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Journey From A Cameo To Superstar



Bilal Ashraf has got his dream place in the industry after the release of his recent flick Superstar opposite to real life super star Mahira Khan. Getting both critical and box office claims, Superstar has become a milestone in Bilal Ashraf’s career and the dimpled boy of Pakistan film Industry is adamant to stay here with more confidence and vigour. And yes, he is in the news for his nerve wracking job on his body to be in the league of six-packed stars of region.

Born in a Karachi, Ashraf received his early education at his base city, and then studied visual effects direction from United States. He claims to have ten years of experience behind the camera.

Bilal Ashraf came into the field of acting by doing a cameo in 2014 thriller O21. In 2016, Ashraf played an angry young man in Janaan, which was appreciated by both critics and the audiences. Next year he appeared in an army office role in a war film Yalghaar, and later as a musician in Rangreza.

Here, Bilal openly shares about his journey to Superstar that how did he worked hard on his new looks and acting skills.

What is Superstar for you?

I have put my heart and soul in this project, which gives me a sense of satisfaction. Working with this team was a total excitement which led to happiness and the desired result. Superstar is the best journey of my career so far and we have shared this wonderful experience with everyone in cinemas on this eid. 

We see you in Superstar as a typical sub-continental hero, who do romance, flirts and dances as well. How did you turn yourself into this role?  

I have worked really hard for this role. I was put into theatre and dance classes for training. After training, we did a lot of rehearsals before getting on to the floor. I actually shut down my personal life for this film and there were so many days when I could not meet my parents because of the constricted schedule of my film. I believe to achieve whatever you want to do in your life, you have to sacrifice something and give its due time to it. 

When you were asked to romance with Mahira Khan in the film, did you get excited or nervous?

At first, I thought how Mahira’s fans would curse me when I romance with her (laughing). Honestly speaking, it was a great excitement that I was going to work with such a big star and it was more relaxing for me when we quickly developed a bond at work.

We see a strong chemistry between you and Mahira on screen. How you build that chemistry?

I think this is something which Monina Duraid had foreseen. Then Ehtishamuddin put me in theatrical environment with Mahira for good 20 to 25 days as he thought it was necessary for our roles in the film. Then there were a lot of rehearsals. That whole process definitely helped us not only in learning things but to develop a trust and comfort level. That comfort level and trust has come out as a strong chemistry on screen. 

How is Mahira Khan as a co-star?

She is perfectionist but a very commendable person at the same time. She used to come before call time and leave in the end. I must say that she is one of my best co-stars. She is literally a very lively person. We sometimes felt down due to the hectic schedule of shoot but she was always there to cheer us up with her energetic attitude like playing music and fun dancing.

You are getting mixed comments on your dance on dharak bharak. But tell us how much you worked hard to put this together?  

We wanted dharak bharak to be viral like this and to get these types of comments on it. This typical chichora song is an inspiration from all the chichora songs that have been made till today. Why we have included this song in Superstar because that was required at a particular situation. It meant to be like this and is perfectly gelled in the film. I am so happy that people are calling it the way it looks like because it serves the purpose.

How the idea to include a shirtless dance in the film came?  

Actually, to include this song in the film was a collective decision of three of us. It was initially my idea but Muhammad Ehteshamuddin and Momina Duraid encouraged me to it like this. If we had recorded this song in normal clothing, believe me that impact would have never been come.

Was that transformation for the film particularly?  

I myself recommended it to make that particular body for that particular song but the belief of my director and producer in me made it possible.

How it took to transform your body into this physique?

It took almost a year because I did it in complete natural way. I didn’t take any injections or protein shake. It was very tough task but I must thank to my trainer Faisal Shafi, without whom it was not possible. He remained with me on shoots even.

How was the process of all this transformation?

I did it specifically for superstar but much else was transformed as well in the whole process. I think my mental approach is changed. Believe me to resist the food you like is not an easy task. It sometimes makes you cranky, but mentally this practice makes you stronger. It is all the game of belief in yourself and in that game; don’t let anyone put you down. Set a goal, and belief in yourself to achieve it. 

What did you eat?

I had to eat clean food. It means lots of vegetables, boiled food and proteins and sometimes a little carbohydrate like roti. There was a complete ban on soft drinks and extra sugar. But yes, there were occasionally some cheat days.

What about workout.

Six days a week. It was twice or sometimes thrice a day. The routine was to run early in the morning, then a heavy weight session and in the evening, the light cross fix session.

After Superstar, would we watch Bilal Ashraf in a new avatar as an actor (in your next film)?

I like challenges. Let’s see what is next. It can be an action comedy film, which is still in pipeline. But before doing anything, I would give some time to myself.

How many your female fans have contacted you for personal numbers after this dashing looks of you in Superstar?

Actually, messages are flooded from both female and male fans. Appreciation is fantastic wherever it comes from.

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