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Emax Media Kicks off Services in Pakistan with a Successful Meet and Greet



Karachi: Dubuzz, previously founded as Emax Media, organized a meet and greet yesterday on May 3rd, 2019 in Karachi, for all the hosts of different Ramadan transmissions that will be aired during the blessed month.

Iqrar ul Hasan with Family

The event was graced by the striking presence of Reema Khan, who will be hosting the Ramadan transmission for Aaj News and Aaj Entertainment, produced by Emax Media, during the holy month. Among other anchors present at the event were Ali Rehman Khan – host of the Event, Reema Khan, Maya Khan, Sadiaa Imam, Amna Malik, Iqrar-ul Hasan & Sahir Lodhi.

Ali Rehman Khan With Reema Khan

The event was a huge success, where it was communicated how Emax Media is now open for services in Pakistan, after having provided innovative marketing tools to varying media partners in the Middle East, U.K. and Europe. Emax Media is a content hub that provides customized content for different brands and Heads by CEO  Farhan Gauhar. Their services include sales and marketing, content production, distribution, television and cable, etc. They provide technical support to operate and run television channels and are involved with broadcasting services. Emax Media have also globally partnered with Fox, Disney, Star and other networks. With the launch of their services in Pakistan, Emax Media is aiming to expand their horizons with the building of new clientele within the region.

Farha Gauhar, CEO Emax with Team
Maya Khan
Reema Khan
Saadia Imam
Sahir Lodhi

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Reema Khan Comes on Board with the DSF as their Brand Ambassador to Support victims of intentional acid and kerosene oil burn attacks



Karachi: Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF) has taken on board the multi-talented and globally renowned veteran and film actress, Reema Khan as their Goodwill Ambassador to support its patients and to shed light on this heinous crime.

Reema Khan will be seen endorsing the work of Masarrat Misbah to empower women who have gone through the trauma of an acid attack and require reconstructive surgery, psychosocial support and skill training to help them become self-sufficient members of society. Her main aim would be to spread awareness about the crime and the need for stronger legislation specific to this issue. The Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF) was conceptualized in 2003 as a support and assistance group for women who are victims of domestic violence, with special emphasis in the area of deliberate acid and kerosene burning. They have many registered acid burnt victims with them who require assistance and deserve the support of such organizations. Their work is not just humbling, but is inspiring others to join their cause as well.

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Alkaram Goes Bigger and Better with a New Flagship Store in Com 3, Karachi



Karachi: The renowned clothing brand Alkaram successfully launched its new flagship store in Com-3 Mall, Clifton, Block 6, Karachi, with a spectacular opening ceremony on Friday, 19th of April.

The new store is located right in the central hub of Karachi and is expected to carry all of the brand’s products in one retail outlet. The opening ceremony of the brand went magnificently with quite a few known faces from the fashion industry making an appearance. The stunning Saboor Aly, Ali Rehman Khan, and Nabeel Zuberi were among the many celebrities that adorned the occasion. The ribbon-cutting at the prestigious event was done by the Chairman of Alkaram. Alkaram with its haute couture and ready-to-wear products has been at the forefront of the Pakistani clothing industry for more than three decades. It offers an extensive range of fabrics, designs and styles, selling an extraordinary combination of quality and trendy fashion. With its one-store-for-all policy, Alkaram aims to cater to all, and till date it has consistently kept the customer at the forefront. PR

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The Most Majestic Libraries In The World



Though they are losing ground to the e-book and the audio book, libraries were once central hubs of human intellectual progress. There’s something about them that still attracts people, however – whether it’s their magnificent architecture or the unmistakable smell of books and dust, scholars and dreamers alike still enjoy perusing their hoards of literary treasures.

Because of their critical importance, libraries were often built to be beautiful and built to last. Combined with the sometimes priceless treasures that they hold, their simultaneously enormous and intimate spaces possess a charm that no other type of building can command.

If you know of any other amazing libraries that should be celebrated on this list, then please add them. You can vote for your favorite houses of knowledge as well!

1. Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

2. The National Library Of Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

3. Biblioteca Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

4. St. Florian Monastery, Austria

5. The Admont Library, Admont, Austria

6. George Peabody Library, Baltimore, Maryland, Usa

7. Handelingenkamer Tweede Kamer Der Staten-generaal Den Haag Iii, Netherlands

8. Austrian National Library, Vienna, Austria

9. Biblioteca Joanina, Coimbra, Portugal

10. Bibliothèque Nationale De France, Paris, France

11. The Old Public Library Of Cincinnati, Ohio, Usa

12. The City Library, Stuttgart, Germany

13. Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University, Connecticut, Usa

14. New York Public Library

15. The Iowa State Law Library, Iowa, Usa

16. Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève, Paris, France

17. Walker Library, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Usa

18. The Oberlausitzische Library Of Science, Gorlitz, Germany

19. The Library Of Congress, Washington, D.c., Usa

20. St John’s College Library, Cambridge, Uk

21. Technical University “gheorghe Asachi” Library, Iasi, Romania

22. Bibliothèque Mazarine, Paris, France

23. Harper Library, Usa

24. Vennesla Library, Vennesla, Norway

25. The National Library Of China, Beijing, China

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