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Our Hero Celebrated Globally



Today is the birthday of our most celebrated film star, Waheed Murad and Google Pakistan also recognizes and remembers this unique actor, the chocolate hero and the heartthrob of his time by designing a doodle on his image.

If he was alive, he would be old as 81 years but nature takes back its precious gems too quickly so they remain shining through up from heavens.

His son Adil Murad expressed his gratitude to Google on remembering and celebrating his legendary father on his birthday. He further said Waheed Murad was not only the pride of Pakistan but of the whole Subcontinent that after 35 years of his death, he still lives in the hearts of people.

Waheed Murad, aka Weedu by his friends and colleagues was born in Karachi on 2nd October 1938. After graduating from SM Arts College Karachi, Waheed did masters in English Literature from University of Karachi. Very few actors of his time were as educated at he was.

The only son of the owner of company ‘Film Art’, Nisar Murad, Waheed started his career as a film producer in 1961 and made Insaan Badalta Hai. He came into acting by chance as a result of the constant disappearance of ace actor of that time, Darpan from his sets. Then Zeba, another lead of his film, suggested him to work as an actor. In beginning, he was reluctant to cast himself in his own production but the insistence of his childhood friend and later the director of his most successful films, Pervez Malik, he agreed to act but on the condition that Zeba would be his costar. Next year, he came with Zeba in film Aulad in a supporting role. His debut as lead was Heera Aur Pathaar, a Golden Jubilee, for which Waheed achieved his first Nigar Award.

Then came his 1966 flick Armaan (also with Zeba), which broke all record of its time and remained on screens for more than 75 weeks (the platinum jubilee, equal to blockbuster of today’s cinema). After that, there was no turning back and the name Waheed Murad became synonymous with success for any film.

Waheed Murad acted in a total of 124 films. His other notable films were Kaneez (1965), Dewar Bhabhi (1967), Ehsaan (1967), Dil Mer Dharkan Teri (1968), Salgirah (1969), Andleeb (1969), Anjuman (1970), Neend Hamari Khuwab Tumharey (1971), Mastan amhi (1971), Khalish (1972), Baharon Phool Barsao (1972), Daulat Aur Duniya (1972), Ishq Mera Naam (1974). Two of his films, Hero (1985) and Zalzala (1987) were released after his death.

He was the writer of his most successful films Armaan and Ehsaan. He had the special art of performances on songs. His ‘Koko Korina’ from film Armaan is considered the most popular filmy song of Pakistan even today. An interesting fact about Salgirah is that the teenage role of Waheed Murad in the film was played by former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari.  

The combination of Waheed Murad as producer and lead actor, Pervaiz Malik as director, Masroor Anwar as song writer, Sohail Rana as composer, Ahmed Rushdi as singer and Zeba as female lead created a number of successful films.

Adil Murad said that there was a special blessing of God on his father that he still has no match in the region, when it comes to style and acting skills. 

In later stage of his career, Waheed Murad, who had influenced the Sub Continent film industry with his unique versatility, faced ignorance from leading producers, whom he had supported through all their careers. Unique in his nature as his talent, the star never asked for a role from any of them and spent and last days of his life with still some hope in isolation. The digits 3 and 8 were important in the life of this legend. He was born in the year 1938, died in the year 1983 at the age of 45 in Karachi. He is buried in Gulberg Graveyard, Lahore.

Waheed Murad achieved numerous awards for his work including four Nigar Awards. In November 2010, 27 years after his death, the then Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari awarded him the Sitara-e-Imtiaz, the third highest honour and civilian award by the State of Pakistan, given in the fields of literature, arts, sports, medicine, or science.

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Lock-down is temporary but Father’s day is permanent



He is the person who started working hard even before your birth to give you a safe space full of warmth and comfort. It is rightfully said that no person in this world would be happy to see you more successful than him except for your father.
A father is the first superhero in a child’s life, the one he\she would always look up to, for love guidance, goals and unlimited demands.

Since most of the major events are being celebrated in a situation of complete lockdown in the country, we have got some sweet and doable ideas to surprise your dads on this Father’s Day.

Throw A Lunch Party

Isn’t it true that most of the dads are foodies and they can never say no to a dish made by their kids? On this special day, make his favorite dishes. Pamper him the whole day and do not forget to prepare something sweet for the evening tea.

Origami Nuts In Collaboration With OvenCraft

Yummy in his tummy!!! Origami Nuts has designed this cute basket of sweet banana crumble bread in collaboration with Oven craft. The appearance is cute and is definitely a perfect pick to show love and dedication on this special day to your fathers.

Kitchen Kahani’s Breakfast

Almost every dad is a nihari lover and especially in this lockdown when we cannot go and dine out, Kitchen Kahani is offering  “Nashta with Abbu”. We are already melting at the name. You can order home-cooked beef Nihari to surprise your Abbus with a scrumptious desi nashta.

Customized Basket By Happy String

If your abba loves to eat junk, this can be an economical and a fancy present for him. Get his favorite chocolates and other edibles packed in a beautifully wrapped basket and brighten up your father’s mood with something sweet and salty.
Father’s Day DIY Cookie Kit

For young fathers, to have an interactive activity with small kids, Delish is offering customized DIY Cookie kits where you can make your own cookies with your kids while sitting at your home. Isn’t it a great yet adorably creative idea?

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“Beyond Wonder Women”- A Facebook Initiative to Promote Body Positivity



Beyond Wonder Women is the brainchild of Minahil Kashif, a Law graduate from the University of London. She struggled with all the things that a normal Pakistani girl has to go through when it comes to the concept of a “perfect body”. Minahil used body-shaming as fuel and a reason to start Pakistan’s first fitness and motivational group that promotes the idea of women of all ages, race and ethnicity to come together and live a positive and healthy life.
The initiative “Beyond Wonder Women” aims to help our nation unlearn the concept of “perfect body” by promoting self-love, along with encouraging to be healthy and discouraging them to come down to society’s unnecessary expectations.
Beyond Wonder Women strives to provide women a safe space. Their Instagram promotes fitness and health while they work on the community’s mental health and well-being through their Facebook group in order to maintain privacy.
Amongst other wonder women is  Maryam Feroz (@25vectors) who has produced content that has helped them achieve many milestones in a short span of time which include crossing 1000+ members on their Facebook group and getting shoutouts from international trainers such as @chontelduncan and @stephaniesanzo.

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A Model-Turned-Actress Still at the Peak of her Performance; Sadia Khan!



Sadia Khan is a name that needs no introduction. The star has made sure she leaves an impression on the audiences with her charming on-screen persona and acting mettle both in the world of modeling and acting. Famed for one of the top performances of her career in Khuda Aur Mohabbat, this starlet has a lot of achievements under her name, and that isn’t all that makes her special.

Starting her career with modeling, this actor-turned-model was destined to be more than just a model. Launched in 2011 in various dramas and ramps, Sadia Khan’s personality and talent have been rather irrepressible. She’s covered countless magazines, starred in numerous dramas, modeled for Pakistan’s biggest brands; in short, there isn’t any territory the actress hasn’t explored. Not to mention, she has made one of the more successful model-to-television and movie star transitions in the Pakistani entertainment industry, like her magnetic performance in Khuda Aur Muhabbat (2011), Naina Syed in Laa (2014), Umm-e-Hani in Shayad, (2017) and Maryam in Maryam Periera (2018). Khan also appeared in a film which is Abdullah: The Final Witness (2016).

But let’s not forget that she was—still is—a unique and remarkable model, as we were all reminded by her triumphant shoots for brands including Khaadi, Sapphire, Gul Ahmed, Sana Safinaz to posing for various other brands. She was the brand ambassador of Khaadi for 3 years, and the brand ambassador for Ufone for more than 2 years. Sadia Khan was modeling from an early age, spending her teens posing for photographs. She then made it as an actress, filling her resume with unconventional and unique roles. The triple threat performer is not only an actress and a model, but also a singer and songwriter. Is there anything that this star can’t do? We don’t think so.

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