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MIRAGE concludes its Winter Madness tour with a powerhouse live performance in Lahore!



One of Pakistan’s best live pop-rock band MIRAGE [#MirageTheBand], comprising of Saad Hayat, Rehan Nazim, Hasan Mahmud, Ajay Harri, Shane Kerr and Abid Wilson, concluded their Winter Madness Live Tour with a powerhouse live performance in Lahore at an event hosted by Origami and Lotus PR at Peeru’s Café.

MIRAGE performed three back to back live concerts in Azad Kashmir on 13th December at an event managed by Oktopus Media, in Islamabad on 14th December at Face Pakistan and in Lahore in 15th December 2018 at an event by Origami and Lotus PR at Peeru’s Café in collaboration with Radio1FM91, TVOne and NewsOne.  

The band, which is credited as the best live act from Karachi and one of the best from across Pakistan, performed over 80 songs for almost 9 hours during their Winter Madness Tour. The highlight of the tour was performing their original upcoming track, Befiker, to much acclaim from the audiences in attendance.

MIRAGE performed their signature live renditions and medleys of popular artists such as Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, U2, A.R. Rahman, Junoon, Backstreet Boys, Bruno Mars, Sajjad Ali, Jason Mraz, The Police, Kishore Kumar, Strings and Noori to name a few.

In January 2019, MIRAGE is all set to introduce a brand new sound with the release its single Befiker from their second album, ‘Doosri Dastak’. The video has been shot at the Lyari Town in Karachi.

MIRAGE had earlier released ‘Barhe Chalo’ and ‘Panchi’ featuring Coke Studio sensation Alycia Dias in 2017, ‘Pyar Hua’ in December 2016, Ker Daalo Pakistan in 2014 and Zara Suniye Tou in 2013 from their second album ‘Doosri Dastak’.

MIRAGE, formed by Saad Hayat on Keyboards & Production, Hasan Mahmud on guitars and Rehan Nazim on vocals in 2003, has been active in the local music scene and has maintained a reputation for its solid, fun & energetic live act. The band’s current live line-up also features Abid Wilson on guitars, Shane Kerr on bass & Ajay Harri on Drums.

Indeed, with 8 music videos (Aarzoo, Jeewan, Kyun Mujhse, Zara Suniye Tou, Ker Daalo Pakistan, Pyar Hua and Panchi) and an album (Aarzoo) release to date, MIRAGE is one the few bands that has been intact and has also managed to survive the long lasting music industry downfall.

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Architecture Design Art Awards were held in Karachi



The first Architecture Design Art (ADA) Awards 2018-19 were held at the Sindh governor House Karachi. The awards were focused on excellence and innovation within the field of design, arts and architecture. The president of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, also attended the occasion as the chief guest.     

The ceremony was hosted by RJ Khalid Malik while a special presentation by the stand-up comedian Shafaat Ali, the mesmerizing dance performance by Sohai Abro and a powerful act by the new sensation of our music scene, Khumariyaan were also the highlight of the night to change the mood of the event from continuous awards presentation.

The first ADA Awards were a recognition to the bunch of prominent and upcoming architectures, designers and artist of Pakistan who have performed with excellence and innovation in their crafts while keeping the social responsibility, environmental requirements and economic viability up at the same time while doing their work. Total 30 awards were given, 10 in the categories of Architecture and Design each and nine in the category of Art. A Lifetime Achievement Awards was also given to the legendary name in the field art and design, Salima Hashmi. The winners received the awards by the prominent personalities of the country like famous media personality, Javed Jabbar, President Hum Network, Sultana Siddiqi, art critique Marjorie Hussain, architecture and social scientist Arif Hasan, former chief of CPLC, Jamil Yousuf, veteran actor Javed Sheikh, and model and makeup artist Nadia Hussain.  

The jury for these awards included experts from both Pakistan and across the world representing countries such as UK, Turkey, Italy, Singapore, France, Lebanon and Iran. The jury members went through hundreds of submissions in 2 days to select the winners for each category. Categories are chaired by Shahid Sayeed Khan, Saima Zaidi, and Sameera Raja in the fields of Architecture, Design and Art respectively.

Maria Aslam, founding member of ADA magazine and creator of ADA Awards said on the occasion, ‘I am delighted to by the resounding success of our first ADA Awards and the efforts made by all the participant to submit such excellent work. I am humbled by the international jury that have lent their support and time to our cause. We are confident that this is just the beginning of a new journey to showcase the talent of Pakistan to the world,’

The ADA awards 1028-18 were officially launched in August last year by ADA magazine for professionals in Pakistan practicing in the fields of architecture, design and art. Launched in 2008, ADA is the only bi-monthly dedicated to architecture, design and art.

The awards were supported by the Agha Khan Award for Architecture, which is considered the most prestigious and coveted award in the field of architecture in the world.

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IRK Films & Arif Lakhani Films’ next titled “Heer Maan Ja” to release on Eid ul Azha



IRK Films and Arif Lakhani Films after giving us blockbuster project, Siyaah, Jaanan, & Parchi, today announced that next venture “Heer Maan Ja” – with Ali Rehman Khan & Hareem Farooq lead roles, which will be releasing on Eid ul Azha 2019.

The production house broke the news of this film with a teaser leaves you questioning, what is actually going on? It all started off with a funny video, where the audience sees an argument between Imran Raza Kazmi and Hareem Farooq – the co-producers of the film and the head honchos of IRK Films, bantering about the casting the lead actor of the film, and other things!

“Heer Maan Ja” first look shows Hareem Farooq all dressed up in a wedding dress with joggers, looking mischievous with a worried Ali Rehman Khan. Directed by Azfar Jafri – Siyaah, Janaan, Parchi – the film is a jumpstart to your Eid with comedy and whole lot of ‘Laugh out Louds’.

Speaking about Heer Maan Ja, CEO & Producer IRK Films, Imran Raza Kazmi said, “We are extremely excited to release the first look of “Heer Maan Ja” because this will be a different take on films and humor and people will see Hareem (Farooq) and Ali (Rehman Khan) in a completely different look and avatar compared to Parchi.”

“IRK Films” and Arif Lakhani Films joint venture has been formed to provide premium content to all its viewers nationally and internationally. Heer Maan Ja will be distributed by Distribution Club.

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Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoylaunches fifthanimated short film fromAAGAHI titled ‘Talaq and Khula [Divorce]’



A public service campaign to educate women about their legal rights in Pakistan

#SOCFilms #Aagahi

SOC Films has released the fifth animated short film from the series “AAGAHI”titled “Talaq and Khula [Divorce]”.

AAGAHIis a public servicecampaign which aims to educate women about their legal rights in Pakistan. Thefifth animated short film, ‘Talaq and Khula’ outlines the processes of getting a divorce in Pakistan. The video explains how the groom may delegate the right to Talaq to the bride through the Nikahnama. In case the husband doesn’t grant his wife with this right, she can still seek a Khula, i.e. apply for a divorce through the family court.

The video also describes the twelve grounds for applying for a Khula.

AAGAHI is a series of 14 short animated films conceptualized, produced and directed by SOC Films, helmed by Two-Time Academy Award Winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, which cover topics such as the law, its interpretation and the safety that it provides to the victim. This will also include the legislation, as stated in the Pakistan Penal Code, and the various case laws, which have been passed or revised in the recent years.

One of Pakistan’s leading actresses, Aamina Sheikh has lent her voice for the series, which is also being shared free of cost with all news and media channels for dissemination across the country.

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