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2.0 A visual treat for Rajnikanth fans



Star Rating 3.5 out of 5

When mighty Rajnikanth is in the movie, then everything has to be gigantic. The very same happens in his recent flick 2.0, which actually is a sequel of 2010 Robot. The most important highlight of the film is the storyline and the message that director S. Shankar tried to deliver in this mega star-studded film.

This magnum opus which beat Bahu Bali1 and 2 in budget is visually tasteful for Bollywood or in that case Indian Cinema lovers. VFX are bold and something new to the audience of the subcontinent. However if you’re a Hollywood fan these visual effects may give you the feeling of being under par.

2.0 is about a malevolent force which is inflicting chaos and destruction and how a robot is come to fight him to save the day for humanity. Rajnikanth as Dr. Vasigaran has advanced from what he was in ‘Robot’ and now doing everything to convince public at large about the important role of robots. In an attempt to do so he managed to developed beautiful (read sexy) robot which he named ‘Nila’ (Amy Jackson) who is capable of completing any household work. In the meantime, something strange started happening in the entire province. Cell phones, started zapping in to the air and then suddenly disappears. Soon after the mobile phone company chairman Manoj Lulla (Kaizaad Kotwal), a wholesaler of cell phones and a prominent politician R S Vairamoorthy were killed by the mysterious force which takes a shape of a giant bird. Dr. Waseegaran pleaeds the government that he should be allowed to reactivate ‘Chitti’ the robot. However, Dhinendra Bora (Sudhanshu Pandey) strongly objected to the idea citing previous experiences that led to massive destruction. With no other option in hand, home minister Vijay Kumar (Adil Hussain) grants Dr. Waseegaran the permission. Chitti was brought back to life and fights with mysterious force. However, even Chitti is unable to do much about it as the mysterious force, who is actually the Dr. Pakshirajan (Akshay Kumar), who has a dark past and is too powerful. He will not rest until he gets what he is desired to achieve. After that is actually the what this film is all about.

We all talk about climate change, impact of human activity on ecosystem, the obsession of humans with electronic gadgets and how we as human completely neglect its dreadful impact on the environment. I think S. Shankar should be given full marks for the effort and taking an immensely bold and daring step to highlight the most important issue of human survival in a completely simple and understandable manner.

The film has no unnecessary humour, songs etc to distract you from a powerful message that is being tried to deliver.

This one is special about Rajinikanth, as an actor. This tells you why he is among the rare breed of star who must not age ever. This 67 years old megastar gives his all in 2.0.

On the hand Akshay Kumar fans must be ecstatic as with a limited screen time he somehow manages to dominate even when he was facing the mighty Rajinikanth, something very rare. His unusual tricks click well, as he develops the emotional angle that connects him to his character immaculately.

Amy Jackson with her flawless beauty is a treat to watch. She unexpectedly delivers a fairly good performance. Supporting cast is not much to talk about as the movie is not about them.

A R Rahman’s music has a very limited impact. “Rakshassi” and “Nanni Si Jaan” are consigned to the background while “Tu Hi Re” is the end credits song.

The film does have flaws like overdoing the visual effects and unnecessarily inclusion of a romance between 2 robots, which for me has costs couple of rating stars to the movie yet I have rated it high because of powerful save environment message it delivered.

In the end I would say that 2.0 is film that is all for Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar fans, and they will find plenty of reason to watch it again.

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