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Exclusive: Sonya Hussyn is no more part of Faysal Qureshi’s comeback film Sorry.



Karachi: Sonya Hussain is no longer part of director Sohail Javed debut film sorry due to disagreement on some content. However, they both have decided to work on some other project in future.

Speaking to Daily Paperrazzi, Sohail Javed confirmed that Sonya Hussyn in not part of Sorry anymore and her replacement is yet to be finalised.
He confirmed that they both were finding it hard to agree on some content so it was decided to work in some other project in future.

Producer Faysal Qureshi also insisted that the decision was mutual and in a very cordial manner. We are looking for Sonya replacement and nothing is finalised at moment, he added.

(L-R) Sonya Husyn, Sohail Javed, Faisal Quraishi, Aamina Sheikh, and Zahid Ahmed at the launch of SORRY

Sorry is being produced by Faysal Qureshi who himself is working in the film along with Aamina Shaikh and Zaahid Ahmed.

In December last year during its press conference, Sonya Hussyn mentioned that it was her fantasy to work with Sohail Javed and her dream is coming true.

Sonya Hussyn appeared in Moor and Azaadi earlier and this would have been her third project.

We tried to contact Sonya regarding Sorry however she was not available for comment.

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Try these Rooftop Restaurants Before the Winter says goodbye



While the winter season is still here, we want you to make the most out of it. Because of the lovely weather in Lahore currently, everyone prefers restaurants with outdoors and rooftops but unfortunately, there are very few restaurants in Lahore with great ambiance. To make your winters more happening and full of great experiences, we have made a list of these rooftop restaurants that you can try before the winter season officially ends. 

Otus Rooftop 

Fine floral arrangement, dim lights, cozy atmosphere and music; all these elements define a perfect winter night with your friends and family. Otus has always grabbed our attention for its mind-blowing decor and beautiful ambiance. With great food and great service, the experience becomes even more luxurious. 

Haveli Restaurant

After the controversial news about Cooco’s Den, Haveli is now a “go-to” place for desi food lovers. This place in the new food street area has always been a delightful experience with an eye-catching view from the top. Having a crystal clear view of Badshahi Mosque at the back, with fairy lights surrounding the rooftop, you are definitely going to love this place to celebrate the frosty weather this season.



This newly opened eatery at Mall 1 among all the famous restaurants piqued our curiosity and we absolutely loved this place for its modernised decor and warm ambiance. Knowing the fact that there are very few rooftop restaurants in Lahore, Penthouse is soon going to be a part of your favorite restaurants’ list.  

Sweettooth HeeraMandi 

Sweettooth is always on top when it comes to yummy desserts. We love this place for its eccentric aura and quirky look and decor. From the top, you can see the beautiful buildings of Old Lahore. Its vibrant semblance and funky art spreading through the walls of this restaurant make it stand out from the rest of the places in the food street. 

Monal Restuarant

For those who cannot visit Islamabad quite often, Lahore brings everything in your own vicinity. To soothe your desi taste buds, Monal is a perfect pick for a great evening. A wonderful glimpse of Lahore from the top only adds to the experience while dining at Monal.  

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Yashma Gill Is Exploring New Territories in “Pyar Ke Sadqay”



Yashma Gill is one of the most promising young talents of Pakistan who started her career with small supporting roles. Once her ability found the right platform, there was no stopping her from getting the recognition she deserved. Her role in Ghar Titli Ka Par as Erum stirred a flutter, her role in Umm E Haniya as Saba took all the spotlights, and her performance in Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai as Noor Saba was talked about as much as the drama itself.

This rising star of Pakistan’s television industry has been taking center stage once again after her performance in Pyar Ke Sadqay as its first episode aired. Pyar Ke Sadqay is a new drama that stars Yashma Gill as Shanzay Meer, Yumna Zaidi as Mahjabeen, and Bilal Abbas Khan as Abdullah. The drama is written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by Farooq Rind with a very different storyline that you have never seen before on television.

Abdullah is a mathematics geek who can efficiently work with numbers but has a hard time with theories, which becomes the reason he has failed college again. He is in love with Shanzay Meer, who is just the opposite of Abdullah.

Yashma Gill’s character is someone who isn’t only a topper in her college, but she is so full of life and fun kind of a person. She is very playful, enjoys life, and has a very positive vibe in her personality. Yashma Gill plays this character with such a charm that makes her character more believable and lovable.

Her facial expressions in Pyar Ke Sadqay and her body language can’t be ignored. Shanzay’s character in the drama is of a fashionista and is something so fresh that it makes you fall in love with her. Then it also has to be worked around by the heart-throb Bilal Abbas Khan, so there is a high pressure to perform her character. No wonder Yashma Gill was cast to play Shanzay because no other young star could have given us this fantastic performance.

Her talents were no surprise to us when we learned about the cast of the drama, but to see Yashma Gill play Shanzay’s role to this extent of perfection has got us all amazed by her versatility and acting skills.

Pyar Ke Sadqay has become a must-watch drama after its first episode, and we cannot wait to see more of Yashma Gill’s character in it.

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Bayaan is all Set to Release its First Official Album



This progressive rock band from Lahore is a complete talent house in itself. Each member of the band is an expert in his respective field. After winning Pepsi Battle of the Bands in 2018, this bunch is all set to release its first official album and we cannot wait to dance on the majestic rhythm while murmuring our favorite lines from our favorite tracks.

Read below to know more about this album.

What does “Bayaan” signify?

Bayaan simply means to express your thoughts and words. The thoughts you express can be as simple as basic human emotions and experiences. That’s what Bayaan particularly aims to do with its lyrical content.

What is your album about, what is the genre?

The album is about life, or perhaps death, and the journey in between. It is about the often overlooked emotions that you experience in ordinary moments. The album is not based on any specific genres, but rather lyrical themes and their supporting instrumental arrangements.


What’s the inspiration behind it?

Any album is a snapshot of where we are in our lives as individuals and as a collective. This album signifies the struggles, challenges, heartbreaks, victories and triumphs of the last two years.


The name of your new album?



Your favorite song from the album?


Each song has been crafted with close attention to minor details and emotions. Each song holds a separate special place in our hearts. The answer to this also varies for each band member.


What do you do when there is any conflicting argument in the group?

As a collective, we operate on a strict democratic principle. Since there’s five of us in the band, there never is a stalemate. Conflicting ideas/thoughts are inevitable when you’re working as a team. It is how you learn to embrace each other’s opinions with a listening heart and mind.

What is the craziest thing that ever happened during any tour?


Each performance is a crazy experience of its own. We’re gladly reaching the point where a good chunk of the audience knows the lyrics to our songs and sings along to them. It is a feeling unparalleled to anything else.

Who or what band has been your inspiration throughout this journey?

We all have our distinct inspirations and preferences in terms of music. Four of the band members are largely influenced by western artists and bands, whereas Asfar is mainly inspired by some notable Eastern names. In terms of the album theme, the inspiration is our collective or individual human experiences.


How do you compare group effort to performing single on stage?

Performing as a band entails a certain level of musical chemistry between the members along with hours of rehearsal of course. The collective energy shared on stage is far greater than a solo performer.

If you didn’t have a band, what would have been your career choice?

We’re all juggling day jobs with our music, so that would’ve been in focus if it wasn’t the band.

Are you spiritually connected to music or was it just a plain hobby?

To create something meaningful and honest, being connected to oneself is a prerequisite. We believe that hobbies are also things that you are mentally and emotionally attached to. So the line between hobby and passion is a blurred one.

Who do you think is your biggest competitor right now in the industry as a band?

Music/art is not a competition. Even if it is looked that way, it shouldn’t be. Artists put their vulnerabilities out when they create something and that should not be turned into a competition. Artists and musicians should come together, support each other and strengthen this already feeble community. We are glad that this community has gotten stronger over the last couple of years and we surely hope that it continues this trend.

What kind of audience is this album going to cater?

People who have supported Bayaan over the last 5 years – we hope they are going to connect with it. Apart from that, we have experimented with new sounds that will, hopefully, appeal to varied audiences.

What are you expecting from your new album in terms of response from the audience?

We just hope that people connect with the songs like they have had previously and be inspired to get over their fears.

Do you think it is going to be even better and more popular than what you performed at BOB?

One certainly hopes to keep on improving and getting better

Are there any special plans to showcase this new album?

Yes, there are a couple of plans. One is that we are going to officially announce album details and launch it on 2nd February at the illustrious Lahore Music Meet 2020. Second is that we are going not only for a digital release but also for a physical release. The primary reason for doing that is to bring back that deep connection between the music / artist and the listener that has been lost in this digital age. Technology has a lot of benefits and we strongly support all of them but at the same time, there are some pitfalls as well. Art, whether it be a painting, a book, movie or music, can only be fully appreciated if the connection is developed with proper focus and attention. Through this physical release, which is more than just songs, we aim to strengthen that connection.

Also, supporting albums is the strongest support an artist can get from their listeners – that has been lost over the years. With so many amazing bands and artists coming up with their albums this year, it is important that we start bringing this support back.

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