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The movie world belongs to horror and superheroes. We’re just living in it.Here’s another set of movies, but for some reason April felt exceptionally scary and action-packed.
The clear favorite here is Avengers: Endgame, which is projected to make approximately seventy-five bajillion dollars at the box office. But in case you’re not on the Marvel train, we have you covered. Stay up on your horror game with some dead animals and child-snatching ghosts, or maybe just kick back and let Aretha take you to church. Here are our picks for the best eight films that are out.

Pet Sematary

Yes to horror. Yes to cats. Yes to a reboot of Pet Sematary. The animal-centric horror story of dead pets coming back to life is being resurrected again, and unlike a lot of remakes, this one actually looks… pretty solid?


Shazam! is here to compete in the heavily crowded field of superhero films. In this one, a 14-year-old has the ability to transform into a superhero by shouting out a single word. Bet you can’t guess what it is…

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is the oldest, newest film of the bunch—and likely to be one of the best of the month. The Aretha Franklin film takes her back to New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles in 1972, where she performed some of her most prolific songs. Before now, the concert movie hadn’t been released.

High Life

Robert Pattinson is starting in a movie opposite a young girl and practically has to hold the movie together on his own. No, we’re not talking about another Twilightfilm. We’re talking about High Life—an upcoming film where he stars as a father who survives a space collision with his infant daughter.


Little is the working-woman’s answer to Freaky Friday. When Jordan’s (Regina Hall) overbearing demands wreak havoc on the workplace, she wakes up one day to find herself switched with a little girl (Marsai Martin). The two gave their own lessons to learn before returning back to their own bodies.


Hellboy explores that classic conundrum when you’re not a boy, not yet a demon. The reboot of the graphic novel-based film franchise sees the titular Hellboy battling a sorceress who won’t go down without a fight.

The Curse of La Llorona

Itching for another horror film after Us? Try out the Linda Cardellini-led La Llorona. Then again, maybe the real lead is La Llorona—a ghost haunting children in the ’70s that stands to cause serious danger to a social worker mother and her children.

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is (allegedly) the end of this Marvel era, and these superheroes are going out with a bang. Working to undo the havoc caused by Thanos in the last installment, Captain Marvel joins the splintered remains to restore balance to the universe and, of course, save the world.

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Is it true that Ehd-e-Wafa is Giving us Major Alpha Bravo Charlie Vibes?



All of us remember the moment when it was rumored that the sequel of Alpha Bravo Charlie(ABC) was being made. It definitely scared the living daylight out of us. Not that we do not like our current actors but there were some sentimental values attached to ABC that have left some footprints in our hearts for life. On a side note, it would have been a treat to see the modern version of ABC and a contemporary love story of Shehnaz and Gulsher once again.

Well, it is time to sit back and relax because the news is entirely different. The reason why the news pinched us really bad was the fact that we were also dreading about the idea of getting our childhood ruined because sequels and remakes are not always as amazing as the original work.

According to one of the leading actors of the drama, it has been confirmed that Ehd-E-Wafa is not a remake of Alpha Bravo Charlie or Sunehrey din. “I am glad that people are connecting this with such legendary dramas. The style and genre are similar but the story-line is totally different.” – Says Wahaj Ali


This new drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa has come up with such a powerful cast including Osman Khalid Butt, Wahaj Ali, Ahad Raza mir, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Alizeh Ali Shah, Hajra Yamin and everyone’s favorite Zara Noor Abbas. The drama is directed by Saife Hassan Sahab and is written by Mustafa Afridi Sahab.

It is a story about four friends, their struggle and their journey. They all belong to different parts of the country. They have different family background along with different characteristics and values. But their bond is extremely strong. There is understanding, fun, love and responsibility for each other. Apart from this, every persona of all these incredible women in the cast is meaningful and there is a proper reasoning behind every character. Zara Noor abbas is paired along Osman Khalid Butt, Alizeh Ali Shah with Ahad Raza Mir and Hajra is playing against Wahaj Ali. Wahaj says, “I am sure the message we want to deliver through this screenplay is meaningfully important as well as an easily conveyable idea for which the drama is being shot. We all are super excited to see the modern age plot and story-line of an army life and we also wish the cast a very Good-luck for their drama.

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Up Close and Personal with the Host of Joke Dar Joke- Hina Niazi



We got in touch with this beauty with brains after the controversy on the show “Joke Dar Joke” took the heat.
It was a treat to know her and we definitely had a great time talking to her.

1) How is Hina in real life?

Just another human being, who loves to have fun with her friends, likes to socialise, explores fancy food places and gets irritated very quickly.

2) Your biggest pet peeve?

Noisy Eaters

3) Being a host was a plan or you wanted to do something else?

It was never planned. I graduated in English Literature and ended up being a program anchor.

4) your favourite perfume?

Chance by Chanel

5) Your relationship status?

Currently in a relationship with food

6) Three things we will always find in your bag?

Perfume, hand sanitizer and credit card

7) One social media app that you can’t survive your day without?


8) A secret that not many people know about you?

Crows scare the shit out of me.

9) Who is your inspiration?

My parents

10) Are you planning to get into acting?

You never know 😉

11) Your celebrity crush?

Leonardo DiCaprio

12) What’s the worst/ most annoying thing about being a host?

Hectic working hours!!

13. Mazak raat Or Joke Dar Joke, which one is closer to your heart?

Joke Dar Joke for sure but Mazaq Raat has it’s own very special place in my heart.

14. What would you say about that controversial show you hosted on domestic violence?

Unfortunately, there are attention vultures on our social media who would always try and prey on such delicate social issues for their own publicity. Fatima Sohail came to our show and she admitted that it was an edited video shared on social media by some “nobody” to gain some cheap publicity. For the viewers, I’d like to tell that the whole unedited version of that very segment is available on our YouTube channel.

15) what are your future plans?
I am a happy go lucky type of a person. I don’t plan things. I go with the flow. Let’s see what future surprises me with

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5 Dramas that have Changed the Dynamics of the Entertainment Industry with Powerful Story-lines and Deep-Seated Lessons



After having a long trail of stories on our watch-list, we have got 5 dramas that achieved the limelight by using acting as a strapping tool to spread a positive and strong message and successfully stole the hearts with their unique plot and powerful story-lines.



Being the favorite show in the week, with its impeccable cast, Cheekh has rightly posited the message of women empowerment, women dignity and importance of truth in the society. Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas’s acting skills have put all of us in complete awe. The drama has got the potential to fight with the little demons that are silently eating up our society.



Inkaar has shown the real face of power in our society. How many Hajras get buried under the influence of strong men without getting justice from the most sacred doors that we call “Palais De Justice” I.e. our courtrooms. Yumna Zaidi left everyone spellbound with her fine acting and how she absorbed herself in Hajra’s character is nothing but plainly commendable. According to Yumna Zaidi, Khadija’s case of stabbing was used as an inspiration for this drama.



Sanam Baloch has always come back with a strong narration and even a stronger character. We have never seen her bow down in front of the patriarchal system in any of her dramas be it Khaas, Teri Razza or Kankar. She has always given a message through her characters that led many minds to change their perspectives towards the loopholes in our relationships in general. Khaas deals with the deep rooted patriarchy in our society and how problematic is the sense of superiority in one gender that makes it difficult for the other gender to survive without having any complexities in their normal life.



Arij fatyma has been doing roles of antagonists with an utter perfection. The leading lady always makes it to the list of favorites with her charm and inviolable aura. Refinement has always been the main element in her character and acting skills. Hasad caters to the most discussed topic in women oriented groups on Facebook as well as conversations in general. How bad is the evil eye, how important has it become to hide happiness even from the closest people and how easily the element of “jealousy” can affect our normal life and turn it into a nightmare.



The stupendously good-looking cast of Anaa has definitely made us fallen in love with the story and the diegesis. The plot revolves around an elite family being caught up in their egos and fighting for themselves on the cost of the happiness and consent of their own family. The drama has rightly been named after the word “Anaa” as the whole game is about power, selfishness and self psyche. Apparently, the drama shows each character living their life according to their own terms but, in actual, this puts forward the message how the manifestation of fragile egos that we all are surrounded by can make us suffer in a long run.

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