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KASHMIR Are All Ready to Release a New Single ‘Ayi Bahaar’



One of the greatest discoveries of Pepsi Battle of the Bands has to be the 2017 Winners of the competition KASHMIR, an alternative rock band from Karachi that really came and conquered. The group which consists of 6 members has been making headlines with their music ever since. They finally satisfied their fans with their debut studio album ‘Khwaab’ last year. The album was critically acclaimed and reminded us of all of the reasons as to why we fell in love with this band in the first place.

Well, after much anticipation, it looks like KASHMIR is finally putting out new music once again and we are genuinely thrilled. The band teased the arrival of a new single ‘Ayi Bahaar’ on their Social Media, and fans have been patiently waiting for the single to drop on the first of October.


The name of the song is enough to tell us that the song might somehow be related to everyone’s favorite season (Spring aka Bahaar!) and so we have reason to believe this is going to be a fun and funky song. The cover art for the single looks amazing too and we can’t wait till we can listen to the song.


KASHMIR has managed to rise to fame in this very competitive music industry with their original sound and beautiful lyrics. Since Pakistan has started to see some growth in the music industry – it is extremely rewarding to see how this new band is taking center stage and bringing us some brilliant music while they do that!



Watch Taser here:

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The Launch of Burger Lab’s latest invention – Burger Lab Innovation Kitchen



Every time we head out of the house for dinner – there is one dreaded question that we ask each other, where are we going to eat today? Well, living in Karachi, we are always overwhelmed by so many options that it is hard to choose where to dine out, so we’re here to give you some suggestions as to where your next dinner or lunch should be. It should definitely be at the new Burger Lab Innovation Kitchen!

All of us have been eating from Burger Lab’s scrumptious burgers for as long as we can remember – so what’s so different in this new innovation kitchen, you might ask? Well, as the name suggests, this new outlet by one of the most famous burger franchises in Pakistan is all about innovation! Located at Khayaban-e-Seher, with a chill, cozy, yet fancy vibe, Burger Lab has introduced an Innovative Menu, and it is oh so good. Believe us when we say, there hasn’t been any place in Pakistan that makes you want to keep going back for that Honey Glazed Burger (our favorite from the menu). The other items in the innovative menu also include Honey Glazed Chicken, The 3 Musketeers (sliders), and Bounty Shake.



As you can tell, the Burger Lab Innovation Kitchen will be our weekly meal stop for a while. The idea behind the new place by Burger Lab is so amazing, as they will only be offering the products in the innovative menu for a few weeks after which, they will introduce a new set of products – how tempting is that? And oh, don’t worry if you fall in love with an innovative menu item that might be leaving soon, they will be launching the innovative menu items that people love nationwide across 29 other outlets!


So, what are you waiting for? Head to the Burger Lab Innovation Kitchen and tell us what you think!

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Kinza Razzak to Star in Sports Drama ‘22 Qadam directed by Anjum Shehzad’




The rising young actress Kinza Razzak who has made her mark on the small screen in a short period of time is coming back on our screens in an exciting sports drama ‘22 Qadam’ soon.

Kinza Razzak has proved her mettle with distinct roles in several television serials, telefilms, and advertisements. This time, the young actress will be seen in a completely different avatar in the sports drama. Details for the serial have not yet been revealed, though the drama is on the floor and is expected to release soon.


The young actress was last seen on the screens in the hit drama serial Log Kya Kahain Ge alongside Faisal Qureshi and the critically acclaimed web series Ek Jhooti Love Story with Bilal Abbas Khan. She has been gracing our screens in challenging roles since 2017 and has a knack for choosing her projects wisely. This time, the actress is once again ready to star in a project that sounds like a completely unique story.

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Pakistani Woman Takes International Pride At Forbes



The time is about to come when Pakistani women will be taking the world by storm. This time, a Pakistani entrepreneur and tech star Eesha Sheikh has made it to the prestigious ‘Forbes Next 1000 2021’ list. Sheikh’s health tech app Playpal helps people to pursue their healthcare goals by gamifying them.

According to Forbes, “Playpal uses machine learning to help personalize health recommendations for its users, then offers rewards for hitting certain goals. The company has raised around $ 2 million so far.”

The Playpal Inc. that was established in 2017, aims to make health capital both accessible and entertaining to all.

Eesha Sheikh talked exclusively to Daily Paperazzi about her journey, which ended up in this wonderful success.

What enticed/were the reasons behind you to start this health tech business?

At the age of eight, I was diagnosed with clinical obesity, a term I couldn’t even pronounce at the time. My doctor’s words echoed in my mind as my parents tried to come up with an action plan to battle my obesity. My father decided to incentivize and offered me a deal. If I could lose 30 lbs he would buy me my favourite toys. The months passed and I did everything I could to lose that fat, from milkshake diets to lemonade fasts, almost as if I was in a form of weight loss hypnosis.

It was very disturbing for me socially. My class fellows had done everything in their power to bring me down, from throwing my food to the floor to coining and calling me the meanest of names; my least favourite name was “The Human Jelly Donut” – a name I repeated to myself daily – a word that didn’t even make me feel human. I was an object, with no friends and a diagnosis I didn’t fully understand.

So, how much weight loss you ended up with?

I ended up losing a total of 65 lbs by the time I was 10 years old. From the outside I was a tinnier, healthy, young girl, who was stopped getting bullied and suddenly had friends too but from the inside, only I knew how I had lost that weight. The patterns were unhealthy, the method was painful. Actually, I was cruel to my body mentally and physically.

When did you get the idea of developing this health tech app?

The young 10 year old in me vowed to never let any other child feel that way, even my young mind knew what I had done and what I had physically gone through to “transform” myself was incorrect. As I grew older I decided to back my passion and emotions with scientific knowledge and research. My education in chemistry helped me solidify my stance and my ultimate goal. I quickly realised after graduation I wanted to find a way to use my experiences and education to touch the lives of as many people as possible, thus leading me to choose Digital and health as tools to unlock my dreams.

How did you develop Playpal?

I took part in a study on gamified health with John Hopkins, Underarmour & Aetna from 2015 to 2017. This study focused on the effect of incentives and gamified health on behavior change. This study gave me the insight to put the puzzle together and Keeko was born. In 2017 I pitched the concept of Keeko to the Innovation Pavilion, at Denver, Colorado. The concept was approved and Playpal’s on-ground journey really began – hand in hand with Keekos.  

What/Who is Keeko?

Keeko is a 2D combat shooter, the main character of our gaming app, who is trying to save the world from her arch nemesis, The Human Jelly Donut. Keeko’s journey to ward off the junk food army is very much reminiscent of my own. The journey of how far I’ve come to the concept of gamified health in retrospect to Keeko and Playpal.

How does Playpal work and what it offers to the users?

Playpal is a Digital Web and Mobile Platform that offers users an advanced health profile and preventative analysis by tracking, consolidating and analyzing Physical and Cognitive Data from mhealth apps, games, devices, IoTs and other third Party Integrations. We combine this analysis with our patented Health Score to guide users towards better health and to incentivise them with real-world rewards using the Digital Currency. Playpal aims to become the largest Health Profiling and Connected Health System with the most diverse and secure Central Health DATA Repository.

Just imagine having a Smart Health Analyst constantly telling you what you need to eat, how you need to sleep, when your vitals are going down, when they are coming back up and how you need to be leading a day to day life to prevent yourself from becoming susceptible to disease, helping you be the best version of yourself. The incentive model draws from my father’s words, how he managed to encourage a stubborn eight years old to try to be healthy.

How is the business of Playpal going?

Today Playpal Games and ES games have received 100,000 and 1.0 million downloads respectively. As we reeled in from the success of the above we had a thought – how do we keep this going? How do we continue to ensure that individuals are living a healthy well balanced life? How does Keeko continue to help people? How do we create something that lives on forever? And that is how the world altering idea for Playpal came into being.

What Playpal means to you?

Playpal is a part of the very fibers that make me; it is a literal representation of my struggle and what I’ve had to overcome. It was born from the desire to do better, to do better by my eight year old self and to all those individuals that need the actual support in order to be their best versions. I imagine a world in which the incidence of disease becomes SO small because individuals can control their susceptibility to it.

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