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Channo – The Real Star of Suno Chanda



Nadia Afgan is known for her versatile acting skills and commendable work in the entertainment industry. From Shashlik to Sheher-e-Zaat to Suno Chanda, she never fails to steal our hearts. 

We all know that our after iftari break is just incomplete without an adequate dose of Suno Chanda.  For us, it was mandatory to have a chat with the most sensational character from the drama. So, we got a chance to have a fun conversation with our very own Shahana (Channo) and that’s what she had to say.  

1) What were your thoughts when the character Shahana was offered to you? Did you take the time to accept the role?

I was simply offered this role from HUM TV. They told me that it is a Ramadan special drama with a light hearted Punjabi character.  Later on, when I read the script, I found out about Shahana and I thought, yes, this is going to be fun. 

2) Was the expectation different from the real character when you actually performed it? 

No, when I read the character, I found Shahana’s lines to be very funny. Overall, I loved the script and I thought it was a crazy family story. I like such characters that are cute and silly. Shahana is basically very upfront and blunt. 

3) Since we all know that drama is always a combined effort, did you create your own character or somehow added your own dialogues to the character? 

I always do that. Whenever I do a character, I always add on my own traits. Though Shahana is very outspoken, I still add things to it. Whenever I feel the lines are harsh, I soften things up and match those lines to my character. 

Especially, when Farhan and I do any scene, we mould our character and add dialogues accordingly to make the scene funnier.

 4) If you could exchange your character with anyone, who would it be? 

I would do it with DJ. He is very cute. 

5) Does the character have any connection with Nadia in her real life? 

Yes, Shahana is very outspoken, very honest and she says whatever comes to her mind and I am just like Shahana. 

6) Does it happen that people now only like to remember you for your character in Suno chanda? For example, calling you Channo and expecting you to react in the same way including your fans? 

Yes, it has been a long time that after Shashlik, I got this kind of appreciation. Wherever I go, people come running and calling me Channo. But, no they don’t expect me to react in the same way. Except for one time, when a fan said, please “Nawa Katta khol dein”. 

7) If not you, who do you think can perform “Shahana”well?

 Bushra Aapa. She is amazing. Whatever comedy I have learned, I did that from these incredible ladies like Bushra Appa, Saba Hameed, and Samina Aapa. Bushra appa would have done it a million times better than me. 

8) Shashlik or Suno Chanda?

Shashlik FOREVER!!!. Mishi is me and there is nothing that compares to Shashlik. 

9) Suno Chanda 1 or 2; which one did you enjoy the most?

To be very honest, script-wise, I enjoyed Suno Chanda 1 more. The second season is also very good but there is a lot of branding in this one that the real essence of the story by our writer has been destroyed. So, story and performance wise, Suno Chanda was better. 

10) Any best memory you would like to share from Suno Chanda 1 & 2?

Well, since I live in Lahore, my best memory would always be going back home. 

11) Out of all your characters up till now, which one can you relate to the most? 

It’s Mishi from Shashlik. I would relate to Mishi. Mishi is me. 

12 ) Other than our favorite Channo, which is your favorite character out of all in Suno Chanda?

I love Farhan Saeed’s performance. He is a very subtle actor. Then, it’s DJ and Joji.  Even, Iqra is very good. But as characters, I find Farhan Saeed (Arsal), DJ and Joji to be the funniest.


An Informal Colloquy with Wahaj Ali



After spilling his magic in Haiwan, Wahaj Ali is all set for new and exciting roles. We sat with him to talk about his career, daily routine, his likes and dislikes and many more that you would love to know.

This is what we grabbed from a small meeting.

Q.1. Tell us how it all started.

Ans. My career wasn’t planned, nor was it accidental – it was actually quite sudden. I worked at the theater before as a hobby, and from that I got an opportunity to work on television – that’s where it all started from.


Q.2. Peeking into Wahaj`s daily routine – what does it comprise of?

Ans. Well, it depends! If I am not shooting for a project, I spend time at home with my daughter, and teasing my wife and mother. I am not a very active guy, so when I am not shooting, I am super lazy and I spend most of my time in bed. However, when I have a shoot, my work day starts from 9 am and continues on till 11 pm, and that’s how hectic it becomes. There are lots and lots of scenes that we have to record, and when I am back home, I’m usually too exhausted to socialize much. I’m not a very social person anyway – instead of going to parties, I would rather go and spend quality time with the three ladies in my life: my wife, mother and daughter.


Q.3. What kind of a person is Wahaj?

Ans. Wahaj is vulnerable, but he is indestructible.


Q.4. Did you always intend to get into this industry or you had other plans as well?

Ans. As I said earlier, this was never the plan. I had other things in mind, but this is what life has brought me to, and I am loving it.  Life is risky, but it is calculated, and in the face of it taking surprising turns, we should plan out things to achieve targets and keep ourselves motivated to succeed at whatever we end up doing.


Q.5. Other than Haiwan, have you done any emotionally challenging drama? Your views about child abuse – what made you take up that project? Was it the subject matter or you just took it without any reason?

Ans. For that I will be very honest: it was a selfish decision to opt for Haiwan. The cast and the director was the major reason why I signed up for it, as they were experienced and I got to learn a lot from them. However, the fact that the drama is based on an emotional social issue was definitely a plus point, as the script was really intriguing.


Q.6. Who has been your favorite co-star so far?

Ans. For me every co-star is my favorite, since I have had a good working relationship with all of them and I had the chance to learn from them as well.


Q.7. Who has been the most difficult person to work with?

Ans. I think no person is difficult to work with. It’s just a lack of understanding that results in such friction, and I usually make sure I develop that understanding on set and off set if required.


Q.8. Any project from the past that you would love to be a part of?

Ans. What I think is that whatever is written for you comes your way, and if you weren’t a part of something, it probably was for the better. Your focus should always be on giving your best to whatever you have committed to do, instead of worrying about anyone else’s work.


Q.9. Any project you regret saying no to?

Ans.  Not really. I don’t regret when I say no. it’s simple – when I take a decision, I think about it thoroughly before I decide on it, and once I’ve made up my mind, there’s no turning back, and no regrets.


Q.10. Any project that you shouldn’t have done?

Ans. There are a few projects which didn’t completely resonate with me, yet I did them. However, I don’t want to name them, and I now take them simply as a part of the learning process.


Q.11. What kind of projects you would like to work on? And most importantly, what is lacking in the drama industry?

Ans. I want to be part of those projects with which I can inspire and educate people. It is crucial for me to use my work to get a valuable message across. It has been noticed that as the number of dramas or actors are increasing in the industry, the quality of work has been decreasing, and I feel quality comes first. We have to maintain the quality irrespective of anything else. Teamwork is also something that our industry can work on.


Q.12. Are you ready to slide into movies any time soon?

Ans. I’m not prepared for movies yet, however it can be something I can look forward to sometime in the future maybe.


Q.13.  Tell us about your future projects?

Ans. There are a couple of projects that are in the pipeline, and one of them is on child abuse which is under production currently. Another one is also in the works that will surely surprise you all!

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Is it true that Ehd-e-Wafa is Giving us Major Alpha Bravo Charlie Vibes?



All of us remember the moment when it was rumored that the sequel of Alpha Bravo Charlie(ABC) was being made. It definitely scared the living daylight out of us. Not that we do not like our current actors but there were some sentimental values attached to ABC that have left some footprints in our hearts for life. On a side note, it would have been a treat to see the modern version of ABC and a contemporary love story of Shehnaz and Gulsher once again.

Well, it is time to sit back and relax because the news is entirely different. The reason why the news pinched us really bad was the fact that we were also dreading about the idea of getting our childhood ruined because sequels and remakes are not always as amazing as the original work.

According to one of the leading actors of the drama, it has been confirmed that Ehd-E-Wafa is not a remake of Alpha Bravo Charlie or Sunehrey din. “I am glad that people are connecting this with such legendary dramas. The style and genre are similar but the story-line is totally different.” – Says Wahaj Ali


This new drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa has come up with such a powerful cast including Osman Khalid Butt, Wahaj Ali, Ahad Raza mir, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Alizeh Ali Shah, Hajra Yamin and everyone’s favorite Zara Noor Abbas. The drama is directed by Saife Hassan Sahab and is written by Mustafa Afridi Sahab.

It is a story about four friends, their struggle and their journey. They all belong to different parts of the country. They have different family background along with different characteristics and values. But their bond is extremely strong. There is understanding, fun, love and responsibility for each other. Apart from this, every persona of all these incredible women in the cast is meaningful and there is a proper reasoning behind every character. Zara Noor abbas is paired along Osman Khalid Butt, Alizeh Ali Shah with Ahad Raza Mir and Hajra is playing against Wahaj Ali. Wahaj says, “I am sure the message we want to deliver through this screenplay is meaningfully important as well as an easily conveyable idea for which the drama is being shot. We all are super excited to see the modern age plot and story-line of an army life and we also wish the cast a very Good-luck for their drama.

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Haute and Sassy; The phenomenal fashion coach behind your favorite celebrities



Have you ever wondered how a random model or an actor instantly gets such a swanky fashion uplift? It is all because of their stylists who put their whole heart to make a look razzle-dazzle and exactly on point.
One such name that all of us are very well aware of is Ania Fawad. From her exquisite dress sense to fashion knowledge, everything keeps us in complete awe with each look she creates.
We got a chance to talk to this bundle of style and class, and that’s what we got to know.

How did it all start? How did a blogger become a well known celebrity stylist?
When I had first started blogging, there were only a handful of Pakistani bloggers on the scene. But a couple years into it, everyone had decided to become a blogger. I became bored of it and wanted to grow. That’s when I stepped into celebrity styling… since there were hardly any stylists in Pakistan at the time. I didn’t do it to become well known, I still don’t think I’m that well known to be honest, I just knew I wanted to do more with my talent and not be another sheep in the crowd.

Everybody has low points at the start of their career, tell us yours? How many years did it take you to reach to this level?
I’ve been styling for 3 years now. I can not really say I’ve struggled a lot because I was lucky enough to get project after project. But the way I see it, the lowest point in your career is when you’re at your highest… because where do you go from there? Right now, I feel like I’ve worked with everyone I wanted to work with. I’ve done all I wanted to do with styling. And it’s time to grow again.

Who motivated you to be a stylist?
I’m a huge Bollywood fan, and I would follow the stylists in their film industry and wish we had better ones in ours.

Who was your first client?
Mawra Hocane

What was your biggest break in terms of styling a star celebrity?
Sadaf Kanwal for Hum Style Awards. That choker I created got a lot of attention. And Maya Ali for Teefa, that was a fantastic first project with her.

How is Ania in her real life?
Basic. Likes to stay home. Eats Taco Bell. Watches old Bollywood movies on Netflix.

Which one is your favorite celebrity to style?
I always enjoy styling all of them but right now it’s Maya Ali.

Your fashion inspiration?
I take a lot of my inspo from social media stars I follow. I also like the Hadid sisters and Camila Coelho’s style.

Which celebrity you think doesn’t need a stylist?
Everyone needs a little help from time to time.

How do you manage to do such an amazing job considering that such influential people come to you for styling? Does this intimidate you?
I was only intimidated while I was styling for the first time. But after that, not so much. I treat the stars like friends. It becomes easier.

What do you think is the most important trait needed to be a stylist?
Stay true to your vision, do your homework and have thick skin for criticism. The internet can be savage.

In your opinion, What do these new stylists lack?
Every other person thinks they are a stylist these days. I wish people understood there’s an art to this, you have to put in actual work and research.

We have seen you dressed up all the time, but what is your comfort dress?
I’m in tracks and tees when I’m not dressed up.

If you could choose one celebrity to style for the rest of your life, who would it be?
Maya. We work well together.

Tell us about your next big projects other than styling?
You know what they say… never share your love life, your income or your next move!

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