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Fashion and emotions; All about what you ‘want’ to feel



We have heard this phrase at some point in life that one cannot buy happiness. That is true, but we can always buy things that can create happiness. Not only this, we can always dress up in a way that can bring happiness.

This piece goes out to all the people trying to put their self together by getting out of their bed even when they are afraid to face the world. This is for the people who lost something and are unable to cope up with the situation.


I believe our mind is so strong that we can make things happen if we decide to do so. Our feelings and our emotions are transmitted to our brain. If you think in a positive way, you will have a positive response. Same is the case with negativity.

Now the question is how fashion can make us happy.

Let’s consider shopping. The areas of the brain that deal with shopping include the nucleus accumbens, the insula, and the mesial prefrontal cortex. The nucleus accumbens, which is closely associated with the reward pathway of the brain, is activated upon consideration of a desirable item”. So the reason for happiness is that we reward ourself. Just like gifts make us happy, shopping is considered a reward. For some people, it’s an emotional therapy.

Now, if you do not like to spend due to financial constraints or your habit of spending less, there are numerous ways to create a feeling of happiness. Just like sadness has a reason, we can find a reason to be happy.

Dressing up can change your mood instantly. If you feel good about yourself, your mind will pick up the same vibes and will react in the same way. It is very much in our control to divert our mind quickly. Most of the time, we dress up according to what we feel or what we want to feel. If we put a happy dress and a smile on our face, our mind behaves in the similar manner. So, I believe, it is a cycle; you feel, you wear, you feel.

There had been days when I felt bad but dressing up, wearing a new pair of shoes, a new bag or a new outfit instantly changed my behavior, made me feel more positive and confident.

Fashion literally means telling people about you. The story needs to be strong and full of happiness. Though happiness should not depend on other people’s view about you but we do feel good when somebody compliments us, don’t we? Ending this with a note, Get up, dress up and never give up.

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PSFW ‘ 19 Roundup



Recapping all three days of Pakistan Sunsilk Fashion Week 2019

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Customise the catwalk with great hair trends this summer



TONI&GUY KARACHI presented “Runway to Real Life Hair” using label.m Professional Haircare range for reviving the 80’s trends for summer 2019 in a star studded event at its plush outlet at Karachi’s posh locality.

The fashion parade showcased models with brands’ latest creation in hair styling, cuts and colouring. The show was ended at the appearance of two talented stars of upcoming Pakistani feature film Baaji, Aamna Ilyas and Usman Khalid Butt.

Saeeda Mandviwalla – Creative Artistic Director TONI&GUY KARACHI and essensuals Hairdressing Karachi and Ambassador  label.m says, “TONI&GUY KARACHI is bringing vibrant colours to textured and sleek hair, to carry confidence and individuality with no cultural boundaries. This summer is all about revisiting the 80’s trends to present-day from runaway to real life.”

She further explained that this summer, TONI&GUY KARACHI would showcase the mastery in Fashion Editorials, Cut & Colour, Avant-Garde, and Men’s Styles accentuating’s dexterity in hair & beauty, inspired the Legacy campaign – looking at our past, present and future through three distinct styles i.e. vintage, contemporary, and creative.

At that point, Mandviwalla also remembered Toni Mascolo, the founder of TONI&GUY and his motto “Success breeds Success” and promised that TONI&GUY KARACHI would also keep inspiring, motivating and educating thereby staying ahead of the curve in the business of hairdressing.

British Deputy High Commissioner, Karachi and UK Trade Director for Pakistan – Elin Burns was also present at the event and said, ‘’Pakistan is a great opportunity for UK businesses as we have a brilliant young market with a taste for British Brands and a history that links us culturally, socially and economically. I am proud to have the British Deputy High Commission associated with TONI&GUY KARACHI’s career in Pakistan since 2004. Their unique business strategy not only has amped creativity in the hair and beauty industry in Pakistan, it has helped strengthen international ties between our two remarkable countries. Looking to the future, I congratulate them on the launch of the new campaign “Runway to Real Life Hair” as a new benchmark in hairstyling while also setting trends for 2019.

The TONI&GUY KARACHI’s ‘Runway to Real Life Hair’ Show digital marketing and PR management was done by Mind Map Communications.

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PSFW ’19 Day 3 off the ramp!!!



Here is a roundup of all the collections showcased on Day 3 at the Pakistan Sunsilk Fashion Week 2019


Khas Stores with Khas Philosophy of quality, innovation, designs and khas trend presented its Khas designer lawn collection. The pieces reflected apparel for comfort, luxury and Khas look.


Sanoor Introduced a unique eclectic blend of design philosophies, artistic tastes and styles from rich cultures of various civilizations around the world. The spring summer collection was a combination of pastel colors, exotic flowers, paisleys and oriental ornamentation and much more with a touch of fine embroideries that gave a fresh summer feel.


Almirah represented class and sophistication and signified traditional ideals with modern execution. The collection had a blend of palette of subtle colors and finest fabric. With a wide range and countless designs, the sherwanis, waistcoats, and formal suits sewn in threads of sophistication and embroidered with the glory of incomparable workmanship.

So Kamal

The collection presented a range which was youthful, fun loving and free spirited. Having a palette of brighter tones – florescent accents and Deeper Hues, So Kamal created a wardrobe to cater a woman of every walk of life. They also introduced the Athleisure Line focusing on volume harem pants – cuff jackets and so kamal logo tees. The Evening line consisted of big emphasis on details of Sequence, cut pipes, gottas and beaded embellishments and floral colored embroideries.

Zaha by Khadija Shah – Wild Things

An eclectic collection rooted in the glamour and decadence of the eighties. A decade of bold style and even bolder women. The collection comprised of flamboyant yet easy to wear silhouettes featuring clashing animal prints in punchy primary colors. The ‘Wild Things’ glamorous display was a pleasure to watch and remarkably loved by all.

Nomi Ansari X Tūhura

Fashion powerhouse Nomi Ansari joined forces with Pakistan’s leading online sportswear brand, Tuhura Athletics, to debut a luxury active-wear collection. The limited-edition capsule, inspired by the designer’s active on-the-go lifestyle and retro style, featured a variety of silhouettes and colors. The collection ranged from head-to-toe animal prints, full monochromatic studio-to-street styles, fierce neon sets and must-have metallic windbreakers.

Republic by Omar Farooq – Metaphor 

A luxury street-wear capsule collection by Republic by Omar Farooq explored the evolution of symbolism from a form of basic communication, to that of self-representation and anarchic expression. Neon shirts, vests and stripes on single toned suits added a pop of color to sophisticated menswear sprucing up the runway looks.

HSY – Rani 

The iconic fashion force, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin celebrated 2019 as his 25th year in fashion and one in which he comes full circle with the HSY brand. HSY’s journey has been one with his mother; his guiding light as a strong icon of an empowered and empowering woman. In ode to their bond, the collection was titled ‘Rani’, his mother’s nickname and ‘queen’. The pieces were a clear depiction of powerful, independent, free-spirited and elegant women. The collection pieces were mostly all red and had patterns which were hand-made and the fabrics used were georgette woven out of silk yarn, predominately based in a monochromatic color palette ‘red’ because the color has a special significance in HSY’s life as the first colour he saw when he got his sight back, 25 years back.

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