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Pakistan Today Paperazzi Issue 281 Jan 20th, 2019 Cover-Mehdi


Weekly roundup



Here’s all the latest scoop you need on what’s been happening around town and across the globe. (June 8th – June 16th)

1 – It’s more than just a game – Fans around the world are tensely hoping the weather stays clear during the most anticipated World Cup 2019 clash between Pakistan and India 

2 – The newlyweds, Iman Ali and hubby Babar Bhatti are on their honeymoon in Istanbul 

3 – Photos of KP Minister of Information Shaukat Ali Yousafzai and his fellow officials sporting cat ears and whiskers went viral on Friday night after the social media team running the live broadcast on the official PTI KP Facebook page forgot to disable the cat filter

4 – Instagram accounts turn blue as people all around the world Standing in solidarity with the people of Sudan who are being forced to endure countless horrific atrocities

5 – North west turns 6!

6 – On Saturday, Notre Dame Cathedral held its first mass since the devastating fire that tore through the building two months ago on April 15.

7 – It has been seven years since the Ghazal King Mehdi Hassan passed away but his absence failed to fade away and his ghazals rule over many hearts even today

8 – Mawra Hocane met Rishi Kapoor in New York 

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Iqra Aziz talks about Suno Chanda 2



We sat down with the star of Suno Chanda to learn about her experience working on a project that has stolen the hearts of many viewers across the globe.

Given your character has been a huge hit in Suno Chanda previously, what are you expecting from it this year?

It is still the talk of the town and I am humbled with the love and appreciation that we received from the audience. We are all being loved the same way and I am really happy with the response.

What are the things common between Ajiya and Iqra Aziz in real life?

There are so many things that are common in Ajiya and me in Real Life. We both are sensitive and bubbly at the same time. We love to laugh and make other laugh.

Coming to your character, why did you sign up to play Ajiya? Why appealed to you the most?

I signed for this role because I really wanted a breather. This character was like a fresh air to me because I have been doing really difficult roles in my previous dramas like Tabeer. I started feeling stressed out with all the emotions and the feelings because I was so much indulge in the role. So this light mood play was really something which I wanted at that time. The teeny girl who laughs all the time wants to study, go to college, all these things were very appealing to me. So I did this project and I am glad with the response.

What was the most challenging part of this season’s Suno Chanda?

Getting into the “Ajiya” character after 1 year was the most challenging part of season 2. But it was as exciting as well.

Your character is determined and driven and is quite inspiring for many girls. How important do you think it is for girls to go after their dreams and not give up? 

It is very important and I am not speaking against marriage or a relationship but a girl should see her talent and go for it. You have to follow your heart and dream and just be who you are and what you want to be. You can be in a marriage and study. Never leave your dreams behind. This is what makes us feel happy and good. 

The first thing in our life is to make yourselves happy. So you should always give your dreams priority.

What was the fondest memory on set?

There were small small things like Farhan Saeed always telling others in the scene to read their lines but he was supposed to do the lines in the scene so there were small funny things, which used to always made us laugh.

Who is your favourite costar to work with?

I loved working with everyone.

Could you tell us about your future projects?

I have not anything on my mind right now. If there is anything I would definitely let my lovely audience know.

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The star of Suno Chanda – Farhan Saeed



We got the chance to sit one on one with esteemed actor and musician, Farhan Saeed, to get to know more about his journey through the silver screens to fame!

Given your character has been a huge hit in Suno Chanda previously , what are you expecting from it this year?
Honestly there aren’t any expectations like there weren’t any last season. We tried to give our best and that’s what we are aiming to do this year as well. I’m loving the response we’ve been getting. All I can do for that is thank God and thank the fans. As an actor when you’re on set it would be limiting yourself if you keep expectations. Just play each delivery on its merit, that’s what I’ve learned all my life. That’s what I’m applying here too. I’m very thankful for the appreciation Arsal has received. 

What are the things common between Arsal and Farhan Saeed? 

I think it’s only the sense of humor that we have in common. The challenge is that there are some values important to Arsal but not to Farhan Saeed at all, but when you go on set you leave your own personality at home and follow the script to the best of your ability.

How is Arsal different in season 2 as compared to last year?
Arsal is no different. The situation is different. The two young people who were not sure if they could be together are married now and they’re still learning to live with that. It’s the story of two people who are egoistic and headstrong. One is career oriented, one if family oriented. They’re hardliners in their own regards and that has made the overall dynamic different this season. Only time will tell if they are able to wrap their heads around the new challenges. 

What was the most challenging part of this season’s Suno Chanda? 
Going back into a character isn’t easy. Very early in my acting career I’ve had the chance to revisit a character in a second season, that’s not very common around here. The first few days you take to re-familiarize yourself with his vibe and thankfully I grew back into it after the first few days.

Since season 1 there must have been great expectations to live up to, how did you cope with the pressure?

There was a lot of pressure because last year we didn’t see this coming at all. Season 2 was not really a plan. But the sensational success made us do it and that brought some pressure with it. But the only way to cope is to remain focused at the script in front of you and make sure you give it your full, consistently.

Your character has become a fan favorite. What is the best and worst thing about Arsal?
What I like about him is that despite seeming manipulative and rude, he doesn’t have it in him to break anyone’s heart and deliberately bring pain to someone. He’s a family guy, his values on family bonds is my favorite thing about him. 

Who is your favourite costar to work with?
Iqra, DJ, Nadia Afghan. Action reaction game is very strong with these actors due to great chemistry and that makes it so much fun to work with them.

Could you tell us about your future projects?
Tich Button my first feature film is coming and a couple of drama serials and singles are on their way too. I love my fans and their appreciation too much, so I am going to keep taking everything forward together. 

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