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Nandita Das responds to #MeToo allegations against father Jatin



In the growing list of men who have been named in India and Bollywood’s #MeToo wave, famous painter and father of actor-director Nandita Das, Jatin Das, was the latest addition. Two women came out on Tuesday night and named and shamed their alleged harasser for subjecting them to sexual assault.

However, the Padma Bhushan awardee has denied the allegations and said these days a “game” was going on to level allegations against people for the “fun” of it.

Jatin Das further labelled the allegations against him as “vulgar”.

“I am shocked. All kinds of things are happening these days… Some people do things and some people make allegations. I don’t know her, I have never met her, and even if I did meet somebody somewhere one doesn’t behave like this…it is vulgar,” Jatin told Indian media.

“There is a game going on, some people are real, have done some things while some people are making allegations for the fun of it,” he added.

Additionally, Nandita Das also took to her Facebook and broke her silence against the allegations made against her father and said that “despite the allegations” she will “continue to support to the #MeToo movement”.

Terming the allegations as “disturbing” she said that, “I have maintained from the very start that this is the time we all need to listen so that women (and men) feel safe to speak up. At the same time, it is also important to be sure about allegations so as not to dilute the movement.”

Das said she has received support from “friends and strangers – who are concerned and are trusting my integrity”.

“I do believe the truth will prevail. And that is all I have to say on this matter,” she asserted.

Earlier, Nisha Bora alleged that Das had groped and forcefully kissed her in 2004, following which another woman stepped forward and alleged that Jatin harassed her, India Today reported. Bora was 28-years-old and married at the time of the incident.

The other woman, Anushree Majumdar had also opened up about her encounter with Das. Anushree revealed that she first met Das in 2006 when she was just of college.


Dr. Aisha Humaira- A Competent Addition to the Field of Dermatology



It is the era where you do not want too much makeup on your face to hide any flaws. People are more into spending on skincare products rather than buying expensive foundations and concealers. If you keep yourself aware of the basic skincare tips, your life is easy. Even a scrap of concealer can make you look great with a lip & cheek tint. 

It is high time that we started learning about cosmetology, dermatology, and its importance. 

To know about new trends, essential skincare regimes, and much more in the relevant field, we had a conversation with the brilliant celebrity cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Aisha Humaira who is also a member of American Academy USA. 

1) Tell us about yourself, your specialization, and the nature of your work?

Hi, I’m an Old Soul. But oh well, I do work on the face and body transformation as per the latest requirements of aesthetics.

I’m a consultant dermatologist holding the following degrees; My basic qualification is MBBS and I am a diplomate in Dermatology from South Wales, in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and further, I have specialized in anti-aging medicine and thread lifting from iMA Dubai.

2) Tell us about your everyday routine?

It’s very busy but the good part is that I really enjoy it because I’m a mother of 2 little beauties and a devoting wife like we all Asian women are. Yes, my day starts early in the morning with exercise followed by some home responsibilities then I rush to the clinic around 12 and get back home by 8 or 9 pm. I do take out a couple of hours for reading so I adjust it somewhere after getting back from work. 

3) What made you choose this profession?

Artistic mind and surgical hands do the magic together but I think It’s all about luck because I never planned, it just happened and now I think that was the best thing that ever happened to me. But, no doubt, I was passionate about my field of medicine that strengthened my way to achievement in cosmetic dermatology.

4) What kind of extreme cases have you dealt with in terms of cosmetic surgery?

We do come across certain people who try to deceive us in many ways But AlhamdullilAllah I have faced and dealt with them very easily as the more you are into practice the more you become wiser with time and people teache you so well to deal with all kinds of mindsets.

5) Has anything ever gone wrong during a procedure, eg. the body could not accept the changes?

I think the best consultant is the one who can deal with the complications and until you are not exposed to the problems you are not capable of calling yourself the best In your field so, yes, I have faced too. I cannot call them wrong but sometimes when you are working on the body there are things that can come In your way especially during the invasive procedure but AlhamdullilAllah I didn’t have any worst experience because when you know the anatomy you can perform well and can avoid the complications quite efficiently.

6) What are the advanced procedures in cosmetic dermatology that are being introduced in Pakistan?

Thread lifting, Aesthetic Gynae, breast augmentation, Non-surgical rhinoplasty to name a few. 

They all have profitable instant results with almost zero downtime and minimal to none pain threshold.

7) Who is your inspiration internationally?

Dr. Professor Alessio Radaelli! He is my inspiration and I do follow him in aesthetic. He is a renowned Plastic Surgeon in Italy and one of the best trainers in the world. Luckily, he is my trainer as well. There is this another beautiful lady Dr. Nadine Hamada. She is a successful Dermatologist in Egypt she is a good friend and senior Faculty member of the American Academy. They are my true inspiration because of their work and genuinely supportive nature.

8) What is on your bucket list for now? 

I think there are lots of things that need to be done in the future but, for me, I wanna bring all international standards in aesthetic techniques to Pakistan with more advancement and promising benefits to the country.

I’m also working on a few products that would be completely safe and highly effective for the skin. I always wanted to spread awareness regarding basic haircare and skincare routine that we are lacking, so, in the form of boxes, I have introduced a complete range of basic care and these boxes are accessible to every individual either within the city or outside the city so I m planning on working more on these home treatments!

9) What part\missuse of cosmetic dermatology you do not support?

A few institutions started teaching Botox Fillers to Non-doctors which I think is going to be a disaster because a non-medical can not understand the normal anatomy and injecting the wrong filler can make a person blind while a Wrong Botox Injection can cause major Asymmetry and facial paralysis!

10) What is the biggest challenge you are facing as a cosmetic dermatologist in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, there is a lack of awareness about cosmetic procedures and aftercare. Everyone wants to get it done but no one is fully aware of the worth and right selection of procedure protocols. They don’t prefer to spend on consultation charges for better recommendations, rather, they want to get the full information about their treatments including the number of sessions on messages or phone calls.

How can someone take the risk for your face or body without examination? We can not recommend anything to anyone as procedure protocols vary with individuals’ requirements and aesthetic calculations.

So it’s important to spread the word and awareness about the proper cosmetics plans and techniques to people otherwise very soon we are going to face the failure of cosmetology in terms of giving good results according to the international standards to the clients.

11) What part of your work do you like the most?

I love to transform a deviated nose to a well-defined one without any surgery and pain as it’s the quick way to fix the flaws that probably sometimes become a psychological trauma to the people.

Even girls come to me for their skin issues that are making hurdles. for their career or marriages. As much as I hate to say this, but unfortunately, it’s the culture that is being practiced for ages. But the bitter reality is that society goes on appearances. So, I really feel happy when you are able to find a solution to someone’s biggest problem.

12) What procedures do you recommend to be taken monthly for healthy and refreshing skin?

We need to keep our skin clean and unclogged from dust, makeup residues, pollution, and spice particles. For that, we need a good Hydrafacial that sucks out all the impurities, infuses essential serums to the deeper layers of skin, hydrates your skin to the next level, reduces fine lines, and delivers oxygen to the skin cells keeping you healthy and glowing naturally.

One session can last up to 1 month easily.

There are other procedures for different skin demands like Meso Whitening, Deep Derm Gold Facial, Cleopatra Facial and now the latest is Quadra Facial in town that we have recently introduced for the very first time in Pakistan.

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RADIANCE – A Remarkable Innovation in the World of Cosmetology



Situated in the heart of DHA Lahore, Radiance- a laser and plastic surgery clinic, having a team of world-class trained Plastic Surgeons and dermatologists is definitely a name of absolute credibility. 

Equipped and designed to exceed current cosmetic & reconstructive standards using proven and innovative techniques, the doctors here provide both surgical and nonsurgical treatments for body contouring and skincare treatments. Through their remarkable work, they aim to clear all the myths related to the aesthetics industry and to provide people the right treatment “with Results” and that too while keeping your budget intact. You will find them offering amazing promotions and packages every now and then for their clients.

 Taking it further, we spoke to Dr. Ahmad Wahab Vaince to have a detailed review of their work and to know more about the future of cosmetology.

Tell us a little about your field of work?

Our field of work encompasses professional skincare with the help of advanced technology that includes top of the line lasers and equipment. Besides, we also provide full-body sculpting with special enhancement of facial features. We are offering guaranteed results for male reproductive issues. Here at Radiance we only provide results based procedures.

Why did you choose a career in Plastic surgery?

I really love the fact that plastic surgery is a combination of not just art and science but also technology and extreme customization. A modern take on plastic surgery means you have the freedom to be your own kind of beautiful and you also have the ability to help people achieve the feeling of confidence in a way that reinforces their sense of self. It’s not all about cookie-cutter ski slope noses and magazine pictures of breast, it’s about making people feel good in their own skin.

Where did you get your certifications from?

We are a team of specialized plastic surgeons and dermatologists who have gained wide experience nationally and internationally.

What made you want to open up your clinic in Lahore? considering there is a lot of competition around.

Very frankly speaking being from the same work field, we came across many faces who were badly done by inexperienced doctors, quacks and YouTube learners seeking help for correction which compelled us to start up our own setup. The beauty of radiance is that we don’t leave our patients at the mercy of the technicians.

What are the best treatments that Radiance offers?

Well, all the treatments are up to the international standards and FDA guidelines with top-notch equipment and expertise. But yes facial contouring and sculpting procedures are the ones which we ourselves would like to quote. Because we create subtle but impactful changes that will preserve the feeling of their facial identity. We do a combination of different procedures like blepharoplasty, a temporal brow lift and a neck lift in one sitting and we also help the patients with Botox, fillers and suspension threads to get them into the shape they desire.


What is your personal skincare routine like?

We are a firm believer of the home care regime in addition to the regular hydra facials we take fortnightly along with photo facials. And, yes, we are at times left with no time for ourselves so urgent facial is our go-to thing.

Describe how would you handle an emotionally distressed patient. How would you manage the situation?

We treat patients holistically and listen to them and their queries empathetically and give them advice accordingly. As far as the distress is concerned, a good one on one session makes them easy.

Tell us about the effects of intravenous therapy? 

We have really good results of intravenous therapy which not only is anti-aging but also plays a vital role in relieving anxiety, accelerating metabolizing gives a stable brightening effect on the skin.

How are you guys keeping up with COVID-19 at Radiance?

To be honest, the doctors at Radiance had already developed immunity to COVID-19. We got it while working day and night in hospitals. But we have ramped up all of our sterilization protocols as we are doing daily deep cleaning with thorough sterilization between every single patient interaction. We space out patients’ appointments so we are very sensitive to wait times to avoid people being in communal waiting rooms as much as possible. We maintain adequate social distancing, screening questions and take temperatures.

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We hope you have an “On Sale and in your size” kind of a day, everyday



The worst part of offline shopping is to see your favorite item on sale going out of stock for the reason of short spanned discounts and overcrowded stores. On top of that, it is extremely difficult to get your hands on a particular size right at the spot. 

Many of us are scared of online shopping, horrible return policies, and late deliveries. Thousands of scamming online portals have shaken our faith in cybershopping. But it is about time we started looking for reliable places that give us not just a hassle-free shopping experience but also help us stay within our allotted budget while offering quality products at the same time. 


Here comes this platform called Loot Sale. The main purpose of this Pakistan based E-commerce startup is to bridge the gap between the consumers’ want of constant discounts and retailers’ need for fast inventory turn-over. 

Its realistic motto “Pay Less, Shop More” is not just an ordinary line, in fact, it provides what it commits with its 24\7 sale that is available all day every day on most of the luxury brands. Accommodating to 220 million audiences of the 5th largest nation of the world: with over 75 fashion brands including BTW, Cross Stitch, Hop Scotch, Hush Puppies, LimeLight, Maria.B, Nishat, Orient, Stylo, The Linen Co, Zareen by Sapphire, just to name a few: everything on this website is at a mind-blowing discount. 

We still wonder how the man behind this initiative, CEO Malik Asad, came up with such a feasible and thoughtful idea. Known as an expert in the field of marketing and E-commerce having a strong finance background, he talked about his efficient business plan and shared, “Loot Sale’s goal is to build as a customer-centric brand, providing original products, offering a price-match guarantee and no-questions-asked return policy. The website has launched with an inventory of over 400,000 units, and stock is forecasted to list over 20 lac products showcasing 150 brands by the end of December 2020.” 


So, does that mean, more brands and more discounts?


Isn’t it kinda true that the word “Sale” makes everyone excited and happy? Not sure about you, but to us it definitely does. Thus, it is rightly quoted that every woman’s favorite line is “IT IS ON SALE”. And the best part about this digital marketplace is that the items are on sale 365 days of the year. 

In a time when the economy is declining and there is inflation all around the corner, we need more of such platforms. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out this all in all paragon right now that is just one click away. 




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