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Five cities and 5 stories with Rohama Riaz!



Wide open arms, facing the mountains, trying to hug those peaks is all she dreamt of…
It all started with her journey at LUMS. The girl who had never visited any place other than her grandmother’s Big buzzy city Lahore, now, was determined to approach the unapproachable.

First trip to Swat, apparently the Switzerland of Pakistan

Having no friends to accompany, she set out on her first ever trip to northern side with a group of boys she had a minimal acquaintance with. It wasn’t easy, but she did it as it’s not about the choices you make; it is about what you learn from those choices. Witnessing the snow for the first time was an experience so divine and so unreal. Coming back, full of energy and a feeling of pride to have visited one city, she was on her way to unlock the doors of adventures.

Second trip to the most beautiful valley in Pakistan called Kafirstan “Kalash”

Determined to travel, once again, with a bunch of unknown faces, she was on a 14day trip from Lahore to Kalash. Travelling alone teaches you about self worth and self sufficiency. If you have the power to survive the uncertainty, miles away from home, you can survive anything and everything with self containment. Living for three days without phone and cooking one’s own food was probably the best thing about the whole trip. Away from all the worries, several feet above with people that are totally
different from you in terms of culture, religion and beliefs is a whole new experience and great way to learn diversity pluralism and inclusion.

Third Trip to the little fairy palace “Fairy Meadows”

Holding her best friends’ hands, she was out on another adventure. This time, it was not a secluded trip full of uncertainty, but the one that taught her importance of love, friendship and companionship, how, a human being can bring a positive change to your life. Traveling with familiar faces is not an easy task. On one hand, there is a lot of fun and a sense of security, on the other hand, it teaches you patience, love and tolerance.
Trekking thousands feet above with no proper facilities, being around nature, opens up the reality of life that we seem to ignore while being surrounded with the hectic life of a city.

Fourth trip to the heaven on earth, Kashmir

Only for her thirst to travel, knowing no one, she set off with 80 unknown people. Having no idea about how to trek on snow, she found a helping hand from a complete stranger. Doesn’t this give the validation that God is everywhere? From selecting clothes to taking pictures, she was her own
superwoman. As someone once said “travel is never a matter of money, but a matter of courage.” She fell, she got up, she laughed and she cried. But at the end, she only learned. Time was short but she made it possible to visit all the prominent places.

Last year and last trip being a college student- Skardu

By that time, she had become a pro at handling trips, adventures and uncertainty. It was smooth, it was beautiful and it was full of fun but it had its own lessons. She was surrounded with known people. An experience from eating apricot to stealing cherries, to taking slow-mo videos to capturing the beauty around to celebrating her birthday between the mountains, it was one of the best chapters of her life. Each chapter taught her more than she could learn inside the four walls of her room underneath her blanket. She didn’t let the depression come over. She chose her ways and turned those ways into the best training of lifetime.


Paperazzi Issue 294 April 21, 2019



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PSFW ‘ 19 Roundup



Recapping all three days of Pakistan Sunsilk Fashion Week 2019

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PSFW ’19 Day 3 off the ramp!!!



Here is a roundup of all the collections showcased on Day 3 at the Pakistan Sunsilk Fashion Week 2019


Khas Stores with Khas Philosophy of quality, innovation, designs and khas trend presented its Khas designer lawn collection. The pieces reflected apparel for comfort, luxury and Khas look.


Sanoor Introduced a unique eclectic blend of design philosophies, artistic tastes and styles from rich cultures of various civilizations around the world. The spring summer collection was a combination of pastel colors, exotic flowers, paisleys and oriental ornamentation and much more with a touch of fine embroideries that gave a fresh summer feel.


Almirah represented class and sophistication and signified traditional ideals with modern execution. The collection had a blend of palette of subtle colors and finest fabric. With a wide range and countless designs, the sherwanis, waistcoats, and formal suits sewn in threads of sophistication and embroidered with the glory of incomparable workmanship.

So Kamal

The collection presented a range which was youthful, fun loving and free spirited. Having a palette of brighter tones – florescent accents and Deeper Hues, So Kamal created a wardrobe to cater a woman of every walk of life. They also introduced the Athleisure Line focusing on volume harem pants – cuff jackets and so kamal logo tees. The Evening line consisted of big emphasis on details of Sequence, cut pipes, gottas and beaded embellishments and floral colored embroideries.

Zaha by Khadija Shah – Wild Things

An eclectic collection rooted in the glamour and decadence of the eighties. A decade of bold style and even bolder women. The collection comprised of flamboyant yet easy to wear silhouettes featuring clashing animal prints in punchy primary colors. The ‘Wild Things’ glamorous display was a pleasure to watch and remarkably loved by all.

Nomi Ansari X Tūhura

Fashion powerhouse Nomi Ansari joined forces with Pakistan’s leading online sportswear brand, Tuhura Athletics, to debut a luxury active-wear collection. The limited-edition capsule, inspired by the designer’s active on-the-go lifestyle and retro style, featured a variety of silhouettes and colors. The collection ranged from head-to-toe animal prints, full monochromatic studio-to-street styles, fierce neon sets and must-have metallic windbreakers.

Republic by Omar Farooq – Metaphor 

A luxury street-wear capsule collection by Republic by Omar Farooq explored the evolution of symbolism from a form of basic communication, to that of self-representation and anarchic expression. Neon shirts, vests and stripes on single toned suits added a pop of color to sophisticated menswear sprucing up the runway looks.

HSY – Rani 

The iconic fashion force, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin celebrated 2019 as his 25th year in fashion and one in which he comes full circle with the HSY brand. HSY’s journey has been one with his mother; his guiding light as a strong icon of an empowered and empowering woman. In ode to their bond, the collection was titled ‘Rani’, his mother’s nickname and ‘queen’. The pieces were a clear depiction of powerful, independent, free-spirited and elegant women. The collection pieces were mostly all red and had patterns which were hand-made and the fabrics used were georgette woven out of silk yarn, predominately based in a monochromatic color palette ‘red’ because the color has a special significance in HSY’s life as the first colour he saw when he got his sight back, 25 years back.

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