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Dr. Aisha Humaira- A Competent Addition to the Field of Dermatology



It is the era where you do not want too much makeup on your face to hide any flaws. People are more into spending on skincare products rather than buying expensive foundations and concealers. If you keep yourself aware of the basic skincare tips, your life is easy. Even a scrap of concealer can make you look great with a lip & cheek tint. 

It is high time that we started learning about cosmetology, dermatology, and its importance. 

To know about new trends, essential skincare regimes, and much more in the relevant field, we had a conversation with the brilliant celebrity cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Aisha Humaira who is also a member of American Academy USA. 

1) Tell us about yourself, your specialization, and the nature of your work?

Hi, I’m an Old Soul. But oh well, I do work on the face and body transformation as per the latest requirements of aesthetics.

I’m a consultant dermatologist holding the following degrees; My basic qualification is MBBS and I am a diplomate in Dermatology from South Wales, in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and further, I have specialized in anti-aging medicine and thread lifting from iMA Dubai.

2) Tell us about your everyday routine?

It’s very busy but the good part is that I really enjoy it because I’m a mother of 2 little beauties and a devoting wife like we all Asian women are. Yes, my day starts early in the morning with exercise followed by some home responsibilities then I rush to the clinic around 12 and get back home by 8 or 9 pm. I do take out a couple of hours for reading so I adjust it somewhere after getting back from work. 

3) What made you choose this profession?

Artistic mind and surgical hands do the magic together but I think It’s all about luck because I never planned, it just happened and now I think that was the best thing that ever happened to me. But, no doubt, I was passionate about my field of medicine that strengthened my way to achievement in cosmetic dermatology.

4) What kind of extreme cases have you dealt with in terms of cosmetic surgery?

As you know that only licensed professionals should be performing cosmetic procedures but there are often distorted cases reported due to unlicensed individuals with serious consequences.
I have treated Mr. Agha Sheraz, a renowned actor in our media industry. Someone injected him with fat burners in an inappropriate way due to which he got facial asymmetry. Similarly, another big name, Mr. Zia Gurchani, who got facial asymmetry from inappropriate HIFU treatment. These two people were really the biggest challenge for me, and AlhamdullilAllah they are extremely happy and satisfied with my work!
Recently, a girl came to me with completely uneven jaws, face, and deviated nose. She had a history of trauma in childhood and she was really scared of getting the surgery done. She wanted to be treated non surgically with advanced techniques so, I treated her with multiple protocols like I planned nonsurgical rhinoplasty which was again not that easy to perform as she had completely deviated nose and two doctors had already denied her for taking the risk. And, now she is very happy with the after results. I also made her jaws even by putting fillers and her right jaw was stronger due to muscular ( masseter) hypertrophy. So, I injected Botox on the affected area, and finally, she got more even and parallel jaws with a well-defined nose.

5) Has anything ever gone wrong during a procedure, eg. the body could not accept the changes?

I think the best consultant is the one who can deal with the complications and until you are not exposed to the problems you are not capable of calling yourself the best In your field so, yes, I have faced too. I cannot call them wrong but sometimes when you are working on the body there are things that can come In your way especially during the invasive procedure but AlhamdullilAllah I didn’t have any worst experience because when you know the anatomy you can perform well and can avoid the complications quite efficiently.

6) What are the advanced procedures in cosmetic dermatology that are being introduced in Pakistan?

Thread lifting, Aesthetic Gynae, breast augmentation, Non-surgical rhinoplasty to name a few. 

They all have profitable instant results with almost zero downtime and minimal to none pain threshold.

7) Who is your inspiration internationally?

Dr. Professor Alessio Radaelli! He is my inspiration and I do follow him in aesthetic. He is a renowned Plastic Surgeon in Italy and one of the best trainers in the world. Luckily, he is my trainer as well. There is this another beautiful lady Dr. Nadine Hamada. She is a successful Dermatologist in Egypt she is a good friend and senior Faculty member of the American Academy. They are my true inspiration because of their work and genuinely supportive nature.

8) What is on your bucket list for now? 

I think there are lots of things that need to be done in the future but, for me, I wanna bring all international standards in aesthetic techniques to Pakistan with more advancement and promising benefits to the country.

I’m also working on a few products that would be completely safe and highly effective for the skin. I always wanted to spread awareness regarding basic haircare and skincare routine that we are lacking, so, in the form of boxes, I have introduced a complete range of basic care and these boxes are accessible to every individual either within the city or outside the city so I m planning on working more on these home treatments!

9) What part\missuse of cosmetic dermatology you do not support?

A few institutions started teaching Botox Fillers to Non-doctors which I think is going to be a disaster because a non-medical can not understand the normal anatomy and injecting the wrong filler can make a person blind while a Wrong Botox Injection can cause major Asymmetry and facial paralysis!

10) What is the biggest challenge you are facing as a cosmetic dermatologist in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, there is a lack of awareness about cosmetic procedures and aftercare. Everyone wants to get it done but no one is fully aware of the worth and right selection of procedure protocols. They don’t prefer to spend on consultation charges for better recommendations, rather, they want to get the full information about their treatments including the number of sessions on messages or phone calls.

How can someone take the risk for your face or body without examination? We can not recommend anything to anyone as procedure protocols vary with individuals’ requirements and aesthetic calculations.

So it’s important to spread the word and awareness about the proper cosmetics plans and techniques to people otherwise very soon we are going to face the failure of cosmetology in terms of giving good results according to the international standards to the clients.

11) What part of your work do you like the most?

I love to transform a deviated nose to a well-defined one without any surgery and pain as it’s the quick way to fix the flaws that probably sometimes become a psychological trauma to the people.

Even girls come to me for their skin issues that are making hurdles. for their career or marriages. As much as I hate to say this, but unfortunately, it’s the culture that is being practiced for ages. But the bitter reality is that society goes on appearances. So, I really feel happy when you are able to find a solution to someone’s biggest problem.

12) What procedures do you recommend to be taken monthly for healthy and refreshing skin?

We need to keep our skin clean and unclogged from dust, makeup residues, pollution, and spice particles. For that, we need a good Hydrafacial that sucks out all the impurities, infuses essential serums to the deeper layers of skin, hydrates your skin to the next level, reduces fine lines, and delivers oxygen to the skin cells keeping you healthy and glowing naturally.

One session can last up to 1 month easily.

There are other procedures for different skin demands like Meso Whitening, Deep Derm Gold Facial, Cleopatra Facial and now the latest is Quadra Facial in town that we have recently introduced for the very first time in Pakistan.

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In Conversation with Dr. Shahzad of Dental Aesthetics



Doctor Shahzad of Dental Aesthetics is one of the best dentists in Lahore who aims to provide his patients’ solutions with minimum invasive dentistry for the best possible results. Doctor Shahzad Mirza did his master’s in Aesthetic Dentistry from Kings College London and his father who was also a dentist was the dean of Fatima Memorial Hospital, founded this business. Working in the field for more than four decades has made their dental clinic equipped with world-class trained specialists, leading-edge technology, and wonderful support staff, who are committed to providing the best professional services.

We visited his clinic in DHA Y block and to our surprise, they not only provide the latest dental treatments but also facial aesthetic and cosmetic services. So, don’t be fooled by “dental” as they provide a plethora of services and those too are vast and outclass.


How did you get into this field?

My father has been my inspiration, he is the most influential person in me being a dentist. He has been my teacher, mentor, and guide, not just for me but also for a lot of dentists in Pakistan and abroad. Ever since I started practicing, I enjoy helping my patients smile and eat with ease.


How do you provide instructions to patients on dental hygiene?

Instructions to patients are given mostly by demonstrating tooth brushing techniques and showing them how to floss in order to maintain good oral hygiene. We always make sure we are in good communication with the patient for the betterment of their oral health. We also advise them tips and habits they should adopt to improve the oral hygiene

Where did you get your certifications from?

I have my bachelor’s degree from de’Montmorency College of dentistry and post-grad from Kings College London in Advanced Aesthetic dentistry.

What treatments do you offer?

We are a team of specialist providing all dental treatments we offer dental implants for missing teeth, smile makeover to improve smiles, braces to improve crooked or crowded teeth, root canal treatment to save a tooth, scaling to clean the plaque, teeth whitening for a brighter smile, wisdom tooth extraction as well as gum disease treatment.

What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for practice right now?

The biggest challenge is to stay on top of your game. Keeping up to date with dental equipment and technology is the core of success for today’s dental practices. Patients today are highly informed. They demand quality services. So, it is important to have specialized equipment and technology more now than ever before.

As people are becoming aware of oral health and its importance. We are seeing more people attending dentists and more importantly, dentistry is now been recognized as a cosmetic and aesthetic treatment.

What do you do for fun?

Dentists are happy fun-loving people too. I enjoy traveling around the world for sightseeing and attending conferences. I also play cricket and golf. I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends.

Being a doctor treating patients, how have you been able to fairly balance work and friends/family?

Work-life balance is difficult in any profession but I am lucky to have a team of professionals who are working with me on the practice. I can have flexible hours too but my team helps me in finding time for my family and friends.

Balancing work and daily family life is an ongoing challenge but passion for work especially creating smiles for my patients makes it fun and helps in fulfilling my goals. Thinking innovatively and a focused vision has helped my dental practice to be successful.

How toothpaste tubes are being portrayed as magic wands? Can toothpastes really cure bleeding gums, sensitivity, and toothache?

I believe toothpaste is being portrayed as a magic wand that can fix dental issues, but the reality is that it’s not true. All the dental issues and treatment options are to be diagnosed and advised respectively by the dentist and the specialist.

If the problem is not looked at by the dentist and magic wands are used to get any relief, it would make the issues worse. Instead of trying home remedies, I would always advise getting help from a professional.

Dentistry is not expensive neglect is.

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The New Normal Sets The New Backdrop For E-Commerce



The Covid 19 pandemic that started in the beginning of this year has changed and introduced many ideas worldwide. Many new terminologies with their technical meaning are also becoming the components of our lives. The new normal has brought a lot that is going to change the course of our economic system. More relying on digital space this new phase of economy called e commerce never bloomed like it did in last six months.

Pakistan has also emerged as a country which is finding new ways for its shopping and discount lover citizens to get connected to their favourite brands. Loot Sale, a Pakistan based eCommerce startup  is a fashion marketplace listing original branded products aiming to bridge the gap between the consumers’ want of constant discounts and retailers’ need for fast inventory turn-over. Loot Sale has secured seed capital from Light Speed Ventures, a multi-strategy fund focused on the early-stage tech ventures. 

The brands’ motto, “Pay Less, Shop More,” is conveyed to the 220 million audience of the 5th largest nation of the world: everything on is at a discount, All Day, Every Day.

“Loot Sale goal is to build as a customer centric brand, providing original products, offering price-match guarantee and no-questions asked return policy. The website ( has launched with an inventory of over 400,000 units, and stock value of almost one billion rupees, said Malik Asad, the CEO Loot Sale.”

A brand awareness campaign across all mediums has already kicked off nationwide, he added.

With the official launch on 10.10.2020, Loot Sale has already partnered with over 75 fashion brands including BTW, Cross Stitch, Hop Scotch, Hush Puppies, LimeLight, Maria.B, Nishat, Orient, Stylo, The Linen Co, Zareen by Sapphire, just to name a few. The team forecasted to list over 20 lac products showcasing 150 brands by the end of December 2020.

The social platforms of the brands are:

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Bayaan Releases ‘Teri Tasveer’ Music Video



Following the release of their debut album “Suno”, Bayaan is ecstatic to release the music video of ‘Teri Tasveer’, a melancholic ballad from the album. ‘Teri Tasveer’ is the first song from Bayaan that has crossed the one million views mark on YouTube and has garnered the band global visibility to thousands of new listeners.

Bayaan teamed up with Director Hamza Bin Tahir and Cinematographer Awais Gohar for the third time to produce this music video. The band has luckily found individuals who understand their music and present concepts that keep everyone interested throughout. Like the band said, “we are lucky to have found this dream team combo.” Their previous work with Bayaan includes music videos for ‘Khel Tamasha’ and ‘Hum Nadaan’, two songs from their previous collection called ‘4 Saal’. The Art Direction and Production Design is done by Hashim Ali who did a brilliant job in pulling off the Victorian-era looks for the video.


Given the song’s wide acclaim, it is their most anticipated music video to date after Covid-19 put a hold on all music related activities, just like it did for hundreds of other musicians and artists globally.


While talking about ‘Teri Tasveer’, Asfar told The Daily Paperazzi, “There are some songs that we plan beforehand, whereas there are songs that just fall together piece by piece, this was the case with ‘Teri Tasveer’. From the initial humming to the first few lyrics, it all just happened during a jam session and it felt like a gift from God that all of us put together because we were sure that it would reach a lot of people.”

Similarly, while talking about the music video, the band said, “It is no doubt that the song is very special to each and every member as everybody interprets it differently, allowing the listeners to do the same. The idea with the video was to let the listener feel the purity of the message which was done by the acting, the set design, the production and the nostalgic melancholic analog vibe going on in the video. All of it had to be real for us. Although we were skeptical about how we would pull this off; how it will look visually as well. Since we wanted it to be very real, we are lucky that the final product looked exactly how we imagined it to be. We are glad how this turned out and we are hopeful that our listeners would love it too and experience this journey with us.”


The album – a collection of 9 tracks that is a labour of love for the quintet – is a familiar (and hopefully welcome) territory for fans of the band, featuring atmospheric build-ups, meaningful lyrics and melodies that are soulful and catchy. Through this album, they pay homage to the band’s collective inspirations and influences while staying distinctly Bayaan.




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