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Full Circle – Shahida Ahmeds First Solo Art Show in Lahore



Shahida recently decided to change the signature on her art to the simple and anonymous pronoun ‘She’, to denote, she says, “a woman, no faith, colour or culture”, whose art was there to be freely interpreted by all.

Full Circle exhibition marks a decade-long, round trip of mixed milestones and emotions for artist Shahida Ahmed to show new collection of work in Lahore.

Shahida Ahmed & Aleema Khan

From the multiple spins made by a whirling dervish to the way in which life can suddenly return us to an earlier moment of significance, circles in one form or another have long fascinated the British-Pakistani artist Shahida Ahmed, presenting themselves at pivotal points in her life and, inevitably, finding their way into her work.

Ramzan & Shabnam

This realisation of the circle’s significance, in terms of motif and backstory, together with her arrival at something of a personal milestone, convinced Shahida that it should be the central theme in her forthcoming show, which will take place at the Mussawir Gallery in Lahore. Lahore a city where her mother was born.


Titled Full Circle, explores the whirling dervish’s Sufi dance in all its forms, from groups of performers preparing to dance and acknowledging their audience to others synchronised, arms spread and heads tilted, in full flight.
“I started painting the whirling dervishes more than a decade ago, in 2008,” Shahida explains. “I’ve found that whatever I’m doing in my work, I always come back to them and, in the same way, whatever’s happening in my life always leads me back to the same place or starting point.”

Ali Babar & Irum Babar

The title of each work on show draws on the writings of Rumi, the 13th-century Persian poet and Islamic scholar who has long been a source of inspiration for the artist.
While the exhibition sees Shahida revisiting a familiar subject, the whirling dervishes in this new collection are decidedly different, with greater use of colour giving the pieces more vibrancy and a new level of dynamism.

“The earlier pieces were mostly white, since the aim was to capture the purifying process that is a key part of the sufi dance,” she notes. “This time around, I began experimenting with other techniques and the style seemed to change. There is also a different mood to the collection, which I think is due to the fact that it reflects my artistic journey over the decade.”
The arrival point is a multi-faceted one, with Shahida’s recognition of the landmarks she has reached both personally and professionally helping to make the show something of a celebration.”

Hussain Jahanian Gardezi

“I believe that this exhibition is part of a journey that I’m making in many roles, as a daughter, mother, artist and independent woman,” she says. “I’m excited that I’m able to take the audience with me back to the starting point and complete the circle once again.”

Ambreen Khan & Rani

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Beydari: The Dreamer Awakes



Words are considered the most powerful medium of expression whether spoken or written. The bothe were witnessd in a recent event at Arts Council, Karachi, where a poetry collection ‘The Dreamer Awakes’, by Beo Zafar was launched along with its Urdu translation titled ‘Baydari’ by none other than renown fiction writer Asma Nabeel, the name behind dramas like Khuda Mera Bhi Hai, Khaani and Maan Jao Na.

The event was not limited to the introduction of book and poets, but the excerpts from both the English and Urdu section were read by the famous personalities of media and showbiz industry of Pakistan. Thus the evening was as glittery as it could be.  

Beo Zafar and Asma Nabeel both dedicated this book to their beloved mothers. They extended their gratitude to the Almighty, their family and everyone who supported them and contributed towards their success.

Beo Zafar, the author of Beydari (The Dreamer Awakes) and a woman with a passion for poetry so utterly great said at the event, “I always desired one thing; to be able to express my poems in a language as beautiful as Urdu. My only regret, however was that I couldn’t write as well in Urdu as I did in English, leaving my long awaited dream unfulfilled. It was, at last, due to the remarkable translation skills of Asma Nabeel, the extremely talented screenplay that Beydari was born. Hence, my dream finally came true.”

The guests started to arrive in the evening at red carpet with their pictures done for various media present at the occasion. The event started off with the introduction of the book by the respected authors. Following the introduction, verses from the book were recited by Sidra Iqbal, Sanam Saeed, Yasra Rizvi, Hina Dilpazir, Arib Azhar and Toddshea. Many famous personalities from media industry and literature attended the launch such as Fahad Mustafa, Anwar Maqsood, Javed Jabber, Sana Shahnawaz, Imran Ashraf, Hajra Yamin, Noor Hassan, Amna Ilyas, Abdullah Farhatullah, Haseena Moien and many more. To conclude the event, verse from the book was beautifully composed and sung by Schumaila Hussain.

The event was sponsored by Arif Habib Group, Thyme restaurant, and Edenrobe while Parfaire Events and PR arranged the entire evening.

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Enrich Them When Young: Badal Do Education Festival



The developed and prosperous nations of the world always teach their children in the beginning so they can become positive being in their personal lives and productive and instrumental for the society as a whole.

Pakistan is the country, where almost 31 per cent of population falls under the age of 14 years while about 21 per cent is between 14 to 24 years of age. So, we are a country where more than half of our population is consisted of youth. This is also a fact that Pakistan literally faces many kinds of collective catastrophes like terrorism, unemployment, and suppression from rest of the world. These calamities directly or indirectly affect the children and youth of a notion the most.  

We never see any concrete initiative from our governments to deal with these problems and save our young ones and next generation from the possible blows of their future, but privately there are some organizations who are taking part in this cause and one of them is a school enrichment program Badal Do, which believes that children should be taught more than more than course books in schools.

Badal Do recently held its 2nd Annual Education Festival in Karachi, highlighting teacher sensitization to bring about inclusive and innovative tools in education by adopting creative methods to make peace, social inclusion, diversity and tolerance part of the educational experience, in the classrooms and beyond.

The initiative consists of 150 participating schools – 120 private/30 government – consisting more than 10,000 students, Badal Do Education Festival aims to create a range of learning and development opportunities for schools to keep the process of progression and enrichment alive.

According to Badal Do, “It to prepare a cadre of teachers ready to bring about behaviour change to foster peace and tolerance in society. By interacting with people who are different, the barriers of ‘otherization’ will be broken down. By listening to luminaries of their own fields, asking questions, listening to Badal Do stories of transformation, thus attempting to ignite the change within, and cascade it into the society.

The festival was organized by MC Zawwar & Rashid, who were also responsible for arranging activities of the event.

An active member of Badal Do Afia Salam said that the model of the program is based on positive engagement with the school community in integrating universal humanistic values of harmony, respect for diversity and inclusion in academic, co-curricular and administrative aspects. An interactive video followed by to present Badal Do in a glance.   

Key Note speaker Javed Jabbar talked about how Pakistan has been recognised as one the countries with the most educational reforms in the world according to The Economist.

Following this, the participants comprising students, teachers and guest alike visited the educational exhibition by Children’s Museum for Peace and Human Rights (CMPHR), where 10,000 plus student art entries were collected. The artwork demonstrated their expressions of hope for understanding of Acceptance, Tolerance, Environment, Diversity, Say no to guns, Peace and Social justice.

About 1000 plus artworks by CMPHR were aimed to be utilised for more practical purpose as they were in the form of stitched designs on 75 quilts. Five of these quilts were selected by Rabiya Javeri Agha, Secretary Ministry of Human Rights, Government of Pakistan to be displayed at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City this month.

The Second part of exhibition depicted children’s emotions through images and video taken by participating schools and Critical Thinking Games display.

The Education Festival also consisted of panels by Children’s Museum for Peace and Human Rights (CMPHR), AzCorp & The School of Writing (TSW) highlighting activities which are designed to promote creative, reflective and progressive skills in both students and teachers with support from school management through a variety of approaches and materials. That practice was aimed to provide more robust, vibrant and socially responsible learning environment in educational institutions.

For further information please visit:



Twitter: @BadalDoPK


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The Best Dressed Celebrities at Paris Haute Couture 2019 Fashion Week



Many of the world’s finest celebrities flew to Paris over the weekend to indulge in some stunning high fashion at Paris Haute Couture 2019 Fashion Week. But they didn’t just observe. Whether they were sitting front row or snapped heading into a show, they also embraced their own eye-catching senses of style and we narrowed it down to the best ones!

Celine Dion is essentially the queen of Paris Fashion Weeks, turning the streets into her own personal runway. Wearing some of her wackiest and coolest looks yet, this year’s Haute Couture week has been no different. Her first official Haute Couture Fashion Week event was Schiaparelli, which would be presenting its first collection under Daniel Roseberry’s creative direction. Dion had a custom look made by Roseberry—a black halter-necked dress with a pleated skirt and matching elbow-length gloves. She finished it off with a headpiece by Stephen Jones, milliner to the stars, and sunglasses by Féroce.

Mandy Moore just made the streets of Paris a real life runaway. The This Is Us actress is most certainly cementing her place in the fashion industry and has proven herself quite the fashionista . Wearing a sheer striking blue cape dress with an embellished golden belt created by designer Peter Dundas, at the Dundas Fall 2020 Haute Couture Fashion show, the brunette beauty bewitched everyone with her outfit and equally mesmerizing makeup look.

Check out the chicest look on our newest MJ: Zendaya. She wore a cropped whitetuxedo shirt with slouchy plain black ankle cut trousers that displayed her tights and stiletto heels. She had her hair slicked back and we just can’t get over how perfectly she pulled this look off at the Armani Privé Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2019 show on July 2!

Margot Robbie: For the Chanel Haute Couture Fall-Winter show on July 2, the Once Upon a Time In Hollywood actress rocked a black and white checkered jacket with criss-cross print tweed pants matching with plain back heels and it surprisingly worked! Keeping casual, simple but chic.

This just might be the blonde beauty’s most daring outfit to date. Christina Aguilera dons a vintage tattoo kimono-style dress with a corset (that acts as a belt), black knee-high boots paired with flashy accessories and makes a statement with red lips and nails at the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute show.

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