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Bidding farewell to Game of Thrones



MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD, turn away while you can.

Yesterday was the beginning of the end, as HBO’s Game of Thrones came to an end after nine long years of tears, heartbreak, murder, scheming and DRAGONS! Fans all around the world waited anxiously for the series to air but every week there was an array of mixed feelings in the air. People were quick to jump to conclusions, various prophecies (that never came true) were being discussed and theories about how the show will end were surely driving everyone NUTS!

After nearly a decade of loving and losing our beloved actors, yesterdays episode was sure to put the nail in the coffin. Calling it bittersweet would be an understatement. The episode starts with images of the aftermath of episode 5, Tyrion, Jon and a handful of men walk around the city and see what is left of the carnage done by Danny and her last living dragon. Tyrion makes his way to the basement of the Red Keep and finds Jamie and Cersei buried in stones. Not only was it a powerful scene as he cries next to their bodies but it is almost poetic how they left the world just as they entered it. A little underwhelming yes, but the directors were clearly on a time crunch!

Danny flies back to the remains of a burnt down Kings Landing to address her army and claim her victory. As she walks out and Drogon spreads his wings and the align behind her, her victory becomes realer than ever. Just the intensity of those few seconds lays the mood for the rest of the episode. BUT – she makes it pretty obvious that she won’t be stopping here. Her version of breaking the wheel included burning thousands of innocent men, women and children in all the seven kingdoms to create a NEW WORLD….

Tyrion of course is arrested for colluding behind her back but he just never stops with the talking does he? When Jon goes to see him in his cell, Jon quotes the Master Aemon to Tyrion ‘Love is the death of duty’ while trying to justify the path of destruction Danny is on. As usual, the master of words, Tyrion responds ‘and sometimes, duty is the death of love..’ – and this, this is the moment we know our hearts are about to shatter into a million morbid pieces, but we still hope. ALAS, the moment all of Danaerys’ fans feared (Including me) – Jon follows his duty which is the end of his love. He begins to reason with her, but realizes soon that she is too far gone. His conversation with Tyrion earlier was bound to stir the wheels in motion, one might argue that Tyrion was the mastermind behind it all. 

As he tells her one last time ‘you will be my Queen, now and always’ , he kisses her one last time before stabbing her straight in the heart. JAW DROPS NOW* Crying and panting begins. 

It felt almost disrespectful to give Danny a death so quick (Literally dies in under ten seconds). Years of conquering and fighting for the truth, breaker of chains, all lost in a matter of minutes behind a madness that she supposedly inherited from her ‘Mad King’ father. The predictability factor on how she’d die was too high, it’s like the writers were rushing through trying to end a series that changed the course of television, without realizing the magnitude of the affect it’d have on its audience. For most of the season it felt like they forgot to write any dialogue in the script. It left things unanswered, how could it not? There is only so much fans can presume by facial expressions – WE NEED MORE. The fans expected longer episodes yet we were met with long, boring and dragged silence in every episode of the final season.

The top moment for me at least was how Drogon reacted to Danny’s death. The way he nods her lifeless body and squeals, it truly makes you feel real emotion for a CGI dragon. Alas! He burns down the Iron Throne till it’s completely melted, so no one may sit on it ever again. The beauty of the moment lies in how we realize Drogon was always more than just a fire breathing monster, he was real, he understood it all and he burnt the very thing that led to this, in sheer agony. He then delicately takes her into his claw and flies away with the Mother of Dragons, one last time. However, I could argue an alternative ending here. Burning Jon instead would have made complete sense! Imagine Jon surviving the fire, since he is a true born Targayrean, the Unsullied and Dothraki see him emerge from the fires and bow down to their new king, the TRUE king! However, if there is one thing we have all learnt from George R.R Martin’s writing, seldom do our beloved characters get their happy endings.

The new council is formed and Tyrion’s fate is left to them. Greyworm demands his head of course, but even shackled in chains, Tyrion manages to convince the council to elect a new king. Behold the twist – instead of nominating the man he practically manipulated into killing the Queen because he is indeed the rightful heir, he nominate *DRUM ROLL* – Bran Stark, the three eyed raven. As a friend once predicted this to me nearly a decade ago, Bran the Broken, who sees all, cannot walk but has flown, was made king of the six kingdoms. Yes, six – Sansa Stark has made her fair share of mistakes and hasty decisions but managed to convince Bran that Winterfell would remain an independent kingdom like it had been always. QUEEN IN THE NORTH AYE! Arya Stark was off to explore the rest of the world, beyond the point where all maps end. My question still holds, is she the prince that was promised? Was she Azhor Ahai? What was the scene with the white horse, was it really an uber from Bran? Another thing we won’t know because THERE WERE NO DIALOGUES, just the incineration of beloved characters wasting away in scenes of the vaguest nature.

Despite Bran becoming King, Jon is not pardoned for all the times he saved humanity from the brink of extinction, instead is banished back to the Nights Watch where he may never take a wife, father a child or own any land. This was the worst thing they could have to Jons fans, we were devastated. His journey was long, painful and selfless yet he was tossed to the end of the world to remain guarding the realms of the very men who were ungrateful towards all his sacrifices. In the end we see Jon lead the wildings into the forest – don’t worry, Ghost was right next to him. Since dialogue was again the least of the writers concerns, what we assume at the end is that plants are growing out of under the snow, meaning winter is ending, and Jon is migrating his new people to other lands beyond the wall. Maybe that is where he’ll live at peace, with people who look up to him for guidance and leadership, somewhere he is appreciated. The end was too open leaving us with an abundance of possibilities and theories. The story felt rushed, if only there were four more episodes if not a whole season. The actors, the story, the cast and crew deserved that, and so did the audience. Instead of ending in due time, it felt almost as if eights years of buildup was snatched away abruptly in a handful of episodes. Fans all over the world were left disgruntled, they felt cheated but if you ask me, some of that anger is definitely misplaced. I think we’re all furious because something we loved has come to an end, characters that felt like family have been lost indefinitely to another universe and we’ll never know more or see them again. That in itself is bittersweet for me, but then what end isn’t?

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Independent Curator, Visual Artist & Digital Content Creator




Mahaa is an independent curator, visual artist, and digital content creator. She has been actively promoting young and emerging talent around the globe. She has curated various shows in Pakistan, Paris, and Dubai in the past five years.

Recently, Mahaa co-curated the art exhibition at Ejaz Art gallery “ART INFLUX” which was organized by a young and energetic team of e-exhibition. Attended by all the known senior artists of Pakistan, Saeed Akhtar, Imran Qureshi, RM Naeem, and Irfan Gul, the event was a big hit.

The main concept behind this exhibition was to encourage artists in the times of COVID-19 to stay motivated and show their creative side.  Talking about her idea of curation and the e-exhibition team, Mahaa said that it is very important to have a strong connection with art. You need to see things from a different perspective and in a creative way to make the ordinary painting look extraordinary. Curation is not about just the artworks to display in a row, it needs apparition and a visual delicacy.

Furthermore, Mahaa said that It was her first experience working in a team. “Everyone in my team is very professional and helpful. I would like to thank Hira Siddqui, Umnah, and Robella for the assistance throughout this amazing journey of “Art Influx”. Last but not least, I’d like to thank Ejaz Art Gallery for showing so much support and helping us.”

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The Men Who Stole the Show with their Style Game This Eid!



Eid – a day when we get to dress up and look our best regardless of whether the day would be spent sitting at home or going out. Eid is incomplete without the perfect outfit that just adds to the festivities and celebrations of the whole occasion. This Eid was definitely no different as our favorite men served some major style goals leaving us in awe.

Here’s our pick of celebrities who stood out with their style game this Eid.

  1. Muneeb Mushtaq

You might not have heard of Muneeb Mushtaq yet, but this Canadian-Pakistani tech tycoon clearly knows a thing or two about making fashion statements – because we have seen him pull off literally anything he wears.

The blue kurta shalwar – the black waistcoat, that watch, and those glasses! Muneeb Mushtaq has us swooning over him in this perfect Eid look and has definitely made it to the top of our list!

We decided to add Muneeb Mushtaq on this list of well-known names from the entertainment industry because, not only is he an award-winning CEO in the business world, but has also been creating waves with his style game in the fashion world. He has the looks of a model, so we are definitely not complaining! It was really hard to pick just one favorite from his insta profile – because we are literally swooning over most of his looks that are oozing class!

  1. Ali Rehman Khan

A classic white Kurta Shalwar, paired with a bright smile, was enough to win us over! He looks happy and shining, which makes this a perfect Eid picture.


  1. Junaid Khan

Now, this is a look we can totally get behind. Junaid Khan, can we borrow this burgundy waistcoat, please?


  1. Usman Mukhtar

Usman Mukhtar went with the black kurta look this Eid. A classic, but he pulls it off so well!


  1. Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf brings in his own charm to this rust outfit that looks perfect on him! The man knows how to carry off a kurta shalwar.


So, which one of the looks was your favorite? Let us know!


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Now, Everyday is a PJ Day



Right now, what do you think is the most essential and high in demand outfit rapidly trending in our fashion market? No, here the answer is not PPE. 

During this lockdown situation and the whole fiasco going around in the world, we can all have differences of opinion on every matter but we stand together on one common question and that is, “Where do I order some comfy & affordable PJ’s from?”.

Nowadays, our routine mostly includes staying in bed, watching Netflix, or working from home. For all of this, we need outfits that should not just make us comfortable but also be easy on our pocketbook.

All of a sudden, many mini-preneurs have come to rescue with their Pj-lines that has brought a lot of confusion for the buyers as to which one is the most reliable of all.

To help you with choosing your next “work from home” diva outfit, we have got a list of online pages from where you can order your sleepsuits and enjoy the bliss of staying home.


After successfully delivering up to date and sophisticated formalwear, Trinklets has set its foot on creating stylish and comfortable sleepwear. The vivacious choice of colors and popping designs give us a sneak peek into what the collection will be all about. 

Talking about the price, a complete Pj set is available for Rs. 2000.

“We believe that one’s comfort needs to be prioritized which is why we look forward to introducing our line of PJs. They comprise of a summer-friendly fabric along with prim and proper stitching which is sure to impress our clients and convince them to order again”. – Mahnoor Imran

A.S Wardrobe

She started with trendy western tops and is now adding customized PJ’s to her collection. This is her astute effort to getting affordable, comfortable and up to date fashionable items under one roof. This is a complete stop for your sleeping gadgets as it does not only provide two-piece nightwear but also makes accessories such as headbands for an on-point sassy look in a range of Rs. 2400 only.


“Being a fashion enthusiast, I yearn to provide quality products through my brand AS Wardrobe with a hint of my personal style and taste. AS Wardrobe has always targeted the modern age woman, depicting a charismatic, bold, and ambitious aura. The response to our articles has been overwhelming, but with our target to provide quality products, we are sure to give even better.” – Areesha Soleja

Comfort by MK

Even by looking at the fabric, you can feel the softness and comfort as the name suggests. The brand has got a variety of colors and prints to puff up the brightness and charm in your dull quarantine days. Not only this, but the suits are super affordable and you get a complete set in a range of 2000-2500 Pkr.

“The world is drowning in a financial crisis and my family too was struck by this pandemic. It was then when I started a new venture of night wears. All types of customizing night wears are available at a very reasonable price. I kept the fact in mind that people who are now home-bound or working from home, are looking for something comfortable yet fancy to wear all day. I always try to provide my clients best quality material, and that too with customization according to their desires. – Misbah Amir

Comfy Bling

No matter what kind of a sleeper you are and what sleepwear you prefer, Comfy Bling has got you sorted. Silky and smooth textures, attractive colors, and a complete range of sleepwear definitely makes it a perfect pick for your wardrobe selection. The prices fall in an affordable range of Rs. 2000-2500.

“I started Comfy Bling because of my love for proper and cozy PJ sets. I would never compromise on quality and stitching and that’s what makes this brand different. My goal is to keep a premium quality at affordable prices so that people don’t have to think twice before buying it.” – Tooba Sheikh

PJ’s Turnout

This brand grabbed our attention for its ability to customize our dream nightsuits. Yes, you can go fancy even with your jammies. The idea is to make the boring routine a little funky and fun with our everyday attires. PJ’s Turnout offers great quality at reasonable rates within a range of Rs. 2000. Surprising, isn’t it?

“Due to COVID-19, people are spending a lot of their time at home and obviously when you are at home, you like to wear clothes that are comfy and soft so I decided to start a sleepwear line. Since I was bored as well, I thought to create something productive. Customization according to the requirements of my clients makes my brand stand out from the rest.” – Kainat Sheikh


If you want great quality with an unbelievably economical deal, BedHeads should be your next click to stack up your wardrobe with cool and quirky sleepwear.

“My Journey with BedHeads began actually two months ago. These fancy nightwear have always attracted me but they have been always very expensive to buy, so I thought, why not utilize this time into starting a new venture where people can buy affordable and luxurious nightwear, so with my mom’s experience and expertise along with my idea, “BedHeads” came into being. Our brand promises to provide luxurious and affordable nightwear for everyone. I have got an amazing response from our followers and so far it has been a great experience. – Maheen Nizar

Jim Jams

As bubbly as the name sounds, Jim Jams puts sugar, spice and everything nice all in one place. Peppy and dramatic prints with a soft touch and great quality, these PJs make your hectic work from home routine no less than heaven. The founder Nageen Memon, a mom entrepreneur, is running Jim Jams since 2018.

The price range starts from Rs. 2200.


“I have always focused on quality over quantity. I keep exploring new prints and color schemes for my clients- I never stop! As of today: florals, polka dots, and stripes are our best sellers. Launching this brand was a dream come true! Being pregnant at the time, I remember the desire and my quest to find a local PJ brand which was comfortable plus high quality and wouldn’t burn a hole in my pocket. That’s when Jim Jams dawned upon me.” – Nageen Memon




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