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Mahira Khan Pioneering at the Paris Fashion Week 2019 and Making us Proud!



On a 4 day trip to Paris, L’Oréal Paris Pakistan’s Spokesperson Mahira Khan will grace the most august event of the fashion world, the Paris Fashion Week occurring from 23rd September 2019 to 1st October 2019. The Paris Fashion Week connects the most acclaimed and desired personages in the sphere of fashion, beauty and entertainment from around the world; and this year Pakistan will be represented through Mahira Khan, at the world’s most colossal fashion week. Mahira Khan has represented Pakistan with L’Oréal Paris at the Cannes Film Festival in the previous year, and is seeking to be a source of honour and euphoria for Pakistan by joining the alluring ramp walk under the Eiffel Tower. Besides the fashion week, Mahira Khan will be attending Karl Lagerfeld workshop, as well as her rendezvous with L’Oréal Paris’ global spokespeople and globally acclaimed fashion designers. She will also traverse through the most iconic places of the city. Mahira Khan is excited about this journey and says, “Representing the brand and the country at Cannes Film Festival last year was an incredible experience and continuing the same representation at Paris Fashion Week couldn’t be more exciting – it is after all THE fashion week to be a part of and I’m delighted for the opportunity to represent Pakistan at the world’s most coveted event, where beauty meets fashion – We are all worth it!”


Bilal Ashraf named most sexiest Pakistani man

The sizzling topless number dharak bharak in Superstar hands Bilal the title of sexiest Pakistani man of 2019



Bilal Ashraf during his famous somg dharak bharak shoot

The British Asian publication Eastern Eye names Bilal Ashraf sexiest Pakistani man of 2019. Bilal Ashraf is the only Pakistani actor who makes it into the top 10 of this list based on votes from fans around the world, buzz generated on social networking sites, positive impact, and media attention.

Bilal Ashraf worked hard for Superstar

Speaking exclusively to Daily Paperrazzi Bilal Ashraf was overwhlemed. In his choked up voice  he tried to remain humbled, “I am beyond humbled to be featured as part of a list among such legendary gentlemen.”

Bilal Ashraf expressed his surprised and said he wasn’t expecting this at all. “This has come to me as a surprise and such moments make the struggle and commitment we all put into our work all worth the while. This encourages me to try my best to further myself in my field. I’m extremely grateful.” he added.

This rounds off a great year for the actor, which included a lead role opposite great Mahira Khan in blockbuster film Superstar. Ashraf’s films released so far include Operation 021, Janaan, Yalghar, Rangreza and Superstar.

Bilal Ashraf and Mahira Khan the Superstar onscreen couple of Pakistan

British Pakistani showbiz reporter Asjad Nazir, who founded the list and compiles it annually, praised Bilal and described him as the future of Pakistani cinema. “Pakistani cinema is on the rise globally and that is thanks to a new generation of world-class actors like Bilal. He will lead a future generation of cinema stars that will ultimately help empower his country and inspire others living there,” said Asjad Nazir speaking to the local publication.

Tiger Shroff entered the top 10 for the first time and came in fourth. Pop superstar Zayn Malik came in fifth and TV star Harshad Chopda was ranked sixth. The rest of the top 10 for 2019 were actor Mohsin Khan (8), cricketer Virat Kohli (9), and South Indian superstar Prabhas (10).


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Saboor Aly- Actress on the Verge of Super Stardom!



The vibrant Saboor Aly has risen to fame in a very short period of time. Garnering love and appreciation for her performance from fans, she has established herself through her versatility and talent as an actor on screen. The aspiring, young actress has various hit plays to her credit such as Rang Laaga, Mubarak Hu Beti Hui Hy, Meeras, Visaal, and the recently concluded Bhool.

Currently, Saboor is starring as a lead in two different dramas; Gul o Gulzar and Naqab Zun and both the plays are raking in amazing feedback. Saboor is known for choosing unconventional characters which keep her among the most buzzed young actresses of Pakistan. Her recent roles are also very unique and poles apart from one another, yet she is tackling them all with sheer brilliance.

In Naqab Zun, which is a heart-wrenching story of sexual abuse and the life of a rape survivor in our society; Saboor essays the main protagonist Dua. A girl who is raped on her wedding day by her brother-in-law, who she considers her brother and guardian. Saboor depicts the sensitive and complex role with such ease and convenience that the audience can’t help but feel for her. She has fit into the skin of her character flawlessly, making the viewers feel the hardships and trauma, a sexual assault survivor has to face within the family, friends, and society at large.


In her other play “Gul o Gulzar”, the actress plays the antagonist; a cunning and materialistic Gul, who envies her best friend Gulzar and ruins her entire world. Gul is rebellious and a narcissist who is infatuated by glamour. She loves herself above everything and can go to any extent to achieve her goals. The audience is loving Saboor’s flawless acting as the malicious Gul. Her on-point dialogue delivery, her perfect facial expressions, and her immaculate acting make the audience hate Gul to the core, and that’s what describes Saboor’s success as a good and versatile actor.

Saboor also stood out with her performance in the recently concluded drama Bhool, where she played a timid and indecisive Ayesha. A girl who was raised by a single mother, and was surrounded by the negativity her mother had to face from her family for being a divorcee. Saboor outdid her performance as Ayesha and translated the emotions of an abandoned child very well on screen.

With her amazing performances and her versatility as an actor, Saboor has won a lot of hearts. After witnessing her brilliant performances, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Saboor is indeed a star in the making. The bona fide star is here to stay and will reach the sky of fame with her constant hard work and dedication.

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Tête-à-tête with Ahmer Javed- The Founder of Bachaa Party



Ahmer Javed is a Business graduate of University of Toronto. A sports enthusiast, he’s also an adrenaline junkie who loves to go bungee jumping, sky diving and has an advanced certification in Scuba Diving. Moreover, Ahmer has 5 years of retail experience in Canada at Fortune 500 companies such as Target and Home Depot.

We had a chat with Ahmer about his new venture- Bachaa Party and his fun and quirky life. This is what he had to share.

  • How did you come up with the idea of Bachaa Party?

I feel like it was a necessity. Kids in our country deserve a place where they can have fun while shopping. And mothers needed a place where they can find everything under one roof. I remember, when we were kids we were forced to go shopping with our mothers. At Bachaa Party, it’s the other way round, kids are forcing their parents to take them to Bachaa Party.

  • How has the journey been so far?

It has been extremely rewarding to say the least. Its so overwhelming to see the reactions of our followers on social media. One of our followers commented on our “NOW OPEN IN LAHORE” post as “It’s a dream come true”. When you see such feedback you are like WOW we are actually making real impact in people’s lives.

  • Where do you see Bachaa Party in the next five years?

We see Bachaa Party spreading smiles and happiness all over the country. We want to become a household name, a destination for mothers and children by continuing to provide the same value for money that we have been for the last 3 years.

  • What do you feel are the necessary skills required to run your own business?

My recipe to success includes 4 ingredients ; Luck, Passion, Hard work and Talent. Its very important to understand the difference between a want-repreneur and an entrepreneur. The difference is that you keep working towards your goal with consistency no matter what setbacks you face.

  1. What do you feel Bachaa Party has that its competitors don’t?

Bachaa Party is an experience for the entire family not just a shopping destination. Like I said, Bachaa Party has made shopping fun for kids. This is something none of our competitors are doing; giving importance to kids that they deserve.

  • What do you think you’d be doing if not Bachaa Party?

I have worked at 2 of the biggest retail chains in Canada for about 4 years before I started Bachaa Party. If I didn’t take the risk of leaving everything behind and start my own business I would have probably been in the same 9-5 routine that I so eagerly wanted to get out of.

  • How do you deal with bad days at work or when things don’t go your way?

Its really important to have a hobby, to be passionate about something other than work. For me, that’s tennis. When in the tennis court, I am able to let go of everything that happened and prepare for the challenges of the next day.

  • What is the most gratifying part of your job?

Definitely, being able to make an impact in the lives of our customers and employees.

  • What advice would you give to someone who was just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey?

Consistency. Its very clichéd but extremely true. Believe in your business and consistently strive for better results.

  • What’s something your brain tries to make you do and you have to will yourself not to do it?

In this age of social media and smart phones, its really easy to get distracted. I find it really hard to avoid distractions and get work done in one go.

  • What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?

How to train your dragon, definitely!

  • How do you unwind after work?

As I said, you need to be passionate about something other than work. For me that’s Tennis!

  • What’s the most epic way you’ve negotiated a good deal?

Over a match of darts. One of my Chinese suppliers was not reducing the price and we were at a stand still. I saw a dart board in his office. We placed a bet on whoever wins will get his way. Luckily I was the winner.

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