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KetoSlim Launches “Lose 10 kgs in 45 days -Weight Loss Program”



For the first time in Pakistan, a chain of weight loss clinics are opening their doors today across Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. KetoSlim innovates and combines world-famous tried and tested American and Japanese methodologies for weight loss and launches its signature “Weight Loss Program” that claims to “Lose 10 kgs in 45 days”. Unlike the other options that are marketed across Pakistan, this program is by far the easiest to follow in terms of effort by the participants, and clearly the most cost effective.

KetoSlim’s signature Weight Loss Program has been developed by its Founder, Dr Ibraheem Naeem, who collaborated with some of the top health and nutrition coaches present in the country. Dr Ibraheem is an MBBS Doctor trained from the Services Institute of Medical Sciences and also attained the MD (USA) degree while spending a few years in USA. He came back to Pakistan and collaborated with an ambitious team to launch 3D Lifestyle, which over 2 years has grown into Pakistan’s largest chain of aesthetic clinics with 30 clinics across 10 cities. After dealing with hundreds of thousands of clients who have spent lacs of rupees for 3D Lifestyle’s fat loss procedures (Cavitation and Cryolipolysis) which targets fat removal and body sculpting, there was a need to offer a weight loss program to these clients which could fulfill their weight loss requirements. This was initially the basis for developing the KetoSlim program, which opens its doors today to offer the following services to the people of Pakistan; Weight Loss Program, Diet Food Delivery at the doorstep, Weight Gain & Medical Diet Consultation and Fit3D HealthAnalysis Scan.

The KetoSlim Weight Loss Program offers 4 consultation sessions with a Lifestyle Consultant, who is a registered dietitian with the Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society. The 1st Consultation starts off by filling a questionnaire form in order to collect the client’s medical history as well as eating, sleeping, stress and other habits. Next, a bodyanalysis test is done on Silicon Valley USA’s Fit3D Body Scanner to check the client’s baseline metrics of fitness and health. Once all baseline information is collected, the Consultant prepares a tailor-made diet plan, installs a Fitness Application in the client’s phone and trains the client on how to use it as a food diary and calorie counter, then shows the client how to watch exercise videos in the App and follow them for 30 minutes every day in the comfort of their homes (no need to go to the gym), and hands over a 30 day supply of weight loss supplement pills to be taken every day along with following the prescribed diet and exercise program.

What makes KetoSlim unique and by far the most advanced and well-researched program in Pakistan is as follows:World-renowned, tried and tested and clinically endorsed diet plans from across the world are offered, which include the Ketogenic Diet, Mediterranean Diet, 5 by 2 Diet, High Protein Diet, Weight Gain Diet and Medical Diets. Secondly, the world’s most successful Fitness Application worth billions of dollars, Fitbit, is installed in the client’s phone. Thirdly, the secret of Japanese health and fitness, Glucomannan, has been formulated into a capsule and with a couple enzymes added in, aptly named the “KetoSlim SuperFiber”. This is a natural fiber, no artificial or processed additives, and has been used for centuries by Japanese people for natural weight loss purposes, hence it has no side effects and has proven results. Fourthly, probably the most comprehensive body analysis test available in Pakistan is being offered, called the Fit3D Test. This is a 35 second scan that uses harmless infra-red sensors (used in the TV remote controller) to scan the whole body and produce a detailed fitness assessment report within 5 minutes that shows a 3D avatar, circumferential measurements, BMR, posture analysis, body composition (fat and muscle percentages) and predictive health analysis (likelihood of developing health issues in the future). And last but certainly not the least, for a price point that is by far the lowest in the market, a full day’s nutrition is provided in a box with an ice pack to ensure that food maintains its freshness till it reaches the client’s doorstep. The client avoids the stress of preparing diet plan based food.

Commenting on the launch of KetoSlim, Dr Ibraheem mentioned, ‘’The KetoSlim clinic offers the most comprehensive and effective weight loss program to date. People often resort to extreme and unhealthy measures for weight loss, which lead to major health problems afterwards. It is important to understand that losing weight is not about starving; it’s a process that promotes healthy living.” He added that the KetoSlim program is based on medical research which combines different techniques such as diet, exercise,supplements and cutting-edge technology to give the best results.


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International Luxury Brand Spa Ceylon Opens its 98th store in Karachi



The world’s largest Ayurveda Wellness chain opened its 98th international store with the opening of an exclusive Wellness Boutique at Defense Housing Society’s Bukhari Commercial Area located in the heart of the city of Karachi.

Speaking at the sumptuous launch, master franchisee and Spa Ceylon Pakistan’s CEO Saeeda Mandviwalla, said, It gives me great pleasure to be able to bring Spa Ceylon to Pakistan because for me it is more than just a brand; it is a brand affiliated with my heritage & identity. Being from Sri Lanka originally, it is with pride that I bring a piece from my birthplace to my current home; and the benefits of this brand will be felt by all age groups of the population.”

Spa Ceylon now produces over 500 all-natural Ayurveda inspired personal care, wellness, make-up and home aroma products. The complete range comprises prestige skin, body, bath, scalp and hair care preparations, oils, balms and potions, colour cosmetics, home aroma blends, candles, diffusers, incense, herbal infusions and gourmet teas, handmade stoneware, bath accessories and a range of tropical resort wear.

Attending the opening, the co-founder director Shalin Balasuriya explained, “The continued growth of the international wellness market to over US$ 4.2 trillion signals a strong shift in consumer preferences towards wellness. Spa Ceylon occupies a unique lifestyle space where personal care meets wellness. Given its brand attributes of high-performance authentic formulations, Ayurveda origins, environmental activism and ethical sourcing, it will continue to resonate with the modern consumer to drive further growth. I have spent the past few days in Karachi meeting industry professionals, media & consumers that reviewed the range & am delighted by their overall response to Spa Ceylon, from packaging to product quality & functionality, giving us confidence that the store roll-out in Pakistan will be a great success.”


Also attending the glamorous event was H.E. Mr. Noordeen Mohamed Shaheid the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to Pakistan. “There is a great sense of pride in seeing this esteemed Sri Lankan brand bring its presence to Pakistan, and through its success, we can only see strengthened trade relations between the two nations.”


Noor Mandviwalla, the young Executive Director of Spa Ceylon, Pakistan, said, “Spa Ceylon’s brand philosophy greatly resonates with me because of its unique emphasis on natural beauty & wellness. Beauty is no longer focused on making people meet a particular standard of the way one should look; rather, it now looks towards highlighting one’s natural beauty, on the outside as well as within. This is why I feel that this brand is truly revolutionary in its take on beauty care and wellness; using the principles of Ayurveda to live a fuller & healthier life.”

Spa Ceylon captures the romance of old Ceylon combined with ancient Ayurveda wisdom to create their range of majestic spa rituals and Royal spa formulae designed to soothe, calm and relax the body, mind and soul. The Spa Ceylon Flagship Store in Karachi opened its doors with a wide selection of the master wellness and beauty ranges to cater to all moods, seasons and needs. Whether you want to Detox, De-stress, find Peace, Comfort, Sun Care or Sleep, Spa Ceylon has a range of enticing ingredients like Pink Lotus Almond, White Jasmine, Aloe Mint, White Tuberose, Water Lily, Cardomon Rose, Neem and Tea Tree, Virgin Coconut, Neroli Jasmine, Margosa Lime, Sandalwood Vetiver and Sandalwood Spice, Lemongrass and Lavender Neroli that will cater to every mood and occasion.



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This Fun-packed Actor’s YouTube Channel will Give you Endless laughs!



Gone are the days when celebrities were hard to reach out to, with their personal lives being a mystery for their fans. With the onset of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, audiences can now feel more connected to their favorite stars.

Recently, Pakistani celebs are turning to YouTube, branching out beyond their traditional jobs and exploring their craft in a new space. So if you want to get a closer look at their lives, find out about their hobbies, or hear them talk about their favorite things; you can catch them on their YouTube channels. Interesting, isn’t it?

Currently featured in the fan-favorite “Alif”, the rising young star Yashma Gill is a powerhouse of talent. The very bubbly and cute actress has also recently launched her own YouTube channel. Her channel showcases videos – from personal adventures and experiences to experiments, fan moments, and her everyday anecdotes.

Her journey of vlogging is exciting enough to hook you up on her YouTube channel for hours. Her captivating personality and her natural flair for casual talk instantly grabs the audience’s attention.

Here are all the funniest moments from Yashma Gill Vlog to get your inner kid some carefree laughs!

When Yashma Gill becomes Friends with 75 Snakes:

The Vlog where she can be seen holding snakes in Biryani boxes, half puzzled and half appalled when Azlan Shah puts that snake on her palm. We couldn’t stop laughing at her cute expressions. The content of vlog is so different from the usual content on other celebrities’ Vlog.

When Yashma accepted the Challenge of “Do What They Can’t Do”

Her entertaining Vlog where she roamed around the streets of Lahore sipping local lemonade from street stalls and visited Lahore Zoological garden to take pictures with the elephant.  The climax of the vlog was when she came to know that Suzzi Elephant has died. Did she fulfill the challenge or not? Watch out her vlog to find out more:

When Yashma Gill tried making Gol Roti

So this Vlog is all about her gol roti struggles when her domestic help was on leave. Was she able to make Gol roti for herself or she had to order food in the end? Watch out her gol roti struggles!

When Yashma Gill visited Bakra Mandi

This vlog was all about her visit to Bakra Mandi in a black abaya and veil and asking random questions to the vendors. Her energy is unmatchable when it comes to this vlog, from buying cotton candies to bargaining, the Vlog will get you hooked to her channel. Don’t believe? Here is the link to full-time entertainment:

When Yashma Gill tried stitching her Eid Dress

So by now, you must have realized that this girl is unpredictable and you can expect anything from her. In her quest to do things in an unusual way, she learned from her tailor how to stitch a dress! Do watch to see her on-spot comments and real efforts.

So the list doesn’t end here, and I bet that once you start following her YouTube channel, you will not want to do anything else but watch her vlogs. If you haven’t subscribed to her channel, go and subscribe to find out what next challenge she is going to accept next!

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TEDxLahoreWomen Pulls Off Another Brilliantly Mind Striking Event!



LAHORE, December 8, 2019: TEDxLahore celebrated its 10th year with yet another series of compelling talks at its TEDxLahoreWomen event held at the British Council Library.

Speakers included Dr. Aneela Darbar, the first US trained female neurosurgeon of Pakistan; Soufia Siddiqui, an education research and strategy advisor; Amna Zamir, an Additional Districts and Sessions Judge in Gilgit Baltistan; Maheen Rahman, an investment banker with an impressive portfolio; Maheen Gul, founder of the Lahore Autism Centre; Fareeda Batool, an independent artist who explores Pakistan’s political upheavals and tumultuous history; and Masuma Anwar, a pediatric doctor and musician. Lakeer ke Fakeer, a husband-wife duo of “singing poets”, also performed at the event.

These “Bold + Brilliant” women shared their profound insights and exciting stories about a remarkable number of issues, ranging from the education of boys in the public sector to the careful mapping of the brain before neurosurgery. The audience comprised over 350 individuals, including young entrepreneurs, educators, doctors, lawyers, and students. Audience members also received a chance to interact with speakers during networking breaks.

“TEDxLahoreWomen brought some powerful women together this year,” said Areej Mehdi, the event’s co-curator. “These women have advocated and opened doors for other women, and changed lives with their groundbreaking work and ideas. We’re excited to share their talks today.” said Irteza Ubaid, TEDx Ambassador – Pakistan. The event was presented in partnership with British Council, Nestle Everyday Lite, MINT PR, Uber, Daftarkhwan, FM 91 and Poet Restaurant.

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