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Architecture Design Art Awards were held in Karachi



The first Architecture Design Art (ADA) Awards 2018-19 were held at the Sindh governor House Karachi. The awards were focused on excellence and innovation within the field of design, arts and architecture. The president of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, also attended the occasion as the chief guest.     

The ceremony was hosted by RJ Khalid Malik while a special presentation by the stand-up comedian Shafaat Ali, the mesmerizing dance performance by Sohai Abro and a powerful act by the new sensation of our music scene, Khumariyaan were also the highlight of the night to change the mood of the event from continuous awards presentation.

The first ADA Awards were a recognition to the bunch of prominent and upcoming architectures, designers and artist of Pakistan who have performed with excellence and innovation in their crafts while keeping the social responsibility, environmental requirements and economic viability up at the same time while doing their work. Total 30 awards were given, 10 in the categories of Architecture and Design each and nine in the category of Art. A Lifetime Achievement Awards was also given to the legendary name in the field art and design, Salima Hashmi. The winners received the awards by the prominent personalities of the country like famous media personality, Javed Jabbar, President Hum Network, Sultana Siddiqi, art critique Marjorie Hussain, architecture and social scientist Arif Hasan, former chief of CPLC, Jamil Yousuf, veteran actor Javed Sheikh, and model and makeup artist Nadia Hussain.  

The jury for these awards included experts from both Pakistan and across the world representing countries such as UK, Turkey, Italy, Singapore, France, Lebanon and Iran. The jury members went through hundreds of submissions in 2 days to select the winners for each category. Categories are chaired by Shahid Sayeed Khan, Saima Zaidi, and Sameera Raja in the fields of Architecture, Design and Art respectively.

Maria Aslam, founding member of ADA magazine and creator of ADA Awards said on the occasion, ‘I am delighted to by the resounding success of our first ADA Awards and the efforts made by all the participant to submit such excellent work. I am humbled by the international jury that have lent their support and time to our cause. We are confident that this is just the beginning of a new journey to showcase the talent of Pakistan to the world,’

The ADA awards 1028-18 were officially launched in August last year by ADA magazine for professionals in Pakistan practicing in the fields of architecture, design and art. Launched in 2008, ADA is the only bi-monthly dedicated to architecture, design and art.

The awards were supported by the Agha Khan Award for Architecture, which is considered the most prestigious and coveted award in the field of architecture in the world.

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Transforming Mind and Body



Losing weight can seem like an enormous task, so how does on begin this journey to transform their mind and body? We sat face to face with blogger Hadiyya Aazer and asked her what motivated to take on the task to transform her lifestyle.

Working out at Evolution Fitness

Whats inspired you to begin this transformation journey? 

I have been overweight my entire life. When I turned 30 last year, it hit me that if I dont control it now, my health issues could become a serious problem. What can I say, I decided to change my habits and put my hundred percent into evolving my lifestyle.

Where have you been training?

My personal trainer is Haseeb Mirza at Evolution fitness. He is amazing and has a certain rhythm in the gym. He has been a great supporter and motivator through all of this.

Before and After

What does your usual workout routine look like?

It is a mix of weight training, cardio and Abs, which is necessary for me. It is essential to work according to your bodies needs and stamina and create a tailor made workout to assure its effectiveness.

What kind of a diet do you follow?

 My diet is eating in small portions after every 2 hours. All in all 5 controlled meals over the day.

What is your goal ? 

I am aiming to reach 65kgs soon!

March 2018 v March 2019

What advice would you give to someone struggling with weight issues? 

Don’t give up! Will power is key and once you’ve decided to take the necessary steps, nothing can stop you. Take it step by step, but eat healthy and work out. Ive lost almost 40 kg in a years time, slow and steady wins the race!

March 2019

How does it feel losing so many dress sizes?

One can only imagine fantastic! I have never imagined myself wearing jeans and dresses. It feels so good to wear clothes that I’d never imagined I could.

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Recapping all three days of Pakistan Sunsilk Fashion Week 2019

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Your one-stop guide to fitness in Pakistan



There is no arguing that Pakistan has been hit with a wave of fitness culture in the past few years and staying healthy has become a top priority in todays world. With our ever evolving lifestyles, it is essential to always stay up to date with changing trends, eat clean and make sure our bodies are in shape. With the emergence of diets like the ‘Keto’ and multiple focused fitness centers, it has become somewhat of a task to figure out what’s effective for you.

Pakistani writer Sarah Kamal Muggo recently wrote her first book, Fitness Fun, Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pakistan! This book is a great resource for people looking to improve their health by making sound lifestyle choices.

This book is a carefully vetted compilation of exercise tips, fitness goals and nutrition advice. It’s a God sent for those who don’t have a grip over how our body responds to different environments, especially in Pakistan where there is a scarcity of authentic information!

It will take you through interviews with top fitness trainers from around Pakistan as they talk about health routines and dietary advice.It won’t ask you to starve yourself, rather teach you that a regulated diet and healthy training is the only road to a fit body and mind.

This first of its kind book will be launching TODAY in Lahore – 19th April at Sukh Chayn in Lahore at 4 pm. To catch Sarah face to face, don’t forget to drop by!

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