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Nandita Das responds to #MeToo allegations against father Jatin



In the growing list of men who have been named in India and Bollywood’s #MeToo wave, famous painter and father of actor-director Nandita Das, Jatin Das, was the latest addition. Two women came out on Tuesday night and named and shamed their alleged harasser for subjecting them to sexual assault.

However, the Padma Bhushan awardee has denied the allegations and said these days a “game” was going on to level allegations against people for the “fun” of it.

Jatin Das further labelled the allegations against him as “vulgar”.

“I am shocked. All kinds of things are happening these days… Some people do things and some people make allegations. I don’t know her, I have never met her, and even if I did meet somebody somewhere one doesn’t behave like this…it is vulgar,” Jatin told Indian media.

“There is a game going on, some people are real, have done some things while some people are making allegations for the fun of it,” he added.

Additionally, Nandita Das also took to her Facebook and broke her silence against the allegations made against her father and said that “despite the allegations” she will “continue to support to the #MeToo movement”.

Terming the allegations as “disturbing” she said that, “I have maintained from the very start that this is the time we all need to listen so that women (and men) feel safe to speak up. At the same time, it is also important to be sure about allegations so as not to dilute the movement.”

Das said she has received support from “friends and strangers – who are concerned and are trusting my integrity”.

“I do believe the truth will prevail. And that is all I have to say on this matter,” she asserted.

Earlier, Nisha Bora alleged that Das had groped and forcefully kissed her in 2004, following which another woman stepped forward and alleged that Jatin harassed her, India Today reported. Bora was 28-years-old and married at the time of the incident.

The other woman, Anushree Majumdar had also opened up about her encounter with Das. Anushree revealed that she first met Das in 2006 when she was just of college.


Laal Kabootar Review



3.5 stars out of 5.0

Pakistani film ‘Laal Kabootar’ is an extremely good film when compared to several recent films being showcased in cinema. Amid the drought of desi content for our cinemas following the self-enforced ban on Bollywood, the deserted cinema may be able to find some sigh of relief which Laal Kabootar has the capability to provide.

The film revolves around several characters who are living entirely different lives from each other, yet destiny pulls them where their paths crossed and what happens next is what this story is all about.

The story of Laal Kabootar is very relatable to everyday life of Karachi, from mobile phone snatching to target killing etc. crimes that are very much part of this city’s identity now. For Karachites, after ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ this film has something that they witness every now and then. However, unlike ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ the director choses to keep it organic and rough and with no item number to glamorize the movie.

Without giving away too many spoilers, ‘Laal Kabootar’ story revolves around multiple characters, we have Aliya Malik (Mansha Pasha) who is desperately looking for her husband’s killer, there is a cab driver who wants to run away from his chaotic life to his dream destination Dubai, there is an inspector Ibrahim (Rashid Farooqi) who is just like a common policeman corrupt but a pure family man and then there is Saleem Mairaj, who comes in the later part of the story but leave the audience mesmerized with his powerful performance.

Director Kamal Khan who makes his debut with ‘Laal Kabootar’ makes sure that he focuses on character development. He didn’t try to push any one unnecessarily in to the frame nor tried to pull anything out. He stayed away from adding masala in the name of dance numbers and usual romantic relationships, which makes this movie much more interesting.

The duration of this film is just 94 minutes so it has to run without interval. Therefore,  the movie cannot be divided in to parts, which is actually helpful for the story.  Since it starts very slowly and takes time in gaining momentum and puts the audience in to the 4th gear towards the conclusion.

Saleem Mairaj in his role as a hired hitman, played it with utmost brutality. He doesnt allows the audience to take a breath when he is on screen. Although, his entry in the film is towards the very end and yet he manages to hijack the best performance out of it.

Rashid Farooqi as the inspector Ibrahim, showed another impeccable performance. A typical policeman who pays more attention to financial gains rather than serving the public, he is rude to people and uses stereotypical police techniques for his investigations. On the other hand, he is a family man, he loves his wife and daughter. His goal is to secure enough money to have a nice apartment for his family.

Adeel (Ahmed Ali Akbar) as a cab driver performs a bad boy character smoothly. He doesn’t try to be a hero, he remains limited to his character, uses the same street language like any other and keeps it simple.

Aaliya Malik (Mansha Pasha) is a surprise package. This is her second movie, a first in lead role. As wife of a slain journalist, she portrays her character very well. She mostly remains calm but shows enough character to show a storm brewing inside her mind. A strong woman who doesn’t want to runaway from her problems, as she told her mother who was leaving for USA. Her enthusiasm to get to her husband’s killer and for the purpose dealing with a cabbie is remarkable. I think this performance will certainly open doors for her in the film industry.

The look and feel of the characters were very well crafted. The wardrobe, looks and style were all complementing to the story thanks to Mariam Azmi the audience will not experience never see any over the top scene.

This movie is not flawless, it does have few loopholes in storyline. however,  keeping in view the budget constraints, duration and inexperience, the film has to be applauded for bringing real world to the silver screen.

Hania Chima and Kamil Chima the producer duo of the film needs to be appreciated for crafting a low budget yet remarkable cinema for content starved screens of Pakistan.

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Christian Louboutin launches Peshawari Chappal in ‘Imran’ style



Peshawari chappals are a household name when it comes to shoes for men in Pakistan. It is impossible for a guy to not have one of these chappals in his collection here.

Traditional and comfortable, the shoes were first brought to the worldwide media’s attention when designer Paul Smith came out with a rip off design claiming false design credit for himself in 2014.

Now, renowned footwear designer Christian Louboutin has gone viral on social media for launching a varied version of the Peshawar-styled chappals and named them ‘Imran sandals’ — inspired from the designer’s friend artist Imran Qureshi.

Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi has received awards such as ArtNow Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 and was Artist of the Year in 2013 by Deutsche Bank.

He had created a huge piece of art on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museums in New York.

The artist’s work revolves primarily around current affairs, depicting an image of misery and torment through blood. The inspiration behind his work emanates from his homeland and the violence it braces frequently.

Louboutin had visited Imran Qureshi’s exhibition in 2017 in Islamabad’s Pakistan National Council of the Arts.

The designer known for his red soles had visited Pakistan for a short trip. He had attended a special exhibition at Pakistan’s National Art Gallery and also visited National College of Arts in Lahore.

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Lahoris gathered to #RunForPeace on 23rd March symbolizing a communal petition of peace and harmony globally. #LahoreMarathon2019 #PakistanResolutionDay



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