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First Hijab-wearing Character Appears in Marvel Cinematic Universe



Actress Zoha Rahman is officially the first person to portray a hijab-wearing character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with her appearance in “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” Rahman plays a classmate and friend of Peter Parker (Spider-Man). Although she personally doesn’t wear a hijab, she nonetheless recognized the significance of her character in an interview with Teen Vogue: “I grew up without seeing someone like myself onscreen. And when I did start seeing representations in mainstream media, they were irresponsible and poor. I treated my role as a huge responsibility.”

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In conversation with Hamza Tanveer



Setting the standards high with his impeccably charming looks

We had a short heart to heart conversation with this cutie Hamza Tanveer and we bet there is a lot you would love to read about him. Certainly, we are not afraid to say that he is already on the road of success to be the next sensation in town.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m Hamza Tanveer. I’m a Vocalist and I’m one of the veterans of Nescafe Basement.

How did you get into Nescafé Basement?
Through LIVE auditions. Nescafe Basement held LIVE auditions for their Season 2 in my University (UCP) back in 2013. I was selected by Xulfi (Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan) as a Lead Vocalist. That was one lucky day of my life.

Before Nescafé Basement, how did you find out that there was a singer inside you?
I actually realized that when I got selected in Nescafe Basement LIVE auditions. Before that, I was just an introvert and more of a bathroom singer LOL. Also, I never took part in any College/University events as I was too shy to do so.

How did you all get together to produce music? Where did it start?
All the artists were selected from all over Pakistan through LIVE auditions. After that, we were called by Xulfi Bhai for our initial orientation at Nescafe Basement. There, we had our first musical jam and on our first attempt, we knew that we all were at the right place. Thanks to Xulfi bhai for mentoring us all these years. He unearthed and discovered the talent in me and motivated me to get what I could ever dream of.

Was it like you always wanted to be a singer?
No! My parents always wanted me to become an engineer. So, my focus was on my studies initially till Nescafe Basement happened. But music was within me. I used to sing it with my only friend who had a guitar. Music was always something I loved doing in my spare time and the passion grew stronger by time.

Has it become your full-time profession?
No! I tried to convince myself and my family…but considering financial issues, and other social problems, I couldn’t cope up with that! Now I do a job and also do the music side by side! Although I do hope that there may come a time in Pakistan when artists like me would be able to opt music as their full-time job.

How is your experience working as a group?
It has taught me a lot! I had no musical education/background before NB. So, for me, it was a great learning experience working with such a talented lot. We’ve not just made good music altogether but we’ve made long-lasting friendships also. For now, it’s everything I could ever ask for.

Are you intending to move towards Coke Studio?
Definitely, if I am ever given a chance and anything I can contribute to music with what I acquire, I’m up for it!

Who is your favorite Pakistani Singer/ your inspiration?
Considering genres that I sing or like, I can take all the names of legendary artists of Pakistan. Everyone’s been my inspiration as I grew up watching/listening to them on TV and wanted to be like them. 🙂
If you still insist, I’d say Mekaal Hassan Band, Shafqat Amanat Ali and Sajjad Ali are my favorites. 🙂

Considering your good looks, would you like to get into modeling or acting?
Acting, NO! Modeling can be done!

Other than music, what do you like to do the most?
Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat!

What’s your comfort blanket?
I enjoy spending time alone.

What is your relationship status?
Single for now!

If you could sing with one singer that is not alive, who would it be?
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Tell us about your future projects?
I’m working on my two new songs. I would share updates as I get done with everything.

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Hareem Farooq breaks the stereotypical image of a dulhan in the newly released trailer of Heer Maan Ja and we can’t wait for the movie now!



By Hina Ghaffar

The megahit on-screen couple of Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan are back together in IRK Films & Arif Lakhani Films’ upcoming movie ‘Heer Maan Ja’, that’s all set to release worldwide this Eid-ul-Azha.
Knowing that the movie is a project from the super talented makers of Siyaah, Janaan and Parchi, we already couldn’t wait to the see what this movie will bring us. But after watching the electrifying trailer of the movie that has just been released, we are now completely on edge! Eid-ul-Azha can’t arrive sooner!

What a terrific visual! The trailer is a perfect glimpse of the epic roller-coaster ride Heer Maan Ja is expected to be! You can find romance, you can see action, and you can also find yourself smiling at the hilarious scenes from the movie! Also…how adorable does Hareem Farooq look in that stunning orange and pink lehenga? We honestly can’t take our eyes off of her!

Hareem seems to be breaking the image of all stereotypical brides with her peppy character in Heer Maan Ja. Heer is giving us the vibes of a runaway bride, however, that’s just a small part of the film. The first look of Heer Maan Ja divulges Hareem Farooq as the coolest bride ever. Has anyone noticed the silver sneakers she’s donning underneath?
Hareem’s character looks very different from Eman in Parchi! Heer seems like a very bubbly and lively character, standing next to a rather nervous-looking Kabir.

Heer Maan Ja is going to be a romantic comedy with a punch of laughter, emotions, thrill and action sequences. Featuring a stellar cast, exceptionally talented directors and a brilliant production team, Heer Maan Ja is going to fill our Bari Eid with a whole lot of entertainment.

‘A love story that has a past’ – and we wonder what past is that? The trailer makes us question quite a lot of things; why were they separated to begin with? Why does Heer look like a run-away bride? Why is Kabir asking her for forgiveness?

We can’t wait for the Bari Eid to find out now!

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The Lux Becomes Mature With Age



Lux Style Awards has turned eighteen this year. The event was celebrated on Sunday in Karachi amidst the glitterati of stars and media. This years’ lux Style Awards night was dedicated to the legendary actress of Pakistan Film Industry, Shabnam. The award had another surprise of Yasir Hussain proposing Iqra Aziz from the stage of Lux.

The red carpet was started with Meera Jee entered with Saqib Mlik to celebrate her recent released movie Baaji. Meer also accompanied Captain Naveed with her. Then there was no stopping, the carpet was filled with all the stars from our galaxy from Mahira Kahn and Bilal Ashraf to Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar to Momina Mustehsen, Iqra Aziz, Hajra Yamin, Fahad Mustafa, and the list goes on and on.

The show started at 9:30pm with Mustafa as opening host. The other set of hosts were Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali, Mehwish Hayat and Zara Noor Abbas, Shafqat Ali and Ali, Saba Qamar and Yasir Hussain, Mansha Pasha and Ahmed Ali Akbar,

There were fabulous performances during the show by Momina Mustehsan with Liyari Rapper Dance Group, Atif Aslam on Thaam Lo from film Parwaaz Hai Junoon, Special energetic dance performance by Mehwish Hayat and Fahd Mustafa on the songs Good Luck and Munday LaHore De from their film Load Wedding was both enthralling and entertaining for the whole audience on the hall.

Mehwish Hayat also gave an emotional speech on the negative image of stars created by social media and emphasized on positive role of media in industry. Hina Dilpazir and Yasir hussain presented a hilarious skit on the fashion industry of Pakistan while Shfaat Hussain and Ali Safeen made some on the stage on bloggers and YouTubers. Another interesting skit was a news bulletin read by Saba Qamar and Yasir Hussain on our film industry.

A hilarious skit by Mansha Pasha and Ahmed Ali Akbar was also had its fun for audience. A bunch of our film directors Saqib Malik, Sarmad Khosat, Asim Raza, Ehtishamuddin and Sageeta came on stage and appreciated other five directors for their contribution to the cinema industry namely Nabeel Qureshi, Ahsan Rahim, Adnan Sarwar, Nadeem Baig and Asim Abbasi.

A special tribute was bestowed to legendary Shabnaum starting with Meera and Asad Siddiqi on Waada Karo Sajna from her 1977 blockbuster Aaaina, Maya Ali on Cithhi Ji Zara from her from film Dosti (1971) , Saba Qamar on Mera Babo from Mun Ki Jeet (1972) that ended on Atif Aslam’s astounding rendition from Aaina’s another hit number Mujhe Dil Se. Then Atif took her to stage to receive her award.

The awards winners
are as follows

TV Actor – Viewer’s Choice
Feroze Khan – Khaani
TV Actress – Viewer’s Choice
Iqra Aziz – Suno Chanda
TV Actress – Critic’s Choice
Iqra Aziz – Suno Chanda
Best TV Actor – Viewers Choice
Noman Ejaz – Dar Si Jati Hai Sila
Emerging Talent In TV
Rida Bilal – Writer KhudGharz
Best TV Writer
Bi Gul – Dar Si Jati He Sila
Best TV Director
Kashif Nisar – Darr Si Jati He Sila
Best TV Play
Suno Chanda by Hum TV
Best Original Sound Track
Rahat Fateh Ai Khan – Khaani
Film Director
Ahsan Rahim – Teefa In Trouble
Film Actress – Viewer’s Choice
Mehwish Hayat – Load Wedding
Film Actor Viewers Choice
Ali Zafar – Teefa In Trouble
Film Actor – Critic’s Choice
Fahad Mustafa – Load Wedding
Film Actress – Critic Award
Sohai Ali Abro – Motor Cycle Girl
Best Film
Best Play Back Singer
Atif Aslam – Thaam Lo (Parwaaz Hai Junoon)
Song of the Year
Ya Qurban by Khumariyan
Singer Of The Year
Sohail Haider and Mohsin Abbas Haider – Naa Ja
Emerging Talent in Music
Saakin – Saqi e Bewafa
Achievement in Fashion Design – PretChapter 2 By Khaadi
Achievement In Fashion Design Luxury
Sana Safinaz
Achievement In Fashion Design – Mens Wear
Republic By Omar Faroooq
Achievement In Fashion Design – Bridal Couture
Kamiar Rokni
Emerging Talent In Fashion
Mushk Kaleem
Model Of The Year Male
Shahzad Noor
Model Of The Year Female
Sadaf Kanwal
Hair And Makeup Artist
Qasim Liaqut
Fashion Photographer
Rizwan ul Haq
Life Time Achievement Award
Nabila – Fashion and Style Shabnum – Film

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