour 200 litres of cold water on me because there is no other way. Shafqat Cheema too could not add any value to it.

The character development is also questionable e.g. a rebellious girl is unable to speak when her father is out of confusion marrying her off to a different person., why was Mehboob  sitting silently at that time? Ali Wazir cares more about his job with Gul Nawaz then his only son, Gul Nawaz hates poor people, but then he suddenly has change of heart towards a mere house cleaner.

Wrong No. 2 is not a proper slapstick comedy as it heavily relies upon one-liners and mostly adult jokes or situation. The red light area sequence was totally misplaced. Especially, when you have promoted your film as a family comedy. The garbage scene was also not needed so was the scene in which women from Masooma’s neighbourhood suggests her to look for other options.

The music is not attractive enough to remember, surprisingly the most interesting song Mera Handsome Piyaduring end credits was not even picturised.

Wrong No. 2 can be termed watchable if you have nothing else to do because it can be a good idea to spend over 2 hours in chilled cinema halls to escape this scorching heat.

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Watch Taser here:

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