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Pakistanis planning helicopter travel following Fawad’s ‘Rs50 claim’



Prime Minister Imran Khan’s helicopter’s trips to and from his residence in Bani Gala to PM House is all Pakistanis on Twitter can talk about. In fact, the hashtag ‘helicopter’ is the top trend on Twitter on Wednesday.

The matter came to light a day when Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry defended the PM’s use of chopper claiming that it only cost “Rs55 per kilometer.”

Hearing the minister’s quote, Pakistanis decided that its time to ditch their cars, Ubers, Careems, Rickshaws and other modes of travel and opt to commute via helicopters. That, of course, translated into some of the funniest tweets.

Coming soon in #NayaPakistan #helicopter service. ✌ — Ayaz Usafzai (@AyazUsafzai) August 29, 2018

Am anxiously await for @CareemPAK to step up their transpiration game and give us all premium Helicopter service. I support IK’s vision but what is this? ?#helicopter#Tabdeeli — Shehzadi (@heybeautybae) August 29, 2018

Today I was going to buy a Vespa but now as our information minister told us that it costs 55RS per 13 KM for a helicopter so I’m gonna buy it Amma committee daal lo#Helicopter — Syed Zaadah (@S_Shujaat_Ali) August 29, 2018

#helicopter So now helicopter is cheaper then careem and uber then govt should start helicopter service for all peoples so they can save more money — Sadia Shaukat (@SadiaShaukat10) August 28, 2018

Kon sa wala loon ?#olx #SastaSafar#helicopter #helicopters — Qaiser Afridi (@qaiser_afridi10) August 29, 2018

#helicopter KPK. #Tabdeeli aa nahi rhi. Tabdeeli agyi hai. #tabdeelikasafar — Shaheen Afridi (@XaineAfRidi) August 29, 2018

It looks like my car is taking more fuel then Helicopter… kal se main Helicopter main office jaounga… #Helicopter #helicopter #Pakistan #PTI #gareeb #awam — Faisal Mehmood (@faisymhd) August 29, 2018

ایک سو دس کا ڈال دیں, بس بنی گالا تک جانا ہے۔ ,???#Helicopter — Ⓐⓢⓘⓜ (@asimanwarmughal) August 29, 2018

#helicopter in #Karachi ??? #haha⁩ ⁦#lol⁩ ⁦#FunnyPost⁩ ⁦#FunPost⁩ ⁦ ⁦#Funny⁩ ⁦#FunnyMeme⁩ ⁦#funnymemes #memes#Facebook #instagram #whatsapp #snapchat #socialmedia #islamabad #Muslim #Muslims #Twitter #Lahore #Quetta #balochistan #KPK #Dubai #USA #UAE #Pakistan — zȜE (@MarshMellOoooww) August 29, 2018

All rickshaws in Punjab will be replaced with this #helicopter to lessen the road traffic and accidents. #CMPunjab — Ahmad Gulfam (@ahmadgulfam5) August 29, 2018

Wating for @CareemPAK to start #helicopter service. Hum b unchi uran bharna chty hain. — Mariam Bari (@bari_mariam) August 28, 2018

Fawad Chaudhry: #helicopter costs 55 rupees per km. Me: why in the world am i using Uber. — Atif Ali (@i_am_Than0s) August 28, 2018

Former Federal Minister of Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs and PML-N Leader Miftah Ismail also made a joke on the matter asking his followers whether he should opt for a Suzuki or a helicopter as his next mode of transport.

I am thinking of disposing family’s old Corolla and getting a cheaper, more reliable form of transport. Can’t decide if I should get a Suzuki or a Helicopter. #nayamaths — Miftah Ismail (@MiftahIsmail) August 28, 2018

Some PTI supporters were quick to defend their leader.

#helicopter Helicopter issue is our آٹا گندی ہلدی کیوں ہے؟ psyche. A PM needs to commute safely & rapidly, if he commutes on roads he is accused of inconveniencing people if he flies, it is expensive? ? What do u want? Get a life people. — Asher Azeem Gill (@ashirazeemgill) August 29, 2018

Those unduly criticising PM @ImranKhanPTI for the use of Helicopter from PMhouse2Banygala must know that 1.Using Heli for 3min Fly is more CHEAPERfuel consumption wise considering at leat 5to7 vehicles of necessary Security to be used instead 2. More SAFE 3. No Traffic BLOCKAGE — Ali Muhammad Khan (@Ali_MuhammadPTI) August 26, 2018

#helicopter I don’t understand why people are making such a big issue of #primeministerofpakistan #ImranKhanPrimeMinister to use the helicopter . We as a nation are highly complexed ourselves…Kabhi na khoosh huney wali quom. Leave him alone so the good work continues. ?✌? — shahana Khan (@shahana03862615) August 28, 2018

PM Imran Khan is ABSOLUTELY and 100% right to use a helicopter for his weekend commute from and to Bani Gala. It is way cheaper, safer and more efficient than being driven with PM’s security protocol. This is a complete non issue. Keep going PM Imran Khan .#Helicopter — Mian Waleed (@waleedMianPTI) August 29, 2018

Its not about 55 or 80Rs/Km. If cost of traveling in a #helicopter is less than the cost of a full fledged security protocol than whats wrong?? Why so buzz?? At least he is not using it for personal affairs. — Suleman Ahmad (@SulemanAhmad12) August 29, 2018

Addressing a press conference after the federal cabinet meeting, Fawad, in response to journalists’ queries, had said that he had Googled the cost of the use of the helicopter, suggesting the media representatives to check it themselves too.

“He [Imran Khan] is the prime minister. Would he travel via a taxi?” the minister had asked, adding that the premier travelling by air did not affect the public.

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Mehwish Hayat Louds Using Truck Art for the Rights of the Girl Child



Tuck Owners, drivers and artists pose with their brightly colored trucks on the International Day of the Girl Child

The Ministry of Human Rights initiative “Truck Art for Awareness and Advocacy for the Rights of the Girl Child in Pakistan” mesmerizes stakeholders.

  • The biggest achievement of this intervention is that Truck owners, Truck drivers and Truck artists own this initiative” says Samar Minallah (Anthropologist/ Pioneer of the Truck Art for Awareness intervention in Pakistan
  • Ministry of Human Rights, Government of Pakistan stands tall for upholding all constitutionally enshrined rights of the girl child” Dr Shireen Mazari, Federal Minister for Human Rights

This year marked over 25 years of the International Day of the Girl Child. The Ministry of Human Rights, government of Pakistan, through the Huqooq-e-Pakistan Programme, in collaboration with the European Union held a launch event on 11th October 2019 at Lok Virsa in the country’s capital, Islamabad.

20 Newly painted trucks transverse across Pakistan to ensure the right message reaches the right audiences. Trucks, moving billboards, here are becoming vehicles for spreading awareness regarding educating girls, and truck art is making its way to bridge communication gaps between key stakeholders involved in ensuring rights are given to the girl child

“Let’s pledge to give girls a better brighter future” said Mehwish Hayat, the appointed Goodwill Ambassador to the Rights of the Girl Child by the Ministry of Human Rights,  in her talk engaging with the participants of the launch event.

Goodwill Ambassador for the Rights of the Girl Ms. Mehwish Hayat addressing during a function to mark International Day of Girl Child (Advocacy and Awareness through Truck Art) at Lok Virsa

 “The brightly painted trucks through Pakistan’s indigenous truck art support us in creating awareness as well as amplifying a message to begin advocacy from within the grassroots of Pakistan from the remotest of areas” says Minallah.

She further added that Hayat Khan, a truck workshop owner, extended great cooperation in this regard and played a pivotal role in convincing other truck drivers to change the paintings on their rides.

The Launch evnt was attended by over 400 participants. A gathering with all relevant players present to commemorate the Day of the Girl Child. The event marks not only the beginning of a new era of the amplification of the rights of the girl child but also is a testiment to the fact that the Pakistani society is proud of its traditional art forms and the role community members like truck owner, drivers and artists are taken up for the cause.

Truck Artist Tahir Hayat adds finishing touches as he paints “Let me study, I will brighten the future”

Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari, European Union Ambassador to Pakistan Mrs. Androulla Kaminara and Goodwill Ambassador for the Rights of the Girl Ms. Mehwish Hayat jointly distributing certificates among the artists during a function to mark International Day of Girl Child (Advocacy and Awareness through Truck Art) at Lok Virsa.

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5 Peaceful Travel Destinations in Pakistan



There are two types of people, ones who like to trek thousands of miles up to the mountains and others who like to stay in a cozy place, camp on the bank of a beautiful lake or those who would just like to be surrounded by beautiful nature in a hut or a dome. At one point, we do not want to explore but just want to enjoy the beauty around us. Even the trekkers need relaxation sometimes.

So, here we suggest 5 places where you can go and have a peaceful getaway without any trek, struggle or a travel hassle involved.

Sharan Forest

Untouched dense forest reserve in KPK, this place is located in Kaghan. All you have to do is to take a jeep from Paras and you will be in the forest within 1.5 hours. Now, the stop depends on the nature of your comfort and your requirement. If you are a person of extreme comfort, Chinar Family Resort should be your go-to place. Surrounded by a breathtaking view of mountains and forest; this place is a sheer beauty if described in one word. Beautifully maintained, having proper facilities of rooms and every food item available on order, this family resort provides you with the best in the middle of a forest.

If you are an adventurous person with an idea of cooking your own food but having a comfortable sleeping pod; you can always book these camping pods set up by the government of KPK that will provide you a serene view, a cozy room and the choice to cook your own food.

If your soul needs an adventure in open air with your camps on, go for camping outside this youth hostel that was built by the British and is now a perfect camping spot for a thrilling experience.

Naltar Valley

Again, known for its dramatic mountain scenery, another unruffled world, away from the hubbub, Naltar Valley is a pure magic. Setting up a camp near one of the lakes, far away from human existence, in the middle of mountains is an experience which is pure bliss. There is also an option available of staying at skiing resorts with comfort in your room but the exuberance of spending a night in a camp and getting up to the majestic view of the lake right in front of you cannot be compared with anything else.

Borith Lake 

A hamlet in the surroundings of Borith Lake to the northwest of Husseini, a village near Gulmit, Gojal, Borith is located in the upper Hunza. The lake can be reached through jeeps and is surrounded by calm and quiet mountains with little or no human interaction. The best and only comfortable place to live in Borith is The Borith lake hotel and resort. The option of camping is always available to wake up to the astonishing view of the lake.

ICE Dome- Nathia Gali

The world’s first LED embedded in the structure, ICE Dome in Nathia Gali is one of its kind. With a warm and homely ambiance, this place is a whole new experience to live and enjoy nature. With Nathia Gali being the oldest spot for a vacation in the north, this concept of the dome is unique with a blend of camping and a comfortable room giving you services with the proper easement. Surrounded with green view isolated and peaceful, book this dome and enjoy your vacation away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Rumbur is one of the three Kalash valleys in Chitral. With a polytheist belief, you will find these people to be extremely loving, hospitable and liberal. There are not many rental places except for a few wooden rooms that are surrounded by amazing views and a touch of old school charm. You can either hire people to cook food for yourself or you can do it on your own. Having a totally different tradition, culture and religion, these people are a great company and the place offers a completely different aura in terms of experience. This valley, being isolated and uncommercialised, will let you experience the essence of life in a small valley.

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Quashing the Travel Myths with the Globetrotter; Mishaal Hashmi



We all are in awe as to why suddenly and rapidly traveling has become one of the most discussed topics among every generation. Is it because there are more awareness and access to information available on groups regulated by frequent travelers or has it simply become a trend to follow? To debunk a few myths and to know more about traveling and its ever-growing business, we got in touch with Mishaal Hashmi; the founder and admin of the very popular group “The Travel Diary, a social media community leader and an entrepreneur. 

1) “Traveling has only become a fashion statement”

I feel more than a fashion statement, travel has become a statement period. People are now identifying what makes them happy and traveling is something that makes us all happy. People have become smarter and therefore are better equipped to indulge in this love for exploration. Traveling is essential to discovering yourself. If identifying your needs and happiness is a trend, then let’s happily acknowledge it is.

2.People are more into taking pictures to show around rather than enjoying the moment and a certain destination.”

The ease of connecting to social media does make it appear so. However, if you look at it positively, it’s real-time experience sharing with your people. It becomes a window for others to share in your experiences. The hardcore traveler will document but live in the moment. Those who document and not enjoy the experiences, lose out on the essence of travel.

3. “There are no checks and balances on travel companies. It’s more like a business and less about providing facilities to people.”

There is a need for proper government rules and regulations to keep travel and tour operators in check. It is quite necessary for the promotion of tourism in our country. Registered businesses with decades of reputation are a good option. The novice traveler in an attempt to save money falls prey to dubious tour operators. Till we don’t research and pay fair rates to legitimately registered businesses, travelers will continue to be exploited.

4. Your favorite travel Spot till now?

South East Asia will always have a special spot in my heart. I go back repeatedly and every time fall in love all over again.

5. How does The travel Diary play a part to boost tourism in Pakistan?

The Travel Diary has given people a platform to share their love for traveling. When you gather a diverse group of people who are eager to share their experiences, you realize that travel is not an unattainable dream. From budget management to airline deals, exploration of new destinations and the members rallying up for each other in various countries of the world; The Travel Diary has given many people the courage as well as the guidance they needed to take a leap.

6. How do you think The Travel Diary is a reliable source for travel-related queries. How do you moderate the suggestions? 

The group is getting larger even as we speak. We employ moderators in different countries. As well as seasoned travelers who can corroborate what is being said. It is a large forum and managing it is a monumental task. We are trying our best and more often than not are successful.

7. What is the worst thing or a common mistake Pakistanis do while traveling in a different country? 

Trying to find shortcuts for everything. There are legitimate ways and then Pakistanis trying to be penny-wise end up being pound foolish.

8. How can we encourage women-oriented travel companies in Pakistan?

There is an encouraging trend as of late. Women are looking to travel with other women on holidays and exploratory trips. It takes time but getting such groups together empowers a lot of solo female travelers. Again, we are moving to new norms and traveling for women is fastly becoming easier.

9. What is your take on women traveling solo outside Pakistan

I would say I love it. Not only do I encourage it, but I also propagate it. It’s on my bucket list. My girlfriends and I are soon heading out for our dream holiday. Just at the end of this month, The Travel Diary is taking its first international trip and I am so happy that half of our travelers are women looking for a travel adventure.

10. Running this group is just a hobby”

It was never a hobby. The page was a work of love. The group started with my search for people who were as passionate about traveling as I was. I never dreamt that it would become a platform of such epic proportions and become so vital for Pakistan’s travel culture. It is still my heart and soul. The group is not a hobby but a labor of painstaking love.

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