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Grammy’s bests and worsts



The trendsetters of the year are here, its Grammy season and all the celebrities are trying their utmost to out do one another with awe inspiring outfits. So lets dive in and check out who was wearing what at one of the most prestigious events of 2019.

The Red Carpet’s Best Dressed

Here we have Lady Gaga dressed up in a glamorous disco Celine ensemble, her platinum blonde locks completing the look.

Bebe Rexha making a fashion statement in her Red Cinderella Monsoori gown.

Dua Lipa looking elegant in a silver body-hugging gown, topping the look off with Bvlgari jewels that help accent her beauty.

Camilla Cabello donning a dazzling pink high collared Armani Prive gown. Looking gorgeous and chic.

Miley Cyrus going the simplistic route; pairing an over-sized black tuxedo jacket and flared pants with her good looks.

The Red Carpet’s Worst Dressed

Even Katy Perry’s beauty couldn’t help pull off this look, her strapless pink Balmain gown seemed more like a miss than a hit.

Cardi B’s Vintage Mugler Couture Outfit looking out of place at the Grammys as it failed to mesh with the the overall theme.

Nina Dobrev’s beige Dior Dress felt quite lackluster in nature even though her gorgeousness made up for it.

Failing to make an impact is so unlike Kylie Jenner, however this Halter Balmain Jumpsuit seemed to have precisely that effect.

Michelle Obama was seen wearing a silver sequined power suit, and although eye-catching, its lack of uniqueness made it less memorable than some of the other outfits we saw.


Sights of Malaysia



Malaysia; one of the world’s most popular destination for coastal tourism. Also called a food heaven, famous it for delicious and mouthwatering cuisine. A country with both urban and rural sights to see, low cost of living, this is one travel destination you should have at the top of your list.

An eerily beautiful view of the Cameron Highlands, one could gaze into it forever and absorb the serenity of the environment.

The famous Helipad Bar of Kuala Lumpur; a perfect place to enjoy cool drinks while staring at Malaysia’s Petronas twin towers.

A glimpse of Daniyal Faud at Langkawi beach, home to crystal clear waters, pleasant weather and an aesthetically pleasing view.

Lake of the pregnant maiden with the Langkawi islands in sight. These gentle waters are known to have a relaxing effect on one’s mind.

Breakfast in Malacca, a state in Malaysia known for its historic attractions and great food. Definitely one stop not to miss out on.

Daniyal at Boh Tea Plantation, a place riddled with green lush scenery that feels as if one has transported off to another realm.

A cruise of the Malacca River, also known as Venice of the East. Offers a look at both ancient and moderns settlements side by side.

The beautiful Putra Mosque of Putrajaya, located at the edge of a lake and containing well crafted architecture. A spiritual place, acknowledged by many for helping one attain inner peace.

One of the more fun destinations on this list; the upside down museum in Penang. People of all ages can enjoy themselves in this interactive environment, with riveting displays of creativeness.

Malaysia is almost synonymous with water, one can not fully explored the country without roaming its lakes, rivers and sea. Definitely something one should check out while visiting.

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Hollywood’s Spring Madness



Spring is right around the corner and Fashion brands all around the world are gearing up to entrance us with their new and trendy designs, the titans of the Fashion industry have always seen spring as a bridge, one that connects summer and winter, which is why their work during this season is considered a flux of creative output. Here are a few designs you’ll definitely want in your wardrobe.

1. Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad tries its hands with interesting light floral prints; subtle yet enigmatic. Seems like the perfect thing to wear at a sunday brunch on the farm.

2. Versace

Ever since it was bought out Versace has diversified its portfolio while staying true to its roots. These abstract micro-floral designs can be seen as an accurate representation of Spring.

3. Chanel

This year Chanel has maintained the essence of Parisian fashion with a modern touch. Bringing back cashmere sweaters, with buckled handbags, Chanel successfully spins one into a chic French girl.

4. Balmain

Balmain’s very own Rousteing has done it again; every time it feels as if he’s really outdone himself he knocks us out with another surprise.  He offers tribute in Spring to the Louvre and Egypt; hidden layers creatively embedded in his designs.

5. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is really knocking it out of the park with their spring collection. It’s innovative yet not over the top, sublime yet ethereal. Their opaque aquatic themed designs are really a sight for sore eyes.

6. Burberry

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; Burberry opts to embody that with their new clothes. Drawing inspiration from the British, Burberry pushes to bridge the gap between different cultures with inclusively fashionable composition.

7. Louis Vuitton

Thinking out of the box, Louis Vuitton’s Spring collection draws inspiration from “Sci-fi” rather than nature. Their new line seems both fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Simply awe-inspiring.

8. Saint Laurent

Unlike other brands on this list Saint Laurent pursues a more dark and formal theme for its spring collection. It’s designs are hauntingly enigmatic, easily grasping the attention of one’s eyes.

9. Prada

Prada goes for a representation of duality, putting togething conservatism and liberation. Even with one glance its apparent how empowering the designs are, overflowing with creativity.

10. Stella McCartney

Playful, flirtatious and athletic, influenced with Stella’s trademark attribute; a carefree spirit. These stylistic laid back clothes have hidden depths, imbued with elegance and beauty.

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The American Dream



The United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave. A leading nation of this world, and one of its most popular tourism destinations. People from around the world travel to USA, for soaking in its many attractions and embracing a change of environment. USA is known to be the third or fourth largest country in the world, hosting numerous diverse cultures.

Sarah Syed at New York’s favorite spot; the Times Square, one of the busiest places in the entire city. Definitely holds a top position on our wander-list.

Here we have Hoboken, New Jersey trapped under a layer of snow looking frighteningly beautiful. A perfect spot to take aesthetically pleasing photos.

A retro hotel that perfectly embodies Washington DC, comprised of everything one needs to know about the city, an integral spot that should be on all our lists.

A marvelous shot taken in Connecticut, one could simply gaze at this view all day long, surreal and ethereal.

The gorgeous scenery of New Haven, known to have a soothing effect on the mind and the perfect place to kick back and relax.

Sarah Syed exploring one of the many parks in Washington DC. Lush Greenery, urban cityscape, monumental buildings, DC has it all.

A destination that anyone visiting America should not miss out on, the jewel in its crown, suitable for people of all ages; Disney World.

An exquisite view of the Hudson River, basking in the glory of the cloudy sky. The tender winds would feel quite pleasing and comforting, helping one find solace.

One of Washington DC’s more serene sites, the city that is home to the White House, has many hidden gems such as this park, a optimal spot for a calm retreat.

And if all of that wasn’t simply enough to convince you to saddle up and rush off to USA, maybe another shot of the Hudson River overlooking the city will change your mind.

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