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Five cities and 5 stories with Rohama Riaz!



Wide open arms, facing the mountains, trying to hug those peaks is all she dreamt of…
It all started with her journey at LUMS. The girl who had never visited any place other than her grandmother’s Big buzzy city Lahore, now, was determined to approach the unapproachable.

First trip to Swat, apparently the Switzerland of Pakistan

Having no friends to accompany, she set out on her first ever trip to northern side with a group of boys she had a minimal acquaintance with. It wasn’t easy, but she did it as it’s not about the choices you make; it is about what you learn from those choices. Witnessing the snow for the first time was an experience so divine and so unreal. Coming back, full of energy and a feeling of pride to have visited one city, she was on her way to unlock the doors of adventures.

Second trip to the most beautiful valley in Pakistan called Kafirstan “Kalash”

Determined to travel, once again, with a bunch of unknown faces, she was on a 14day trip from Lahore to Kalash. Travelling alone teaches you about self worth and self sufficiency. If you have the power to survive the uncertainty, miles away from home, you can survive anything and everything with self containment. Living for three days without phone and cooking one’s own food was probably the best thing about the whole trip. Away from all the worries, several feet above with people that are totally
different from you in terms of culture, religion and beliefs is a whole new experience and great way to learn diversity pluralism and inclusion.

Third Trip to the little fairy palace “Fairy Meadows”

Holding her best friends’ hands, she was out on another adventure. This time, it was not a secluded trip full of uncertainty, but the one that taught her importance of love, friendship and companionship, how, a human being can bring a positive change to your life. Traveling with familiar faces is not an easy task. On one hand, there is a lot of fun and a sense of security, on the other hand, it teaches you patience, love and tolerance.
Trekking thousands feet above with no proper facilities, being around nature, opens up the reality of life that we seem to ignore while being surrounded with the hectic life of a city.

Fourth trip to the heaven on earth, Kashmir

Only for her thirst to travel, knowing no one, she set off with 80 unknown people. Having no idea about how to trek on snow, she found a helping hand from a complete stranger. Doesn’t this give the validation that God is everywhere? From selecting clothes to taking pictures, she was her own
superwoman. As someone once said “travel is never a matter of money, but a matter of courage.” She fell, she got up, she laughed and she cried. But at the end, she only learned. Time was short but she made it possible to visit all the prominent places.

Last year and last trip being a college student- Skardu

By that time, she had become a pro at handling trips, adventures and uncertainty. It was smooth, it was beautiful and it was full of fun but it had its own lessons. She was surrounded with known people. An experience from eating apricot to stealing cherries, to taking slow-mo videos to capturing the beauty around to celebrating her birthday between the mountains, it was one of the best chapters of her life. Each chapter taught her more than she could learn inside the four walls of her room underneath her blanket. She didn’t let the depression come over. She chose her ways and turned those ways into the best training of lifetime.


Bridal Couture Week Day 2 brings more stars on the ramp



Ali Zafar looks dazzling in Balck Sherwani

After the glamorous showcase on Day One, Day Two of the bridal extravaganza was a continuation of the glitz and bridal statements with the country’s acclaimed couturiers, bridal wear designers and retail brands. As always BCW left its audience stunned with its majestic stage, uniquely set for a one of kind fashion show.

On Day Two of the bridal extravaganza kicked off with Emraan Rajput’s earthy hued fusion collection Shalima.

It was followed by Aisha Farid’s Nur un Nissa a collection fit for the Mughal empress.

The next show was by Kausar Sajid with her Parivarsh collection which has revived ancient embroidery techniques over luxe and delicate fabrics for the modern-day bride.

Shakeel’s by Zeeshan Danish’s hand embroidered bridal collection Kimkhwab and Sheeba Kapadia’s Claire De Lune for the new age bride.

Chinyere’s Ishq Nachaye Gali Gali for the woman who presents femininity through unique and beautiful patterns of embroidery, embellishments and motifs.


Humayun Alamgir’s Nawabzada a collection inspired by the fashion choices of the royals, elite and the influential.

Next in line was Embellished by Sadaf Amir’s Bagh e Baharan which featured colours of flowers from all seasons and transformed the ramp into a garden.

Rici Melion’s timeless couture pieces in their latest collection Zyanya, encompassing artisanal craft forms showcasing renditions of Turkish floral, textures and seaming.

Day 2 comes to an end with the return of Lahore’s favourite Maria B. with her collection The Lady of Amritsar.

The audience also witnessed the launch of Tasmina and Zulfiqar Sheikh’s Sacch movie’s latest song. The cast members who braced the runway included debutant Elysée Sheikh paired with Asad Zaman Khan, along with veterans including Ayesha Sana and Uzma Gillani.

Day 2 of the three-day bridal extravaganza had an amazing line-up of celebrities walking for the designers – internationally acclaimed singer and actor Ali Zafar walked for Emraan Rajput, and the stunning queen of television Ayeza Khan walked for Aisha Farid. Nimra Khan graced the ramp for Kausar Sajid, while Urwa Hocane walked for Shakeel’s by Zeeshan Danish while Sanam Jung walked for Sheeba Kapadia’s showcase. The very lively Juggan Kazim walked for Chinyere while singer Falak Shabbir, vlogger Shahveer Jafry and cricketer Hasan Ali walked for Humayun Alamgir. Mawra Hocane walked for Sadaf Amir and Junaid Khan with Zubab Rana strutted down the ramp for Rici Melon. The veteran classical performer Nighat Chaudary added allure to the show during Maria B.’s segment.

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5 Top Trends that keep popping on our fashion-gram



Every time we check our social media, we get to know about a new trend that goes viral around the globe and to keep ourselves fashionably literate and aware, we have to go with that fashion parade no matter how absurd that trend is. But some fashions and patterns keep repeating and showing that they are here to stay forever and that too with different variations and intensities. 

We got our hands on these 5 fashion fads that everyone is going loco over.


No matter what you bring in fashion every season, pantsuits will always have their dapper vibes on. Not just the formal events, these pantsuits have started trending on fashion shows, red carpets and casual events depending on how you carry your look. Wearing pantsuits does not take a lot of effort as only minimal accessories are needed along with a lavish pair of court shoes. Boom!!! you are good to ace. 

Animal Prints

Animal prints have a love-hate relationship when it comes to trending. Some days, you will hate the excess of these prints and some days you would love to keep adding these prints in your wardrobe. Lately, these prints are making their way into bags, shoes, jewelry and literally every wearable item. We love how people around the world are pairing animal printed pants, shoes, shirts, necklaces and bringing out the best looks on our newsfeed. 

Tonal nails 

Embrace a spectrum of shades this time when you got a manicure. While you go for this tonal nails trend, keep in mind to choose shades from the same color family. Whether muted tones or vibrant hues, do not go for pick and mix formula. We got this done and found it to be the chicest trend in nails for this season. 

Pastel Eye-Liner 

Black, brown or dark blue liner is so 2018. This also does not work for those who do not like to apply liner. Pastel eyeliners are the new in-thing in fashion town. Not Vivaciously hyper colors, but light and soothing colors are recommended for best results. The soft-toned hues are a wardrobe staple but feel daring and bold on the eye. If you are scared of taking a risk you can apply black liner first and can use an outline from any pastel palette or can just highlight the corners of your eyes. Whatever route you take, this one trend should be the must in your makeup list.

Thigh-High Boots

Either Pull them on over skinny jeans or leggings or style them with a mid-length skirt that is right above the top of the boots. To keep them look prominent, always go for a contrasting color; If your boots are a darker shade, go for a lighter tone outfit and vice verse. Ditch those Chelsia boots and go for thigh-high boots to flaunt this winter season. 

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Condensing the best Dressed at PLBW’19



PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week’19 was, without any doubt, a grand affair of intricate wedding wear collections filled with glamour and grandeur. But, what dragged our attention was street style fashion icons and their spiffy & snazzy trendsetting details that we saw at the blue carpet. From neon to jeggings to joggers to shimmery jackets; everything was there. You name it and our fashionistas will tell you how to carry each piece with a real sass.

We have chosen our favorite outfits and looks from this three day big event and this is what we think is going to trend this autumn season.

1) We loved Eman Suleman’s basic black Saree and a quirky cool hairdo. Doesn’t she absolutely look dope?

2) Momina Sibtain’s popping yellow cocktail mid-length dress and Mahnum Kabir’s dramatic black leather skirt has grabbed our attention quickly.

3) If you do not know already; silk is the new trendsetter this autumn and will definitely be shown in different formal and wedding wear collections from many prominent designers around the town.

4) Printed suit is going to be the next “IT”( in trend) thing in your wardrobe.

5) We found Shireen Rehman’s scintillating grey robe with classic black embellishments to be very chic. These kind of looks keep the real charm of a fashion week intact.

6) We are sure that you also liked this lilac number adorned with fancy and snappy frills, teensy details on the arms and a long tail.

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