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In Conversation with Faysal Quraishi



Faysal Quraishi is not a new name in our showbiz industry. But he seems very fond of doing many new and innovative things when one meets him. Whether it is his television morning show, dramas and now films. Started his career as a child star in television series like Andhera Ujala, Quraishi tried his luck in films in late nineties, but soon found drama industry more flourishing and creative at that time and earned much fame with critically acclaimed drama serial ‘Boots From Toba Tek Singh ’ penned by none other than Khalil ur Rehman Qamar. Now one of the most liked morning show host of country, he is also ready for a come back in cinema by producing and acting in a film ‘Sorry: A Love Story’. We talked to this versatile man about his new film and  journey so far in this field. 

Why there is long gap of 19 years in your last film and this?  When I started doing films in late 90s, our industry went to a long halt. Even after its revival since the start of this decade, I remained very confused throughout those years that what kind of film I would do although there were many good offers and some of them are box office hits as well. I actually prepared myself for a film in last two years as everybody around me asking me to come back to cinema.

How the idea of Sorry came?It is an interesting story. After agreeing myself to do a film, the next thing was the search of a good script. I ultimately met Sohail Javed and we agreed to do a film on the idea of romance, comedy, glamour and all which one can say a bara masala chat. But one night when Sohail was dropping me home, he just told me this story and when I reached home I asked him, “Sohail bhai, lets do a film on this story”.  He said, “Sorry! We are already working on a script and soon to go on floor. How can you leave that?”  I said whether we had to wait for another one year or more, we should work on that idea. I believe when you do a thing by heart it also touches the heart of others too. Now we are here with Sorry and going on shoot in January.

How it is different from other films which have been released so far in last 5 years?Sorry has romance, music, songs and dance in it. Its an intense romantic drama. One thing I need to clear here that this film is not comedy. I don’t think that criteria of success is always a comedy film. In last 5 years form many comedy films, only 5 or 6 are a hit. A good film can be made on a romantic or love story as well. 

You are producing this film as well. So were you not attracted to the  offers you were getting and decided to produce your own film? It is not very unusual. There are many actors in India and other countries who produce the film in which they are doing lead role.  Actually there are many actors who want them to be in some particular role, so if they think that they can produce these roles then they do and should do. 

So, this role is very dear to your heart?
At this stage of my career, I think I have some responsibilities for this film industry. I have a feeling if I had taken this film to some other producer, they must had been put their input or wishes in this.  They could even changed the cast. So I wanted this film what my director wanted it to be. Moreover, if the lead of the film is also the producer, it saves a big amount of talent fee. 

What are the other projects of Faysal Quraishi Films?
I already am running a drama production company, Connect Studios. But Sorry is being made under the banner of Faysal Quraishi Films as it’s first project. 

The poster of film shows two females with you. So, are you romancing with one lady or is there any kind of love triangle?
There is another man as well. So, everybody is doing something regarding love. Every character is  connected with other.  

What are your expectations from other cast in the film?
Very high.  Zahid Ahmed is doing a very different role from his TV plays and people have never seen Amna Sheikh and Sonya Hussayn in these characters before. So every one is in a very new avatar in Sorry.

Who says sorry in Sorry?
I think the one who ought to say So.

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Delay in diagnosis can result in long term disability



An awareness seminar to highlight the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of arthritis was conducted at the Governor house Punjab, with joint collaboration of Arthritis Care Foundation and Scotmann Pharmaceuticals here in Lahore on Sunday 21 November.

The seminar was chaired by the honorable Governor of Punjab Chaudry Muhammad Sarwar, with awareness sessions conducted by chairperson Arthritis Care Foundation, Prof. Nighat Mir Ahmed, Co-chairperson Prof. Sumaira Farman Raja, and Co-chairperson and General Secretary, Prof. Muhammad Ahmed Saeed, and Dr. Saira E. A. Khan.

According to research done by the Arthritis Care Foundation with funding by World Health Organization, approximately 1 out of every 4th person is suffering from some kind of inflammatory joint disease.  If not diagnosed early, these conditions can result in long-term disability, like Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. State of the art department of Rheumatology with international standards and equipment has been initiated at the Central Park Teaching Hospital, served by highly skilled and qualified specialists and staff. Central Park Teaching Hospital also provides free treatment services for deserving patients with the support of the Arthritis Care Foundation.


The seminar highlighted the role of Vitamin D, diet, and exercise for healthy bones and joints, arthritis in children, young and elderly, and the common causes of back pain.

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Peng Salon celebrates Children’s Day, inviting Children Cancer patients for a Spa Day



This Children’s Day, Peng Salon & Spa, one of the leading hair & skin clinics in Karachi came up with a thoughtful initiative for children suffering from cancer. They invited these young cancer warriors from Indus Hospital for a Spa Day at the salon to mark Children’s Day celebrations. The children were treated with professional salon & spa services for a relaxing & refreshing experience.



Kaneez Fiza & Nafisa Dawood, Incharge at the Psychosocial department at Indus Hospital, who accompanied the children stated that the children were happy and it was an amazing experience for the children as well as their team at the Peng Salon. According to Kaneez, it was the first time for the children that they had visited a salon and they loved every bit of it and were overjoyed with the experience.

These children, fighting their battle against Cancer, are dreamers – full of innocence, hope and happiness. These little angels enjoyed the services of their choice at the salon and they were all smiles with the kind of pampering they were provided with. Services such as Haircut, hair styling, manicure, pedicure, makeup etc. were provided that made their day extra special.


After going through months of grueling treatment, giving these brave warriors such a day was a thoughtful initiative by Peng Salon. Arranging a Spa Day on Children’s Day for these young children to give them moments of joy and happiness was a wonderful idea by the team. Their aim to make these children feel valued, loved and special while helping them make cherishing memories.

Children were overwhelmed with the services they were provided and were all smiles as they left for the hospital again. Thumbs up to Peng Salon for initiating such a thoughtful activity to celebrate Children’s Day!

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5 motivational thoughts to get you motivated by Canadian-Pakistani CEO, Muneeb Mushtaq



Canadian Pakistani CEO and motivational speaker Muneeb Mushtaq has given us many insightful and empowering thoughts over the years on the basis of his experiences as a young and dynamic businessman. The tech tycoon has been the founder of three tech business ventures and has managed to achieve so much at such a young age. And, he has given back his learning and knowledge by motivating, educating, and mentoring people to be successful in life.

Here are some motivational thoughts by the Forbes awarded entrepreneur Muneeb Mushtaq to get you motivated and beat the Monday blues:


  1. Get rid of the useless and negative clutter in your life


Muneeb Mushtaq suggests that it is important to subtract some of the unnecessary things from life to realise how insignificant they are. He advises us to get away from the insignificant and negative clutter in order to see an immediate positive impact. Worrying about what others think of us, trying to please everyone are some of the unimportant things we need to remove as soon as possible. According to him “When you remove what’s negative, it’ll add more space for what’s POSITIVE”!


  1. Don’t wait, just take the first step


The successful entrepreneur recommends us not to wait for other people or for the perfect moment to do what you have always wanted to do. There will never be a perfect time, situation or circumstances that would make you start working on your dreams. He advises us to just take the first step and get started.


  1. Failure is the opportunity to start over again, more wisely


The dynamic businessman is also of the view that failure provides an invaluable experience that makes it more likely to get success the next time around. He explains: “Till the time you don’t give up, the failures are just learning experiences, helping you to eventually succeed.”


  1. Respect the competition


Muneeb Mushtaq also shares this motivational thought that competition should be embraced and should be used as a driving force to push you further rather than fearing it. Competition is also a validation that there is a massive market and opportunity in the space to grow further.


  1. Change is important

Another motivating thought from Muneeb Mushtaq is that if you want change in life, then you should also be willing to change. He says, “If you are not willing to change, don’t expect your life to either”.

Follow Muneeb Mushtaq on Instagram @MuneebMushtaq for regular motivational posts.


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