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Jaazibiyat – Skincare at its finest!



Jaazibiyat is a state of the art aesthetic clinic that provides the best, comprehensive treatment array for skin solutions. If you’re looking to get minor, non-invasive treatments then this is the place for you.

I met with Dr. Kamran for my consult and decided on the Vampire Facial. It is also known as a blood-facial or PRP facial, involves extracting blood from a patient’s arm and using a centrifuge to separate the platelets and plasma from the red blood cells. These platelets are then injected back into your skin through problem areas of the face. In my experience, i had some scars which have gone away over the span of one week but I could instantly feel the difference. My skin was definitely even tones and brighter instantly after it was done

Before and After ( the entire process takes up to one hour)

We sat down with Dr. Kamran to learn about more services they had to offer and here is what we discussed:

Tell us a little about your field of work?

I purely practice minimally invasive aesthetics, skin care, aesthetic gynecology and weight management. This includes procedures like Botox, fillers, PRP, diet plans, thread lifts etc. You will be amazed to know that how much can be achieved by combining procedures. 
Our clinic however offers all aesthetic solutions under one roof. Other doctors do procedures that I don’t do myself. 

Where did you get certified?

I have been trained by some of the best in this field. I got my diploma in aesthetics from University of Niece. Another diploma is from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. I was at the University of Surrey for my first post graduation. Besides this I have numerous international certifications in the field of my expertise. I travel twice a year for either refreshing my knowledge or learning new areas of aesthetic practice.

Dr. Kamran of Jaazibiyat

What made you open Jaazibiyat in Lahore ?

I saw the need of a complete aesthetic solution clinic under one roof in Lahore. At Jaazibiyat-Aesthetics Redefined every client is special. We give proper time for consultation and treatment unlike others. I believe in zero wait time that is why we work by appointment. This is one of the very few clinics where all support staff are qualified nurses. We always add a special ingredient of love and affection in all our procedures. For us you are special. Our belief is that every client is different and therefore we customize the treatment plan to the need of the client. We do not have a one size fits all strategy like others. 

What treatments do you offer ?

We offer all aesthetic treatments, lasers for hair removal and skin conditions, skin care regimens, weight solutions, aesthetic gynecology, hair transplant and the list goes on.

Tell us about the vampire facial? 

As the name suggests it’s to do with blood. The myth is that Vampires don’t grow old as they drink blood, hence the name. Scientifically it’s PRP( platelet rich plasma) that contains a lot of growth factors. Injecting PRP helps in different conditions from arthritis to facial rejuvenation to stopping hair fall. The important thing to understand is the PRP system being used as that dictates the quality of the Platelets. Then comes the injection technique. We have one of the best PRP system at Jaazibiyat.

This was the blood drawn from my arm.

We heard your clinic is starting microblading and many other new procedures, could you tell us a little about them?

Yes we have started micro-blading and eye lash extension. The earlier is for people who have thin brow or thinking of scalp hair and no other treatment option is there. Lash extension is a benefit for those who want heavier and longer lashes to add to their beauty. In the very near future we will be bringing in more treatments that are available internationally but lacking in Pakistan.

You can find the Jaaazibiyat Clinic at 10-Q Gulberg 2, Extension M.M Alam Road, Lahore.


Bridal Couture Week Day 2 brings more stars on the ramp



Ali Zafar looks dazzling in Balck Sherwani

After the glamorous showcase on Day One, Day Two of the bridal extravaganza was a continuation of the glitz and bridal statements with the country’s acclaimed couturiers, bridal wear designers and retail brands. As always BCW left its audience stunned with its majestic stage, uniquely set for a one of kind fashion show.

On Day Two of the bridal extravaganza kicked off with Emraan Rajput’s earthy hued fusion collection Shalima.

It was followed by Aisha Farid’s Nur un Nissa a collection fit for the Mughal empress.

The next show was by Kausar Sajid with her Parivarsh collection which has revived ancient embroidery techniques over luxe and delicate fabrics for the modern-day bride.

Shakeel’s by Zeeshan Danish’s hand embroidered bridal collection Kimkhwab and Sheeba Kapadia’s Claire De Lune for the new age bride.

Chinyere’s Ishq Nachaye Gali Gali for the woman who presents femininity through unique and beautiful patterns of embroidery, embellishments and motifs.


Humayun Alamgir’s Nawabzada a collection inspired by the fashion choices of the royals, elite and the influential.

Next in line was Embellished by Sadaf Amir’s Bagh e Baharan which featured colours of flowers from all seasons and transformed the ramp into a garden.

Rici Melion’s timeless couture pieces in their latest collection Zyanya, encompassing artisanal craft forms showcasing renditions of Turkish floral, textures and seaming.

Day 2 comes to an end with the return of Lahore’s favourite Maria B. with her collection The Lady of Amritsar.

The audience also witnessed the launch of Tasmina and Zulfiqar Sheikh’s Sacch movie’s latest song. The cast members who braced the runway included debutant Elysée Sheikh paired with Asad Zaman Khan, along with veterans including Ayesha Sana and Uzma Gillani.

Day 2 of the three-day bridal extravaganza had an amazing line-up of celebrities walking for the designers – internationally acclaimed singer and actor Ali Zafar walked for Emraan Rajput, and the stunning queen of television Ayeza Khan walked for Aisha Farid. Nimra Khan graced the ramp for Kausar Sajid, while Urwa Hocane walked for Shakeel’s by Zeeshan Danish while Sanam Jung walked for Sheeba Kapadia’s showcase. The very lively Juggan Kazim walked for Chinyere while singer Falak Shabbir, vlogger Shahveer Jafry and cricketer Hasan Ali walked for Humayun Alamgir. Mawra Hocane walked for Sadaf Amir and Junaid Khan with Zubab Rana strutted down the ramp for Rici Melon. The veteran classical performer Nighat Chaudary added allure to the show during Maria B.’s segment.

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Bridal Couture Week Day 1

The 17th edition of the biggest bridal show extravaganza, Bridal Couture Week (BCW).



Abrar ul Haq performs his Chamkeeli at BCW Lahore

Show one of the bridal extravaganza kicked off with Fahad Hussayn’s collection Labyagawachi trousseau bridal collection.

It was followed by Aisha Imran’s Shadi Mubarik in romantic hues for the charismatic classic bride.

The next was Almirah with its collection Ethnic Seams which drew its inspiration from the splendour and intimacy of Eastern art.

It was followed by Samsara Couture House’s Hayal, inspired from the tulip era in the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

Zonia Anwaar came next with her collection Zoella which was modern yet infused traditional techniques with her signature cuts for the young millennial brides.

Ziggi Menswear’s monochromatic collection Fana – ‘Annihilation of the Self’ which was constructed using luxe fabrics, rich embroideries and motifs inspired from Sufism.

Nitasha Bilal Haute Couture showcased Abooro with her vision of beautiful Mughal legacy, blending them with her revivalist techniques of kora dabka and was awarded the Pantene Rising Star for her beautiful debut collection.

Haris Shakeel who amalgamated embroideries with block and screen printing in his collection Ishq.

Next was Royal Tag’s very aristocratic menswear collection The Royal Ceremony, inspired by the majestic Syon House and Garden in London.

Day one came to an end with globally acclaimed master couturier Nilofer Shahid’s collection Dastaan e Firdaus.

Day one of the three-day bridal extravaganza had an amazing line-up of celebrities walking for the designers – the bhangra king Abrar Ul Haq walked for Fahad Hussayn and Minal Khan showcased for for Aisha Imran. The veteran actor Aijaz Aslam was show stopper for Almirah, while the undisputed queen of our entertainment industry, Saba Qamar graced the ramp for Samsara Couture House whereas Nausheen Shah walked for Zonia Anwaar. Noor Khan walked and ‘Soch The Band’ performed for Nitasha Bilal Haute Couture while Kinza Hashmi closed the show for Haris Shakeel.

The eternal Adnan Siddiqui walked the ramp for Royal Tag and Sarah Khan added allure to Nilofer Shahid’s timeless pieces.

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Bilal Ashraf named most sexiest Pakistani man

The sizzling topless number dharak bharak in Superstar hands Bilal the title of sexiest Pakistani man of 2019



The British Asian publication Eastern Eye names Bilal Ashraf sexiest Pakistani man of 2019. Bilal Ashraf is the only Pakistani actor who makes it into the top 10 of this list based on votes from fans around the world, buzz generated on social networking sites, positive impact, and media attention.

Bilal Ashraf worked hard for Superstar

Speaking exclusively to Daily Paperrazzi Bilal Ashraf was overwhlemed. In his choked up voice  he tried to remain humbled, “I am beyond humbled to be featured as part of a list among such legendary gentlemen.”

Bilal Ashraf expressed his surprised and said he wasn’t expecting this at all. “This has come to me as a surprise and such moments make the struggle and commitment we all put into our work all worth the while. This encourages me to try my best to further myself in my field. I’m extremely grateful.” he added.

This rounds off a great year for the actor, which included a lead role opposite great Mahira Khan in blockbuster film Superstar. Ashraf’s films released so far include Operation 021, Janaan, Yalghar, Rangreza and Superstar.

Bilal Ashraf and Mahira Khan the Superstar onscreen couple of Pakistan

British Pakistani showbiz reporter Asjad Nazir, who founded the list and compiles it annually, praised Bilal and described him as the future of Pakistani cinema. “Pakistani cinema is on the rise globally and that is thanks to a new generation of world-class actors like Bilal. He will lead a future generation of cinema stars that will ultimately help empower his country and inspire others living there,” said Asjad Nazir speaking to the local publication.

Tiger Shroff entered the top 10 for the first time and came in fourth. Pop superstar Zayn Malik came in fifth and TV star Harshad Chopda was ranked sixth. The rest of the top 10 for 2019 were actor Mohsin Khan (8), cricketer Virat Kohli (9), and South Indian superstar Prabhas (10).


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