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In Conversation with SOCH the band



SOCH the band, comprises of two immensely talented musicians, Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed. The duo offers a unique, fresh and soulful approach to their earthy music.

Adnan Dhool at the helm, with his gritty vocals, complemented by Rabi Ahmed’s guitar rhythms. With their thought provoking lyrics, Soch takes us on a journey, hitting on to the harsh realities to the raw emotions of life. Within months of the songs release, Soch’s first ever single “Bandeya” – it received major mainstream radio airplay of which the World-wide release was done in collaboration with Indya Record and was first exclusively aired on 9x Network in INDIA and bagged #2 on ARY Musik and Oxygene and remained in the charts for over 8 weeks.

So we decided to dig deeper and ask the talent behind the band a few questions about how they got together, where they see themselves going in the future and also their experience singing for Bollywood.

1.Tell us a little about how this band was created? 

This band was created by me (Adnan Dhool) back in 2005 when I wasn’t even sure about it . A few years later in 2007, my partner Rabi Ahmed joined in and since then it’s been going wild and strong 

2. The song Avari in Ek Villain was sung by you guys, how was your experience singing for Bollywood?

 It was definitely a great experience working across the border with some of the well known names. Not only did it bring pride to us but an award too.
Being nominated for IIFA in itself is a huge privilege.

3. How did that make you feel? 

A privilege if course, see it’s the biggest award show in Asia and the world knows about it, fans all across wait for it so it was a major break and an honor for us as well.

4. How many times have you been featured in Nescafe basement? 

Twice, season 1 and season 5, and it has been a splendid experience. We feel so much pride to be part of the Pakistani Music scene especially when we are on the brink of a musical revolution.

5. What was the story behind your sensational hit Bol Hu? 

There’s isn’t any story but the thought is to connect with your Rab while going through the toughest phases of your life when you aren’t sure about things and experience a constant defeat, then you need to create your own world and see what that brings to you.

6.If you could jam with one musician, dead or alive, who would it be? 

The one and only Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab

7. Any advice for the rising stars of Pakistan?

Just stick with your own original sound instead of copying others. Originality and candid, raw emotions will be your road to success.


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I Wanted To Come With A New Story This Time



Wajahat Rauf is a well-known Pakistani director, actor, screenwriter, producer, singer and host. He has the credit of many firsts of Pakistan on his shoulders from becoming the head of first youth-based entertainment channel AAG TV to the director of first Pakistani web series Enaaya starring Mehwish Hayat, which was shown on Eros International last year. Wajahat has established his own production company Showcase Films under which he has produced two successful comedy feature films Karachi Se Lahore (2015) and Lahore Se Aagey (2016) and over 25 television dramas. He has also started his youtube channel ‘Showcase Tv’ on which he is hosting a very popular satirical/comedy show ‘Vice Over Man’ in which he invites top notch showbiz celebrities of Pakistan and ask them some witty and funny questions. Being a staunch music lover, Wjahat has also produced many music videos; the recent one is Talaash also featuring his son Aashir Wajahat.  

His upcoming film, Chhalawa, releasing on Eid al-Fitr, is a “lighthearted love story” that is directed, produced and written by him. We talked to this multi-talented man from the idea casting and storyline of his upcoming flick.

We were expecting Karachi Se Lahore 2 this year but instead you have come up with Chhalawa?  How this idea came into your mind?

I had this idea in my mind for last three to four years. I discussed it too with to a few people. Then I shelved it for some period as I became busy in Karachi Se Lahore 3. I wrote the script of KSL3 and did some rehearsals but in the end I thought that it was going to be exactly as same as my first two movies. So, instead of presenting same type of story that is about road trip and comedy for even the third time consecutively, I thought it was better that I make a family rom-com film. Chhalawa is a family based story focusing more on sibling and father-daughter relations including romance and comedy.

You choose the super stars of industry as the heroines (female lead) but avoid casting a super star as heroes (male lead) of your films. Any big reason?

I think if you want to play in main stream cinema, one lead (from hero and heroine) of the film should be stronger, bigger and larger than other. It can be a female lead or male lead. Cinema needs a pull for the audience as ticket prices are high up to 800. So the factor of big names like Mehwish Hayat and Saba Qamar attract cine goers. So you need to have a one big star in a movie to pull the audience. I might change this formula in my next film where I cast a big name as hero (make lead) and a new comer as heroine (female lead).  But what I think is one big star is necessary or enough to pull audience towards cinema or for a successful film.

It doesn’t mean that film industry will not welcome new comers. My whole career is based around and introducing new talent.

You have shown a Punjabi culture in the film. Where have you mostly shot the film?

Surprisingly, most of our filming is in Karachi and Sindh. Locations include a haveli in Badin, and many more places of interior Sindh. We had our shooting in Punjab as well but for a few days only.

How many songs and dances in are in the film?

There are four songs in the film, in which two are dance based while other two are montage based. Whab Shah has choreographed the dances. He has done an excellent job. One dance number has been included in the trailer and second one is Chirya.  

Lasltly, tell us about your character in the film. We have not seen any glimpse in the trailer? Is it a surprise? My role? (Laughs) I am actually not fond of acting but there is a surprise about me in the film.

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Review: Wrong No. 2 Yasir misses the target again



Rating: 3/5

Director Yasir Nawaz third film Wrong No. 2 follow a set formula for comedy that we have witnessed in Mehrunisa V Lub U and first installment of Wrong Number.

It has lots of adult jokes and deceiving situations, which certainly takes away the title of family entertainer. However, better production quality makes it quite bearable for many entertainment starved cinemagoers who are craving for a good entertainer this Eid.

Thanks to voluntary absence of Bollywood, such films can attract cinema visitors, as Hollywood is certainly not a choice for many for many.

Gul Nawaz (Javed Sheikh) a millionaire wants to enter into politics to become a minister, he has a daughter Zoya (Neelam Muneer) who is madly in love with a middleclass boy Omar (Sami Khan) and wants to run away with him as her father hates anyone who is not rich. Gul Nawaz Secretary Ali Wazir (Mehmood Aslam) is father of Omar; however, he is unaware of his son’s involvement with Zoya.

On the other hand there is a common guy called Mehboob (Yasir Nawaz) who is a very honest government servant, struggles to get his daughter a proper medical treatment who is suffering from some heart disease. Mehboob’s wife Masooma (Sana Fakhar) works at a fitness centre.

Towards the end somehow they all end up in one house which does brings it closure to House Full formula.

The good thing about Wrong No. 2 that it has a though flawed but a storyline and every character had something wrong with it. The bad thing is that it leaves everything half cooked, and even towards the end, it leaves several confusions.

Talking about performances, Javed Sheikh and Mehmood Aslam chemistry works well and most of the situations, whereas rest of the story was about Yasir Nawaz’s character himself. Neelam Muneer and Sami Khan hardly gets their time on screen and except one song, there was no real romance going on. 

Neelam Muneer provides much needed glamour to the screen, she almost steals every frame she appeared in. Although you may not be able to see much of her dancing. Sami Khan was barely there. 

Sana Fakhar also has some time to romance with Yasir and they even have a song together. The main character of this film is none other than the director himself and to be honest this is the biggest issue with this film. When Yasir Nawaz was in front of camera as Mehboob, perhaps there was no one to direct him, which certainly makes his scenes weak.

The climax is perhaps the weakest point of this film, as the story unfolds the Sami Khan character appears to be toothless all along until it has a fighting scene. The entry of Chaudhary Saheb (Shafqat Cheema) with his son Happy (Ahmed Hassan) will take you to 90s era. Ahmed Happy was in a constant overacting mode, in every scene with dialogues like either marry me with Zoya or pour 200 litres of cold water on me because there is no other way. Shafqat Cheema too could not add any value to it.

The character development is also questionable e.g. a rebellious girl is unable to speak when her father is out of confusion marrying her off to a different person., why was Mehboob  sitting silently at that time? Ali Wazir cares more about his job with Gul Nawaz then his only son, Gul Nawaz hates poor people, but then he suddenly has change of heart towards a mere house cleaner.

Wrong No. 2 is not a proper slapstick comedy as it heavily relies upon one-liners and mostly adult jokes or situation. The red light area sequence was totally misplaced. Especially, when you have promoted your film as a family comedy. The garbage scene was also not needed so was the scene in which women from Masooma’s neighbourhood suggests her to look for other options.

The music is not attractive enough to remember, surprisingly the most interesting song Mera Handsome Piyaduring end credits was not even picturised.

Wrong No. 2 can be termed watchable if you have nothing else to do because it can be a good idea to spend over 2 hours in chilled cinema halls to escape this scorching heat.

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