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Architecture Design Art Awards were held in Karachi



The first Architecture Design Art (ADA) Awards 2018-19 were held at the Sindh governor House Karachi. The awards were focused on excellence and innovation within the field of design, arts and architecture. The president of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, also attended the occasion as the chief guest.     

The ceremony was hosted by RJ Khalid Malik while a special presentation by the stand-up comedian Shafaat Ali, the mesmerizing dance performance by Sohai Abro and a powerful act by the new sensation of our music scene, Khumariyaan were also the highlight of the night to change the mood of the event from continuous awards presentation.

The first ADA Awards were a recognition to the bunch of prominent and upcoming architectures, designers and artist of Pakistan who have performed with excellence and innovation in their crafts while keeping the social responsibility, environmental requirements and economic viability up at the same time while doing their work. Total 30 awards were given, 10 in the categories of Architecture and Design each and nine in the category of Art. A Lifetime Achievement Awards was also given to the legendary name in the field art and design, Salima Hashmi. The winners received the awards by the prominent personalities of the country like famous media personality, Javed Jabbar, President Hum Network, Sultana Siddiqi, art critique Marjorie Hussain, architecture and social scientist Arif Hasan, former chief of CPLC, Jamil Yousuf, veteran actor Javed Sheikh, and model and makeup artist Nadia Hussain.  

The jury for these awards included experts from both Pakistan and across the world representing countries such as UK, Turkey, Italy, Singapore, France, Lebanon and Iran. The jury members went through hundreds of submissions in 2 days to select the winners for each category. Categories are chaired by Shahid Sayeed Khan, Saima Zaidi, and Sameera Raja in the fields of Architecture, Design and Art respectively.

Maria Aslam, founding member of ADA magazine and creator of ADA Awards said on the occasion, ‘I am delighted to by the resounding success of our first ADA Awards and the efforts made by all the participant to submit such excellent work. I am humbled by the international jury that have lent their support and time to our cause. We are confident that this is just the beginning of a new journey to showcase the talent of Pakistan to the world,’

The ADA awards 1028-18 were officially launched in August last year by ADA magazine for professionals in Pakistan practicing in the fields of architecture, design and art. Launched in 2008, ADA is the only bi-monthly dedicated to architecture, design and art.

The awards were supported by the Agha Khan Award for Architecture, which is considered the most prestigious and coveted award in the field of architecture in the world.

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Sights of Malaysia



Malaysia; one of the world’s most popular destination for coastal tourism. Also called a food heaven, famous it for delicious and mouthwatering cuisine. A country with both urban and rural sights to see, low cost of living, this is one travel destination you should have at the top of your list.

An eerily beautiful view of the Cameron Highlands, one could gaze into it forever and absorb the serenity of the environment.

The famous Helipad Bar of Kuala Lumpur; a perfect place to enjoy cool drinks while staring at Malaysia’s Petronas twin towers.

A glimpse of Daniyal Faud at Langkawi beach, home to crystal clear waters, pleasant weather and an aesthetically pleasing view.

Lake of the pregnant maiden with the Langkawi islands in sight. These gentle waters are known to have a relaxing effect on one’s mind.

Breakfast in Malacca, a state in Malaysia known for its historic attractions and great food. Definitely one stop not to miss out on.

Daniyal at Boh Tea Plantation, a place riddled with green lush scenery that feels as if one has transported off to another realm.

A cruise of the Malacca River, also known as Venice of the East. Offers a look at both ancient and moderns settlements side by side.

The beautiful Putra Mosque of Putrajaya, located at the edge of a lake and containing well crafted architecture. A spiritual place, acknowledged by many for helping one attain inner peace.

One of the more fun destinations on this list; the upside down museum in Penang. People of all ages can enjoy themselves in this interactive environment, with riveting displays of creativeness.

Malaysia is almost synonymous with water, one can not fully explored the country without roaming its lakes, rivers and sea. Definitely something one should check out while visiting.

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Junaid Khan Makes A Leap With A Negative Character In Latest Drama “Hania”



Junaid Khan will be seen in a completely new avatar, as he will be
playing a negative character in his latest drama serial “Hania” – set to air on ARY Digital. It is the first time that the audience will see Junaid Khan in a dark persona of an abusive husband to Zoya Nasir. While Junaid has played several characters that have been semi-negative, this will be his first as an antagonist. Junaid Khan is not only playing the part but also hugely looking the part.

While talking to the media about his character, Khan said, “I want to challenge myself in every role I choose, “Hania” is a new turn as I have never played a character that has no grey shades but is completely and blatantly dark and aggressive, with motives that match his personality.”

Khan added by saying, “The story of “Hania” also highlights a common problem that’s deeply rooted in our society, with the girl’s parents not asking about family history and only see a family’s wealth when
they are marrying their daughters off. This is actually turning out to be a major issue that needs to be addressed.”

The drama is directed by Qasim Ali Mureed and written by Door Way entertainment. Other cast members include Osama Tahir, Tanvir Jamal, Marium Mirza, Ghana Ali, Wasim Abbas, Fordous Jamal and Hassan

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Shaukat Khanum held its 6th ‘Festival of Life’ : A Celebration of Hope & Life



The Friends of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre organized a successful fundraiser for the cancer patients being treated at the hospital.

The event was a celebration of hope and life featuring activities to engage people of all age groups. Reflecting this spirit, the arena was filled with colorful balloons and palpable energy radiating off the compassionate, wonderful and like minded people.

Many individuals came forward to support the cause by setting up stalls. They included a variety of traditional clothes, jewelry, crafts, furniture, and scrumptious food. A stall was set-up by a cancer survivor as well, testament to the fact that such events provide an opportunity to patients to feel integrated back into the society after battling an illness that tests patients not only physically but also financially and emotionally. There was a special corner for children featuring jumping castles, ball pit, giant snakes and ladders
and other fun activities. The fashion fraternity also played an important role by donating clothes for the Fashion Lounge that generated nearly Rs. 1 million.

The event brought together people from different walks of life to enjoy a beautiful day in Lahore with their families in support of a good cause. The people thoroughly enjoyed the passionate performance by Laal band where Taimur Rahman sang anthems of hope along with his two adorable little girls. There was also a magic show which thrilled children. The lucky draws were conducted by several celebrities including film-star Shan Shahid. Politician Waleed Iqbal, actor Faisal Rahman, motivational speaker Muniba
Mazari, and designer Maheen Kardar were also spotted at the event. The event catered to people of all age groups and it was a delight to see three generations spending quality time together. The organizing committee of the event comprised of passionate and hardworking individuals, headed by Bina Chaudhry, a cancer survivor, whose efforts to celebrate hope, courage and life will help save many more lives. Mrs. Chaudhry is a living example of the fact that cancer is curable and how a second chance at life can inspire hope in many others who are either fighting the same disease,
know a loved one fighting it, or who simply want to support others going through a difficult time. Dr. Muhammad Aasim Yusuf, the Chief Medical Officer of the Hospital, also spoke at the event and shared an update about the third Shaukat Khanum Hospital being constructed in Karachi. The annual operating budget for all project this year is Rs. 13.5 billion. Each year, the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust is able to achieve its fundraising
target owing to its supporters and generous donors who believe in the integrity of this institution and value its contribution towards humanity.
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital was a dream which seemed impossible two decades ago. However, people from different socio-economic backgrounds contributed in various ways, owned this dream and eventually, turn it into a reality. Today, by supporting the Hospital, people continue to feel as part of a miracle. The construction and functioning of the Hospital were made possible when many friends of Shaukat Khanum Hospital took ownership of the project. This sense of social responsibility and citizenship makes us all proud Pakistanis.

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